Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

11 Best Gifts for Tea Lovers in 2024

They say you cannot buy happiness, but you can certainly buy tea—and that is sort of the same thing. Ask any tea connoisseur, and they’d tell you that there is nothing better than a piping hot cup of tea. If … Read More

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Is There Caffeine in White Tea

Is There Caffeine in White Tea?

Sure, we all know that tea contains caffeine… but how much? And, more importantly, does the caffeine level in tea matter for your health and well-being? When it comes to white tea, you’re probably drinking it for the health benefits … Read More

Does Tea Expire

Does Tea Expire?

Does tea expire? This might be one of those weird questions we never really think of asking. And, why would we? Tea is usually considered to have no expiration date, like other foods and drinks do. It is, after all, … Read More

Best Detox Teas

8 Best Detox Teas: Ultimate Guide (2023 Updated)

The act of drinking tea infused with laxatives, diuretics, and stimulants like caffeine is called teatox; provided you eat right and maintain a fitness regime, teatoxing would help you boost energy, minimize bloating, strengthen the immune system as well as … Read More

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Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Long Island iced tea is a great drink; it has a perfect ratio and spirits combination, and the overall flavor is wonderful and reminiscent of a vacation somewhere exotic. However, if you do order a Long Island iced tea at … Read More

Is Drinking Decaf Tea Good for You

Is Drinking Decaf Tea Good for You?

Having tea or coffee every morning is a great way to boost feelings of productivity and determination for the day. But late at night when we crave a comforting drink, having a caffeine-high tea is the last thing we should … Read More

Best Slim Teas: Health Benefits

Best Slim Teas: Health Benefits

For thousands of years, tea has played an important role in supporting people’s health and wellbeing. The discovery of tea’s health benefits could be traced back to China, where tea wasn’t simply enjoyed for its taste. The has actually been … Read More