What Is The Proper Way To Stack A Burger?

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People are getting really serious when it comes to stacking their favorite burgers. And as long as someone makes a mistake about layering these sandwiches, things are getting on fire.

The whole issue came to light when Google made this disturbing mistake with creating their hamburger emoji (1). The online giant presented a little cartoon hamburger with the cheese underneath the burger instead of as a topping

And so the online fuss began, and people got scandalized by Google’s configuration. Simple people and burger specialists thought the Google burger emoji was kind of silly and did no documentation in the first place.

People claimed that cheese should stay on top of the meat while it is still on the grill so that it will nicely melt and stick with the meat. Furthermore, the emoji was picturing a slice of dairy right underneath an already fatty, greasy burger. The result? A soggy bottom bun.

However, who makes the rules regarding the proper way to stack a burger? Is there any particular order after which you should place the ingredients? This article will shed light on and share some tips about preparing only delicious burgers.

Skills Or Rules?

Stacking a burger properly does not need life-saving skills. Not at all. However, you have to have at least some knowledge about assembling and ordering the perfect burger. In that case, you have all the chances to enjoy one of the best meals in your life (2).

Though seemingly straightforward, the nuanced skill of stacking a burger is kind of underestimated.

Apart from the rules regarding the best spices and fixings in a burger, being an expert in this delicious dish requires some knowledge about food and spices combinations.

Some would swear that a bit of spicy sauce will give a totally different taste to the burger, while some say that a fried egg will complete this complex dish.

Lucky for you, once knowing some rules of stacking the burger and the nicest meat-sauce-vegetables combinations, you are on the right track to the tastiest sandwich. Therefore, keep reading to learn the best tips and tricks to build a burger like a pro.

Hamburger Story – Ingredients of The Original Burger


Hamburger Story - Ingredients of The Original Burger
J G Melon

History tells us that Hamburg, Germany was the initial home for the very first hamburger. There is no doubt that the main inspiration for the hamburger came from Germany.

However, the concept of nowadays burger was invented much later. According to multiple sources, the concept of the original minced beef is likely to be original from Hamburg.

However, some critics say that there is no more than an urban legend. The initial burger was first brought to use by Mongol horsemen. They were eating a similar beef style meal, but adding steak tartare, during the 12th century.

The trend of adding beef tartare in this sandwich was making its way through Russia before landing in Germany in the end.

Later on, the hamburger’s name was lost in history, and this dish became a necessity on the streets of New York and Chicago.

Data shows selling burgers in Connecticut, Wisconsin, and New York, and it could be true that the innovation of burgers happened simultaneously in different parts of the world.

What is known for sure is that throughout history, burgers have become a symbol of American cuisine, and the original sandwiches had fewer ingredients than nowadays.

So they had the specific beef meat patty, a slice of lettuce maybe, some ketchup or tomatoes, and that’s it. Today, burgers come in lots of varieties, and they can also be made in a vegetarian style (3). Furthermore, in countries like India, where beef cannot be consumed due to the traditional Hindu food prohibition, people use potato patties, popular as Aloo Tikki. Check these interesting recipes using potato patties.

How To Stack A Burger. Ingredients Step By Step

How To Stack A Burger. Ingredients Step By Step
J G Melon

Now that we know the main information about the history and importance of ingredients and skills in making juicy, delicious burgers, let’s see the steps.

What is the order of each part of this sandwich? Can you go wrong if you do not follow these simple “rules”? Let’s find out.

So, you got all the ingredients in front of you, and everything is well-sorted. But what is the order you should start stacking the ingredients? And what is the perfect stage to put the condiments and spices?

After all, pouring the sauces too early, or leaving them in the end, could make the bun become stodgy and sloppy. And this is the last thing you want from your favorite sandwich.

Here is a compendium of the most silent yet popular advice in making burgers by-the-book.

  • Top Bun

When it comes to the top bun, you should place nothing but your hands on it.

  • Condiments

Some of the most popular condiments that you can slather either on top or the bottom of a bread bun are sauces, mayo, and other spices you like. If you would like to use more than one condiment, you should put one on the top bun and the other on the bottom bun.

This way, you will avoid any possible slipperiness of the top and bottom of your burger.

  • Cheese

Cheese right on top of the patty is a must. All the heat that comes through the meat will give that little melt to your cheddar cheese. Not only will the taste be better and will make the burger scrumptious, but melted cheese will also hold the toppings right in place.

Now, while someone would enjoy a smoky cheese, others blue cheese, what is for sure is that cheese is a delicious ingredient.

However, the top would be flavored Cheddar cheese, perfect because it melts evenly. If you want to take your burger to the next level, there is also a place for a slice or two of smoked Cheese, even halloumi.

  • Patty

The star of the burger, the patty, will stand under the cheese. If you want to get a juicy, tasty burger, we would recommend you those patties that are slightly smashed, quite thick (if you enjoy medium-rare meat), and juicy.

The most fabulous meat for burgers would be beef, but you can combine beef and pork, go for chicken patties or vegetarian ones.

You can choose to make your burger with two patties, but make sure you separate them with some cheese or vegetables.

  • Tomatoes

Although tomatoes have a slippery texture and usually slip and slide out while biting the burger, they are essential in making the burgers delicious.

A tip to avoid slipperiness is placing the tomatoes right beneath the patty. This way, the vegetables will stay better due to the rougher, stickier texture that holds tomatoes in place.

  • Pickles

Pickles add that crunchy texture to the burger and also a more acid flavor. However, pickles are usually small and irregularly shaped. As such, they might slip. But if you place them beneath the patty, they gain weight and won’t fall down.

  • Lettuce and Onion

Put the lettuce down, right on the bun. This layer will serve as a barrier and won’t let the bread get wet or too juicy.

Nevertheless, you want to keep the lettuce away from the patty, as the burger’s heat will make lettuce lose its crunchiness and freshness (4). Put the onion beneath the lettuce.

  • Extras

To be fair, you can fill the burger with all kinds of ingredients and toppings you love. From slaw to pork belly, fried eggs, bacon, onions, mac’ n’ cheese, or salad, add what you enjoy most.

Plus, vegetarians would add avocado or lentils to balance the flavors.

Bottoms Up!

Now that we know how to stack a burger properly let’s talk about the perfect drink partners. As such, we recommend you choose a spicy Saison beer or a ginger beer. For veggie burgers, you can go on a lighter option, such as fruity wines.

Last Thoughts

Stacking a burger correct is not rocket science, as soon as you know some tips and tricks. Today you have learned how to layer a burger properly, so it’s time to organize that burger night with friends, right?

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