Can You Drink Pedialyte Daily: How Much Pedialyte Is Safe To Consume Daily?

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Pedialyte is an excellent hydration product and an appreciated drink in almost any household. Parents use this beverage to prevent or treat dehydration in their children, but few know this drink is safe for adults, too.

Yes, you read that correctly. Adults can use Pedialyte for dehydration, too. Furthermore, the beverage works wonder not only for hydration, but it fills the body with essential nutrients, like potassium and sodium. Nevertheless, the use of Pedialyte is also a debating topic, especially when it comes to the constancy of use.

And since this is such an essential question, I will depict this subject and clarify how much Pedialyte is safe to consume daily. This being said, I recommend that you analyze this information patiently before drinking this beverage.

Is It Safe To Drink Pedialyte Daily?

Let’s get right to the point and answer this question: no, you should not. The best for your organism would be not taking Pedialyte every day. It’s true that there are some special cases, so you can overcome this amount when you feel dehydrated. However, the best thing you should do is stay hydrated for the previous 24 hours before drinking this beverage.

Pedialyte has lots of sugar and energy; hence, consuming more than the regular doses can lead to tooth decay, weight gain, and poor nutrition. On top of that, drinking Pedialyte daily involves spending a lot of money.

In other words, you should consume Pedialyte only when you are genuinely dehydrated. It works basically as when you give it to your children when they are vomiting or have diarrhea.

Very important! But even in these cases, just because you consume Pedialyte does not mean you should neglect water. Although water does not contain sugar and is odorless, it can still play a significant role in hydration.

But let’s continue the topic and understand more on the matter.

What Is Pedialyte?

You may have come across different hydration solutions and do not know what to choose. Keep in mind that most of them have quite the same effect on the organism. Pedialyte’s primary purpose is hydration. Simply put, it helps restabilize the level of water in the body, especially when dealing with health issues that dehydrate the organism.

Anyone who has gone through dehydration may know how critical and upsetting this condition is. On top of that, dehydration can have an unpleasant effect on the body and cause severe damage to the internal organs. What makes Pedialyte truly particularity is how this beverage can rehydrate the body.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that once you feel its effect and are completely hydrated and energized, there is no need to continue to drink it.

The Pedialyte Ingredients, according to their website, are the following:

Less than 2 percent of this beverage’s recipe contains:

  • Natural and artificial flavors (however, they do not reveal the exact ingredients)
  • The citric acid (the weak organic acid present in the majority of citrus fruits, used as preservatives and to add that specific sour flavor)
  • Salt
  • Potassium Citrate (an element that is widely used to treat UTIs and urination pain, kidney stones, or gout. This is also a good preservative)
  • Sucralose (an artificial sugar substitute)
  • Sodium Citrate (this is quite similar to potassium citrate and can treat kidney stones and gout as well)
  • Yellow 6 (a food dye)
  • Zinc Gluconate (also famous as zinc salt, a common substance used to contribute to treating colds)

How Does Pedialyte Contribute To Hydration In Both Children And Adults?

Pedialyte contains significant doses of electrolytes and a small amount of sugar. As a matter of fact, the electrolytes are the ones that play the leading role in hydrating the body. Potassium, sodium, and chloride help in controlling the fluid levels in the organism. These essential nutrients maintain the blood pressure and allow the nerves to send and receive electrical signs. Moreover, electrolytes work in regulating pH levels too.

The excellent balance of electrolytes and sugars in Pedialyte beverages helps restore fluid levels, hydrate the organism to the optimal level, and re-establish the nutrients lost through vomiting, urinating, or sweating.

Pedialyte is more effective than water, sodas, juices, and other sports drinks, due to the high electrolytes, treating mild and moderate dehydration stages.

Luckily, you can use all Pedialyte products for both children and adults. The company has produced different flavors and formats, like Pedialyte freeze pops, designed to be friendly and appealing to children.

The Multiple Uses Of Pedialyte

Did you know that Pedialyte is quite versatile in recovery treatments and workout activities? As a matter of fact, you may also use it in medical conditions according to doctors’ prescriptions. Here are some of the best and most helpful ways to use this beverage:

Diarrhea and vomiting

Pedialyte is an additional treatment for vomiting and diarrhea symptoms. It recharges the body’s fluids, offers protection and energy from dehydration, and prevents possible organ damage. Vomiting and diarrhea cause acute dehydration in the body and make it lose a lot of fluid. Consequently, your body might stop functioning properly.


Pedialyte is an excellent recovery treatment after a tough night. Moreover, it may be a great help in getting better quicker and preventing possible internal damage. Alcohol consumption leads to frequent urination; therefore, people lose fluids. When it happens, you may start feeling dehydrated and tired.

Luckily, Pedialyte will freshen the body’s electrolyte count and make the hangover process smoother than before. Make sure you consume this beverage before going to sleep. Remember that this is not a universally proven cure. The best way to avoid all the unpleasant feelings of a hangover is to stop consuming alcohol.


Pedialyte may be a great soother in intense workout sessions. When sweating a lot, you are not just losing fluid but also electrolytes. Hence this drink can help you replenish the body’s electrolyte count. Even if you are not working out so intensively, you will still need to look for dehydration symptoms and ways to prevent it.

If you have enough energy before the working out routine, do not take Pedialyte anymore. Consume it just when you feel tired and deal with other dehydration signs.

Side Effect Of Pedialyte

Although this beverage comes will lots of advantages for a dehydrated body, there are still some possible side effects you may encounter:

  • Restlessness
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscle twitching
  • Irritations
  • Muscle twitching
  • Fast Heartbeat


If you are consuming too much Pedialyte, you should know about the consequences that can come from these possible mistakes. Any electrolyte excess is unhealthy for your organism. The high quantity of sodium will lead to dizziness, vomiting, or diarrhea. Moreover, the potassium excess, popular as hyperkalemia, is one of the consequences of consuming too many electrolyte beverages. It causes kidney function issues, irregular pulse, or nausea.

Therefore, you should not consume Pedialyte daily if you do not have dehydration symptoms or you don’t feel a lack of energy.

Last Thought – How Much Pedialyte Is Enough?

Last but not least, how much Pedialyte is safe to consume? If you want to maintain the proper hydration level, you should be drinking from 4 to 8 servings a day.

However, if Pedialyte’s everyday consumption needs exceed two liters, and you’ll be dealing with symptoms like constipation or diarrhea during the next 24 hours, you should contact the doctor.

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