Best Dash Cam For Rideshare Drivers (2023 Updated)

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As a rideshare driver, having a dash cam is essential to ensure your safety and protection in case of any accidents or incidents. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one that suits your needs. Here's a short guide to help you identify the key points to consider when looking for the best dash cam for rideshare drivers.

1. Video Quality: The video quality of the dash cam should be high enough to capture clear footage of any incidents or accidents. Look for cameras that have at least 1080p resolution.

2. Wide-Angle Lens: A dash cam with a wide-angle lens is better as it provides a broader view of the road, capturing more details in the footage.

3. Night Vision: If you drive at night, make sure the dash cam has night vision capabilities, or else the footage may not be clear in low-light conditions.

4. Loop Recording: The dash cam should have loop recording, which overwrites old footage with new footage, ensuring that the memory card doesn't get full.

5. Parking Mode: A dash cam with parking mode can detect any movement or impact when the car is parked, even when the engine is off, providing you with extra security.

By considering these key points, you can find the best dash cam for rideshare drivers that will provide you with the necessary protection and peace of mind while on the road.

10 Best Dash Cam For Rideshare Drivers

1. Blueskysea B2w Dash Cam: Front & Inside, 1080p, Wifi, 2" Lcd, 2 Rotatable Hd Lens, Ir Night Vision, 32gb Sd, Wdr, Voice Recording, G-Sensor, Parking Mode (Optional)

The Blueskysea B2W 1080P WiFi Dashcam is a dual-lens camera that is designed for Uber, Taxi, Rideshare, and Lyft drivers. It can simultaneously record the front and inside of the vehicle in full HD (1920x1080p) resolution, making it an ideal tool for capturing interactions with passengers.

The B2W features a unique dual-lens design that allows for a smooth and easy horizontal adjustment. This means that the cabin lens can quickly be pointed towards the driver's door, recording any window interactions. The dashcam also comes equipped with an invisible infrared cabin illumination that utilises four IR LEDs. This feature allows the cabin view to see passengers, even in darkness. The camera also features an automatic switchable IR-cut filter that provides enhanced sensitivity during nighttime while providing correct colour during the day.

The B2W supports a capacity of up to 400GB, making it a standout feature in comparison to other cameras on the market. With this amount of storage, the dashcam can record for up to 30 hours before the memory is full and starts overwriting. The package includes a 32GB SD Memory Card, which is ready to use. However, it is recommended to use a Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo, or SanDisk Ultra A1 memory card for optimal performance.

The camera features a 2.0-inch large LCD screen that is easy to read and comes with a setup menu, video playback, live view, and screen saver function. Additionally, the dashcam is equipped with Wi-Fi and an app for mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) that allows for easier viewing of video playback, video clip download, and camera setup via the larger screens of iOS or Android devices.

The B2W also comes with a 24-hour parking monitor function. When the engine is turned off, the dashcam enters parking mode and stops recording. If an impact is detected by the G-sensor, the camera automatically starts video recording to record the incident. However, this function needs an optional hardwire kit, which is sold separately.

In conclusion, the Blueskysea B2W 1080P WiFi Dashcam is an excellent investment for Uber, Taxi, Rideshare, and Lyft drivers who want to ensure their safety and that of their passengers. With its dual-lens design, super night vision, Wi-Fi capabilities, and large storage capacity, the B2W is a cutting-edge dashcam that is designed to meet the needs of modern drivers.

2. Blueskysea B2w 1080p Hd Dual Dash Cam With Night Vision & 32gb Sd Card For Ride-Share Drivers

The Blueskysea B2W 1080P HD Dash Cam is designed with a dual lens, making it ideal for Uber, taxi, and rideshare drivers. The front and cabin view both record in full HD (1920x1080p) resolution, providing a clear and detailed view of both the traffic conditions in front of the car and the activities inside the car.

Equipped with a super-capacitor, the camera is reliable and safe to use even in high temperatures and hot environments. Additionally, the camera features voice announcements for memory card error, file lock, and other important updates. These announcements help to keep the driver informed of camera status without the need to take their eyes off the road.

The camera also features Wi-Fi and an app for mobile devices, allowing for easy viewing of video playback, video clip download, and camera setup via larger screens on iOS or Android devices. The app also allows for the camera to be remotely controlled from a mobile device.

The Blueskysea B2W Dash Cam is designed with super night vision and an IR-cut filter, making it possible to see passengers in the cabin even in complete darkness. The ultra-wide angle lenses (132° horizontal field of view) paired with the new Sony IMX307 Starvis sensors provide superior night time video quality and reduced motion blur on both front and cabin views.

In addition, the camera features a parking monitor and GPS function. The optional hardwire kit (sold separately) with parking mode function provides recording of video clips while parked when triggered by the G-sensor detecting an impact. The Blueskysea B2W GPS records the driving route, location, and speed in either KM/H or MP/H alongside the audio and video recordings. The vehicle location, speed, and route can be checked on a map through the Dashcam Viewer Player (GPS module sold separately).

In summary, the Blueskysea B2W 1080P HD Dash Cam is an excellent choice for Uber, taxi, and rideshare drivers who want to record both the scenery and activities inside their vehicle. With its dual lens design, super-capacitor power supply, Wi-Fi, and app, super night vision, and GPS function, this dash cam offers advanced features that enhance driver safety and convenience.

3. Chortau Dual Dash Cam With Night Vision And Parking Monitor For Cars And Trucks.

The Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars by CHORTAU is an advanced car accessory that is designed to provide drivers with a comprehensive view of their surroundings. With a 2.45 inch LCD screen, this dual dash cam simultaneously records both the front and inside of the car, capturing every detail in high definition.

The dash cam front and rear simultaneously capture the road front and inside passenger cabin at dual 1920x1080P, making it an ideal choice for online car-hailing service, taxis/rideshare drivers, commuters, and families. The infrared night vision feature of the interior-facing camera allows it to accurately capture the driver and passengers even in low light conditions. Additionally, the dash cam is able to automatically increase exposure in dark situations to ensure clear video footage.

The dual dash cam also features a parking mode which automatically starts and records a short video when it detects bumps by someone in parking. This video is saved and locked, providing you with video evidence. To ensure 24/7 monitoring of your car, the dash cam front and cabin requires a constant power supply from either an external battery pack or hard wire.

With seamless loop recording, the dual dash cam front and inside automatically overwrites the oldest footage with the newest content when the card storage is full. This way, you never have to worry about running out of space on your memory card.

In the event of an accident, the built-in adjustable sensitivity gravity sensor of the dash camera automatically detects a sudden collision and locks the current footage to an "EMR file" to prevent important video from being overwritten. It's important to note that the dashcam supports a maximum of 32GB micro SD card and the card is not included in the package.

CHORTAU provides full 18-month technical support for this dash camera. If you need any support, their customer service team is available 24/7. Please note that the dash cam does not support WiFi or Bluetooth.

Overall, the Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars by CHORTAU is a reliable and advanced car accessory that provides drivers with complete peace of mind while on the road.

4. Pruveeo Dash Cam: Dual Fhd Front And Inside, 2160p Single-Channel, Gps Wifi, 24h Parking Monitor, 2" Lcd, 512gb Max, G-Sensor, Ir Night Vision For Cars/taxi.

The PRUVEEO Dash Cam with Front and Inside 1080P Dual FHD is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality dash cam with advanced features. This dash cam offers dual 1080P cameras with a single-channel 2160P option, built-in GPS, WiFi, and a 24-hour parking monitor. It also boasts a 2-inch LCD camera, G-sensor, infrared night vision, and can support up to 512 GB of storage.

The front and cabin cameras of this dash cam record in 1080P at 30fps or in single-channel 2160P at 24fps, with multiple resolution options available. Each camera has a 150° wide angle and a maximum viewing angle of 300°, ensuring that there are no blind spots. The 2.0-inch LCD screen provides a wider and clearer vision, while the built-in GPS records your driving position and speed, allowing you to view your driving route and tracker.

The PRUVEEO Dash Cam also boasts quality night vision and WDR technology, making it an excellent choice for night-time driving. The cabin cameras have an F1.8 aperture and four infrared lights, producing clear recordings even in the darkest of environments. The two cameras also have the latest, most sensitive night vision image sensor integrated into them, making them capable of capturing stunning images in pitch-black spaces at night.

The 24-hour parking monitor allows you to leave the dash cam running while parked, providing a well-hidden witness to the road in front of you. To use this feature, you will need an ACC hardwire kit with low battery voltage sensing (not included). The two cameras can be turned 50 degrees left and right and 180 degrees forward and backward, providing excellent coverage.

Loop recording and emergency accident locks are also included in the PRUVEEO Dash Cam. The oldest unlocked footage will be automatically erased when the memory card reaches its maximum storage capacity, ensuring indefinite loop recording. The dash cam supports class 10 or above micro-SD cards up to 512GB and loop recording for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. The built-in G-sensor senses a collision and will automatically lock the currently recording footage as evidence of an event.

Finally, the PRUVEEO Dash Cam is easy to install and use, with the help of the reference images provided in the user manual. The suction mount is simple to install in a matter of seconds on your windshield. Add an SD card (not provided) and link to the power source. There is no battery included to prevent mishaps from sun exposure, hot temperatures inside the automobile, or battery damage.

Overall, the PRUVEEO Dash Cam is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality dash cam with advanced features. Its dual 1080P cameras, built-in GPS, WiFi, and 24-hour parking monitor make it an excellent choice for family road trips or use with Uber, Lyft, taxis, or cabs. The dash cam's ease of installation and use makes it an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and easy-to-use dash cam.

5. A Professional Dash Cam With Dual 1080p Cameras, Wifi Gps, Infrared Night Vision, Sony Sensor, Supercapacitor, And Parking Mode. Meet Avaett D60.

The Avaett D60 is a dual dash cam system that records 1080p videos of the front and inside of your car simultaneously. The front camera has a wide-angle lens of 170 degrees, which can capture up to six lanes of road with more details such as sidewalks and road signs. Meanwhile, the cabin camera can fully capture the front and inside passengers along with the driver.

The device has a built-in GPS that records your driving route, location, speed, and time. This information can be crucial in an insurance claim. Additionally, the dash cam has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to a smartphone app to manage your settings, view live video, check your route, and download recordings. Video files can also be downloaded to smartphones and shared with friends on social media.

The dash cam uses a Sony CMOS image sensor with a 6G lens and an F/1.8 wide aperture to improve picture clarity in low light, rainy weather, and backlight conditions. The device also uses super capacitors, which can withstand extreme temperatures and provide improved reliability compared to lithium-ion batteries. The use of super capacitors for power supply is much more heat-resistant and has a better lifespan.

The dash cam has a user-friendly interface with shortcut buttons and a screen saver that shows the current speed and time. It also has a driver fatigue alarm, an internal picture-in-picture display, and an SD card format reminder. The device automatically switches to parking mode after the engine is turned off and provides loop recordings, locked footage on collision or shake, and support for up to a 256GB microSD card (not included).

The Avaett D60 dash cam is perfect for online car-hailing services, taxis/rideshare drivers, commuters, and families. The product is backed by a 2-year warranty, and customers can email customer care for any problems they may encounter, with a 24-hour response time. The Avaett D60 is a professional-grade dash cam that provides users with a secure and reliable way to record their driving experiences.

6. Viofo T130 3-Channel Dash Cam With Wifi, Gps, Night Vision, And 24h Parking Mode. Captures 1440p And 1080p Video From Three Angles. Supports Up To 256gb.

The VIOFO T130 3 Channel Dash Cam Uber is an ideal partner for family driving, as well as for Uber, Lyft, rideshare, and taxi drivers. This dashcam provides all-around protection with its triple channel feature, which includes a 140° front camera, a 165° inside camera, and a 165° rear camera, all of which record super high-definition videos at 1440P+1080P+1080P @30fps. The low-profile and small design of this dashcam won't attract the attention of others, and all the lenses' angles can be easily adjusted.

One of the highlights of the VIOFO T130 is its superior IR night vision, which is equipped with a high-performance Sony IMX335 Starvis Sensor for the front and rear cameras, and an Omnivision sensor for the interior camera. Enhanced with 4 infrared LEDs and WDR technology, this dashcam can perfectly restore your driving view from both outside and inside in poor lighting conditions at night.

The VIOFO T130 also features spoken English language voice notifications, which remind users of setting changes such as audio recording on/off to help properly finish the setup wizard and diagnose issues. This feature allows users to easily track the status of the dash camera.

Additionally, the VIOFO T130 has built-in Wi-Fi, enabling users to connect the VIOFO app on their iOS and Android devices to manage dashcam setup and check the live view of the front inside rear dashcam instantly. This feature also allows for playback, download, and sharing of recorded video files.

The GPS logger feature of the VIOFO T130 can log the precise current speed and GPS location, and the time stamp can be embedded in the video. Real-time speed would display on the car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.

The VIOFO T130 also offers three parking mode solutions: Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate. Auto Event Detection automatically starts recording with events detected, Time Lapse records a video at low frames continuously, and Low Bitrate keeps on-going recording in mini files, helping save SD card memory. These parking modes are suitable for front, inside, and rear camera recording simultaneously.

Finally, the VIOFO T130 has loop recording and emergency lock features. When the memory card reaches the storage limit, the car camera will automatically use the newest video file to overwrite the oldest video file. The built-in G-sensor can automatically lock the video when the camera detects shaking or collision to prevent important videos from being overwritten during loop recording.

Overall, the VIOFO T130 3 Channel Dash Cam Uber is an excellent choice for those who want all-around protection while driving or working as a rideshare driver. Its triple channel feature, superior IR night vision, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS logger, parking mode solutions, and loop recording and emergency lock features make it a top-of-the-line dashcam.

7. Cooau D20s: 2.5k Dual Dash Cam With Gps, Wifi, Infrared Night Vision, Parking Mode, And Loop Recording.

The COOAU 2.5K Dual Dash Cam is a high-performance car camera that captures every detail of the road and the passenger compartment. It features a dual dash cam front and inside that records in 1440P and 1080P, respectively, providing super high-quality videos and images. This makes it an excellent choice for Uber, Taxi, Lyft, Cab, Ride share, and family road trips.

The dash cam's looping recording and built-in GPS allow for seamless recording and displaying of driving routes on Google Maps. This is especially useful for Uber drivers, who can use it to prove their innocence in the event of a speeding violation or traffic accident. The car dash cam's front and inside cameras seamlessly loop record overwrites the oldest footage with the latest when the memory card becomes full.

The internal camera features four IR LEDs and an F2.0 aperture that handles low-light conditions, ensuring perfect video footage even in the dark. This feature is particularly useful for Uber drivers who may have to deal with difficult passengers at any time. The front dash camera and unique WDR video system automatically balance the light and dark areas of the video, allowing the front-facing camera to record rich colors and clear road content even at night.

The COOAU D20S dash cam with WiFi connects to the Ficam APP, allowing users to view or share videos directly on the app without a computer. The app also allows for the modification of camera settings. The dash camera has four shortcut keys on the bottom, making it easier to adjust the system settings of the recorder. The D20S dash camera also has upgraded recording shortcuts to set whether to record the sound of the car for the next video.

The dash cam's parking mode automatically turns on and records everything that happens when a collision is detected. When the car is started again, the dash cam makes a sound to remind the driver that parking monitoring has been triggered, ensuring that no suspicious behavior goes unnoticed. The D20S dash camera distinguishes between parking and driving modes after an upgrade to avoid misjudgment during driving.

The dash camera for cars has a lock screen function and an auto LCD off timer that ensures drivers are not disturbed by another glowing rectangle in the car. The flashing indicator light alerts drivers if the camera is recording normally, greatly reducing the impact of nighttime driving. Built-in super capacitors ensure stable camera operation in most climates: -4° to 158 °F (-20°C to 70 °C).

The COOAU dash cam comes with a 24-month warranty and a prompt response within 24 hours from the professional and efficient after-sales team. This makes it the perfect dual dash camera for Uber, taxi, shared cars, Lyft, home, and business people.

8. 1080p Dual Dash Cam With 32gb Sd Card, Night Vision, Loop Recording, Wdr, And Parking Monitor For Taxi Drivers.

The Dual Dash Cam 1080P is a reliable and powerful dash camera that offers full monitoring inside and outside the car while driving. Equipped with a 1080P front and inside camera, this dash cam records high-quality video with a wide angle of 170° in the front and 140° in the cabin, making it a perfect partner for daily commutes, road trips, and especially for taxi drivers.

The inside camera is surrounded by 4 IR Led lights that provide clear recording inside the cabin even in dark conditions. The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature automatically optimizes video quality for day/night recording, ensuring that every detail is captured.

The dash cam also features loop recording and accident lock functions. When the SD card is full, the newly recorded videos will overwrite the oldest video. The built-in G-sensor automatically locks and retains the video when the car is hit, preventing it from being overwritten. Alternatively, users can manually lock and keep the video they want by pressing the lock button.

The dual dash cam comes with a 32GB SD card already inserted, making it easy to use right out of the box. The dash cam also features powerful functions such as Parking Monitor, Voice Recording, Screen Saver, Photo Function, and more.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the included tools like crowbar and cable clips. And with a lifetime warranty and professional after-sales team available 24/7, customers can rest assured that any issues with the dual dash cam will be promptly addressed.

In summary, the Dual Dash Cam 1080P offers high-quality video recording, powerful features, and easy installation, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable dash cam for their car.

9. Dual 4k Dash Cam With Ir Night Vision, 64gb Memory, And Parking Mode For Taxi

The 4K Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside is a comprehensive solution for rideshare drivers looking to enhance their safety and security on the road. This innovative dash cam boasts a high-resolution 4K front camera and 1080p cabin cam, which together provide excellent picture quality in both light and dim settings with natural color. The new CMOS sensor and F1.8 aperture ensure that every detail is captured, making it an ideal choice for rideshare drivers who need to keep a watchful eye on the road and their passengers.

One of the standout features of this dash cam is the infrared night vision cabin camera, which enables clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions. With the ability to detect and capture images up to 7-8 feet inside the vehicle, the cabin camera is an excellent tool for rideshare drivers who need to monitor their passengers and ensure their safety while driving at night.

The wide-angle dash cam front and inside are designed to capture all the action, without blocking any view or causing distractions while driving. The 170° front camera can capture at least 4 traffic lanes in front of the vehicle, while the interior camera is wide enough to capture some rear and side windows.

The parking monitor is another valuable feature of this dash cam, providing 24-hour protection by turning on the dash cam if an impact is detected while parked. This feature is particularly useful for rideshare drivers who may need to park their vehicle in less secure areas and want to capture important evidence in the event of a hit-and-run.

The loop recording and G-sensor collision lock ensure that important video footage is never lost or overwritten, even if the storage is full. The H.265 video encode has better efficiency compared to the H.264, saving more storage in 4K recording.

The dash cam comes with two kinds of mounts, an adjustable suction cup mount and an adhesive mount, as well as a high-speed U3 64GB micro SD card, making it an all-in-one solution for rideshare drivers. With everything included, there's no need to purchase additional accessories.

In conclusion, the 4K Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside is an excellent choice for rideshare drivers who want to enhance their safety and security on the road. With high-quality footage, night vision capabilities, and a range of helpful features, this dash cam is an invaluable tool for any rideshare driver looking to protect themselves and their passengers.

10. M7 Md-7200 Quad-Hd Dash Camera Bundle With Parking Mode, Impact Sensors, Display, And Microphone. Ideal For Rideshare And Taxi Drivers.

The Momento M7 MD-7200 2K Quad-HD Front & Rear Dash Camera and Interior Camera Bundle is a comprehensive solution for protecting rideshare and taxi drivers on the road. This bundle includes the Momento MD7200 Front & Rear Dashcam System, the Momento MD-IC6200 Interior Infrared Camera for Passenger Monitoring, and a Car Toys Keychain. Car Toys is an authorized retailer of Momento products, and the bundle comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

The M7 dash camera system adds discreet, surveillance-grade cameras at the front and rear of a vehicle to protect drivers from break-ins, hit-and-runs, and collision fraud. With the roads getting more dangerous every day, investing in a dash camera system like the M7 is a smart choice for any driver.

The M7 introduces "Eco Mode," a new battery-saving technology that uses radar to detect motion while parked, instead of the image sensor. This reduces battery consumption by up to 90%, while still keeping the front camera active. The M7 front camera utilizes a SmartSens AI-Series image sensor, which dynamically adjusts exposure and white balance to capture an optimized picture in all lighting conditions.

In addition to the front and rear cameras, the bundle includes an interior camera, the IC6, which is designed to protect drivers in the event of an incident with a passenger. The IC6 is a perfect witness in any situation, recording in full HD at 60fps to deliver a crystal-clear image in all lighting conditions. In low-light settings, the IC6 activates 6 IR lights that are discrete but effective in capturing activity in the front and rear rows of the vehicle.

The M7 front camera has a built-in two-inch LCD for reviewing footage, starting recordings, and configuring the dash camera system. The LCD goes to sleep while driving, so there is no risk of distracted driving. Overall, the M7 MD-7200 2K Quad-HD Front & Rear Dash Camera and Interior Camera Bundle is an all-in-one solution for protecting drivers and their vehicles on the road.

Best Dash Cam For Rideshare Drivers FAQs

Are there any legal considerations I need to be aware of when using a dash cam as a rideshare driver?

As a rideshare driver using a dash cam, you need to be aware of legal considerations to avoid any legal issues. First, you need to ensure that your dash cam is installed correctly and does not obstruct your view of the road. You also need to inform your passengers that you are recording the ride for safety reasons. This can be done by placing a visible notice in your vehicle or verbally informing them before the ride starts. Additionally, you need to comply with data protection laws and ensure that the footage is stored securely and not shared with unauthorized persons. In some states, it is also illegal to record audio without the consent of all parties involved. Therefore, it is important to research and understand the specific laws and regulations in your state related to dash cam usage. By following these legal considerations, you can protect yourself and your passengers while using a dash cam as a rideshare driver.

Can a dash cam help protect me in the event of an accident or other incident while driving for a rideshare company?

Yes, a dash cam can help protect you in the event of an accident or other incident while driving for a rideshare company. Dash cams can provide valuable evidence in case of disputes or legal proceedings, as they capture footage of the road and the actions of other drivers or passengers. This evidence can help prove fault, protect your driving record, and potentially save you from legal or financial consequences. Additionally, dash cams can also act as a deterrent against fraudulent insurance claims and bad behavior from passengers. However, it is important to check with your rideshare company to ensure that using a dash cam is allowed and does not violate any policies. It is also important to follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of dash cams while driving.

How does video quality impact the effectiveness of a dash cam for rideshare drivers?

The video quality of a dash cam is critical for rideshare drivers as it helps to capture the details of any incident that may occur during rides. High-quality video footage enables drivers to provide evidence in the event of an accident, altercation, or any other issue that may arise during a ride. It also provides a clear view of the surroundings, including license plates, street signs, and other relevant information that may be necessary in any legal proceedings. Therefore, video quality is essential in ensuring that the driver is protected, and passengers are kept safe. Poor video quality may result in missing important details that could lead to unfavourable outcomes for the driver. In conclusion, investing in a dash cam with high-quality video is vital for rideshare drivers to ensure the best possible protection for themselves and their passengers.

What features should I look for when selecting the best dash cam for rideshare driving?

When selecting a dash cam for rideshare driving, there are several features to consider. Firstly, a good dash cam should have high video resolution, at least 1080p, to capture clear footage of any incidents that may occur. Secondly, it should have a wide-angle lens to capture a broad view of the road and surroundings. Thirdly, it should have good low-light performance to ensure clear footage even in poorly lit conditions. Fourthly, it should have a loop recording feature to automatically overwrite old footage when the memory card is full. Fifthly, it should have a G-sensor to detect and save footage of any impact or sudden movements. Lastly, it should have a parking mode feature to record any incidents that happen while the car is parked. These features will ensure that the dash cam captures all the necessary footage and provides evidence in case of any accidents or incidents.

Which brands are known for producing the best dash cams for rideshare drivers?

There are several brands that are known for producing the best dash cams for rideshare drivers. Some of the top brands include Garmin, BlackVue, Viofo, and Thinkware. These brands offer high-quality dash cams with features such as dual-channel recording, high resolution, and wide-angle lenses.

Garmin is known for producing dash cams with excellent video quality and user-friendly interfaces. BlackVue is known for its cloud-based dash cams that allow drivers to access their footage remotely. Viofo is known for its affordable yet feature-rich dash cams that offer excellent value for money. Thinkware is known for producing high-end dash cams with advanced features such as parking mode and advanced driver assistance systems.

Ultimately, the best dash cam for a rideshare driver will depend on their specific needs and budget. It is important to choose a reliable brand that offers good customer support and a warranty.

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