How Many Bodyarmor Can I Drink In A Day? Pros And Cons Of Electrolyte Beverages

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Bodyarmor is a drink marketed as being a healthy and excellent supplement for those passionate about sports. However, how healthy are these drinks really? Well, if you know where to draw the limit on consuming them, they can be considered healthy.

Why? First of all, this drink has multiple nutrients. For instance, if you look at its ingredients, you can see that it contains potassium and vitamin D, which are kind of missing from the American diet.

But does this Bodyarmor conceal anything? It does not. There is no alcohol in this beverage, and zero calories are added. Furthermore, the taste is excellent, and it actually raises your performance before exercising, making it the ideal choice before practicing any sports. Lastly, there are no better sports drinks to have such an outstanding balance between protein hydrolyzation and carbohydrates.

Even so, many people want to know how many Bodyarmor is it safe to drink daily? Are there any risks of consuming too much of this beverage? Let’s reveal the truth and find out together.

First Of All – What Is Bodyarmor?

Bodyarmor, also known as Bodyarmor Superdrink, is a sports drink sold under the slogan “fueled by athletes.” Additionally, the company motto claims that they love so much what they do that “you get an unreal taste” when consuming their product. Bodyarmor was firstly branded in 2006 by MPS Group, also famous as Monster energy drinks.

The first flavors of Bodyarmor beverage were grape, green apple, and fruit punch. Today, you can find other aromas, such as Tropical Iced Tea, Lemon Lume, Cherries, Vanilla-Banana, and even Watermelon Snapple.

What Are The Effects Of Bodyarmor Drinks On Your Body?

Speaking of ingredients, Bodyarmor is basically water mixed with vitamins, proteins, and electrolytes. The company ensures that its products help regain all the nutrients you lose after working out, such as proteins and carbohydrates.

Bodyarmor was created mainly for professional athletes to meet the intense athletic performance of these sportsmen. This beverage contains fructose, which is known to stimulate appetite.

Bodyarmor has been formulated to meet the maximum absorption and appearance during extreme temperatures. In other words, this beverage includes the top electrolyte blend to satisfy thirst during physical activity or hot temperatures. On top of that, it has natural flavors that add a light taste to an athletic beverage.

Bodyarmor contains more energy, somewhere around 10 grams of carbs, than any other hyped sports drink. Moreso, those following a strict diet should not worry, as Bodyarmor has little sugar, around 2 grams. The average bottle will take about half an hour to dissolve in water.

Is Drinking Too Much Bodyarmor Harmful For You?

Like any other thing that is done in excess, adding too much water to your organism will always have a negative effect in the long term. Consequently, too much water dilutes blood plasma levels of sodium and leads to small amounts of salt in the blood.

And why is this a bad thing? Well, because a low quantity of salt may cause lightheadedness, nausea, muscle cramping, diarrhea, breast enlargement in men, or vomiting. On top of that, some may also feel acute fatigue. Therefore, drinking too many sports beverages may affect the sleeping cycles and inhibit proper kidney function.

How Many Bodyarmor Beverages Can You Drink On A Day?

According to dieticians, you may enjoy the benefits of drinking one bottle of Bodyarmor SuperDrink per day. Moderation is the key, so the limit for children should be under 8 to 12 fluid ounces of sports beverages daily. On the other hand, adults can consume 24 fluid ounces daily as long as they are older than 18 years.

Drinking water is a healthy habit, but drinking too much of the Bodyarmor sports beverage can lead to a harmful cycle. Excessive sports drink intake may dehydrate you, as your kidneys will try to flush out all the excess. Like any other liquid, consuming too much of anything can lead to electrolyte imbalance.

But let’s stay more on the topic as I think it’s really important to understand what electrolytes are. According to science, they are essential for human life as they work to keep the best balance of cells. The most important electrolytes in our body are potassium, sodium, and chloride. Our bodies assimilate electrolytes throughout foods and drinks.

Very important! Those who are using sports drinks and do not replace carbohydrates or are not exercising at all but take Bodyarmor just as a beverage may deal with dehydration symptoms.

The Cons Of Consuming Too Much Electrolyte Drinks

Here are other cons of drinking more than one Bodyarmor bottle per day.

Weight Gain

Sports drinks usually contain around 158 calories per 20-ounce bottle. These extra calories may harm a silhouette and lead to weight gain, especially if you are not performing an intense workout. For every 3,5000 calories you consume and do not burn enough energy, you may gain around 1 pound of body weight. Imagine drinking three bottles of Bodyarmor per day. This would mean gaining almost 1 pound per week. Therefore, if you follow a strict diet, you should avoid all these extra calories.

Excess Of Sugar

Most electrolyte beverages tend to contain added sugar. Yes, Bodyarmor only comes with a low amount, but it still counts. For a healthy lifestyle, Medical Associations recommend around 30 grams of sugar per day (25 grams for women and 37 for men.)

Excess of Sodium

Sodium is an electrolyte that is present in almost all sports drinks. One bottle may contain more than 10 percent of the necessary daily limitation. High sodium levels in the organism can cause high blood pressure, diseases, and stroke. Due to this reason, doctors advise people to reduce their sodium intake.

Who Should Drink Bodyarmor?

Water is the best choice for people who are not practicing high-intensity exercises. On the other hand, drinking electrolyte beverages may actually be healthier for those who do a lot of sport because the body needs calories and sugar for energy.

However, keep in mind to choose those drinks are formulated based on athletes’ needs and never consider replacing the daily intake of water with this beverage.

Last Thoughts

Electrolyte drinks, like Bodyarmor, are also called sports beverages and contain significant amounts of sugar and calories; therefore, people should consume them in moderation.

Do not drink more than one bottle of Bodyarmor per day if you are not a performance athlete or not practicing endurance activities, like marathons. The average person, who exercises for around one hour per day, should not consume more than one bottle of Bodyarmor daily.

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