7 Best Meat Slicers 2023: The Ultimate Guide

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Mention the words “meat” and “slice” in one sentence, and the inner foodie in us immediately wanders to the last time we had an eye-catching and appetite-whetting charcuterie platter placed on the table in front of us.

However, you do not have to be a connoisseur of posh food to understand the allure of well-cut up meat.

Since the invention of sliced bread, humans worldwide now almost unanimously agree that neatly cut portions of food look good, are better for the palate, and add considerably to the allure of the overall experience.

Tip: A meat slicer can also be handy for slicing other food items such as cheese, bread, sausages, veggies, and fish.

However, unlike sliced bread, getting sliced meats will cost you. The two easiest ways to get sliced meat into your diet is by eating at restaurants that offer them or buying pre-sliced meat packs from your local deli. Both options come with a considerable price premium over buying whole meat pieces and doing the slicing yourself at home.

If you are looking to make high-brow-restaurant-level meat slices at home, your old meat knife won’t cut it. You want a dedicated meat slicer similar to what you will find in many restaurants, delis, and butcher shops.

The right meat slicer will help guarantee neater meat slices, significantly increase the operation’s safety, and save you cost on pre-packaged meat slices. Plus, these tools will open up your kitchen to produce some super tasty sandwiches as well as some of the more elegant recipes like beef roll-ups and charcuterie platters.

While most meat slicers on the market are more extensive, commercial-use options, thanks to the increasing popularity of sliced meat, you can now find an abundance of smaller, home-use options that are fit for personal use.

Are you looking to cut costs on pre-packaged meats and give your kitchen the production boost it deserves? Here are the top meat slicer options on the market you can buy today.

Top Pick: Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer

Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer
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Whether you are looking to match the aesthetic food arrangements on the pages of your favorite gourmet magazine or looking to save costs on store-bought meat slices, this meat slicer from Elite Gourmet is your guy.

If you are looking to make the switch to slicing meat yourself at home but not willing to put in hours into researching the perfect unit for your home, grab this one. The Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer is the closest you will get to buying a full-on dedicated commercial slicer while still paying home-use slicer prices.

The Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer is also the top-selling and top-rated option on Amazon, with thousands of reviewers raving about its dependable performance, durability, and affordable price tag.

Hence, we can all but guarantee that when it comes to home-use meat slicers, this option from Elite Gourmet is one of your best shots at snagging a machine that delivers reliable performance every single time. Plus, this slicer features a combination of intuitive design and full customizability to ensure you get inch-perfect meat cuts perfect for any recipe.

At the Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer’s core, you will find an ultra-sharp 7.5-inch blade that gets the job done with surgical-level precision irrespective of the food item you toss in front of it. Plus, the meat slicer also includes an intuitive dial that lets you adjust the cutting edge to produce slices with variable thicknesses that are anywhere from half an inch to as slim as a razor’s edge.


The thickness settings on most home-use meat slicers are not as accurate as you get with larger commercial machines. Hence, you may need to fiddle with the dial a bit and test it out a few times to get the exact cut size you need.

This setup ensures that you can produce precise cuts of salami, mortadella, pepperoni, chorizo, or sausages every time to create some of the most aesthetic, sweet-tasting burgers and sandwiches in your kitchen.

The blade features stainless steel construction, which makes it durable and rustproof so that it can handle daily use in your kitchen without any issues.

Furthermore, every other part of the machine is built for enhanced durability, maximum safety, and easy operation.

The slicer’s frame contains an aircraft-grade die-cast aluminum construction, making the entire structure sturdy, rustproof, and guaranteed to serve you for a lifetime. Underneath the expansive aluminum slicing platform, you also get non-slip rubber feet that help fasten the machine securely to your kitchen counter during operation, ensuring stability and guaranteeing your safety.

After every meat slicing session, you can easily clean the Elite Gourmet slicer, first by taking out the removable blade and wiping it down with vinegar or warm soapy water, then cleaning the rest of the unit with a wet rag.

If you seek a capable meat slicer that will deliver consistent performance, allow stress-free ownership, and stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with the Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer.

Plus, with its retail price of only $75, this meat slicer from Elite Gourmet also offers one of the best price-to-value ratios on the market, and you will be hard-pressed to find a unit this good anywhere near this price point.


  • Full-fledged meat slicer with a sizable 7-inch blade that can rival smaller commercial options
  • top-selling and top-rated option on Amazon with excellent user reviews
  • Durable steel blade and cast-die aluminum construction
  • Precise slice size calibration from razor-thin to half-inch
  • Removable blade for easy cleaning

Other 6 Best Meat Slicer We Also Recommend

If you need a capable meat slicer for your kitchen and are strapped for time to do detailed research, you can’t go wrong with our top pick, the Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer. Grab this piece today and get to slicing meat into inch-perfect slices today.

However, with kitchen appliances, the top choice is rarely the one for everyone. We all have our cooking methods, personalized recipes, and a similar variance in the kitchenware we enjoy using. The good news is that if you don’t favor the Elite Gourmet slicer, there is now an abundance of options on the market from which you can make a selection that suits you.

Here are some other high-end options we think deserve a second look in our search for the perfect meat slicer.

Alternative Pick: Chef’s Choice Food Slicer

Chef's Choice Food Slicer
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For outdoorsy folks who like to hunt their own game, when you bring that truckload of meat home, you want a meat slicer built with the toughness to process the meat right every time.

With the Chef’s Choice Food Slicer, you get a sturdy, intricately-engineered slicer designed to provide maximum power and smooth, efficient performance with every use. This machine instantly gives you the ability to create inch-perfect meat cuts, make quality homemade beef, or slice up a host of other food items like cheese, bread, and vegetables.

This slicer’s rugged construction includes a mix of a stainless steel blade and cast aluminum parts that combine to create a sturdy frame durable enough to take a beating and still perform every time.

The included blade is a serrated 7-inch edge that combines with a smooth gear drive that sends its smooth through your food, ensuring a seamless slicing operation.

You will find a powerful 120-watt motor behind the gear system that is considerably larger than what you will find on most of the competition. This motor brings enough force to ram the blade through even the toughest and largest cuts of meat.

Other perks you get with the Chef’s Choice Food Slicer are a massive food reservoir (serving tray) that catches the meat slices, an included metal food pusher, and safety locks that keep the blade securely in place once you turn the power off.

You also get a thickness guide for easy operation included in the box.


  • Serrated 7-inch blade
  • Powerful 120-watts motor
  • Massive food reservoir
  • Included metal food pusher
  • Safety locks on the blade for enhanced safety
  • Thickness guide included in the box.

Best for Daily Use: Kitchener Professional Meat Slicer

Kitchener Professional Meat Slicer
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If you want a meat slicer in your home that can rival full-fledged commercial-use machines, you can’t go wrong with the Kitchener Professional Meat Slicer. This unique slicer is specially designed to bring the power to tackle even the most challenging types of meat with ease.

The Kitchener pro thanks things a step further than the Chef’s Choice Food Slicer, incorporating a massive 150-watt motor (200-watt maximum operation capacity) that runs a belt-driven 9-inch blade to create the ultimate cutting edge. With this setup, you can handle all types of meats and a large variety of other food types with ease, slicing through to get perfectly-sized cuts every time.

Plus, this slicer gives you the ability to make slices in variable thickness levels, thanks to a handle selector knob that lets you pick any setting between deli thin to fifth-eighth of an inch.

Get to slicing with Kitchener Professional Meat Slicer today and enjoy the speed and efficiency of commercial level performance every time. Kitchener’s slicer is equally as effective and works smoothly and quickly whether you are slicing meats, cheeses, salamis, bread, or vegetables.

Furthermore, the manufacturer takes extra steps to ensure the safety of your fingers on this unit.

The robust design includes a food pusher, a stainless steel carriage with incorporated finger protection, and an end piece holder, so your finger never has too near the blade. Underneath the unit, you will also find four suction cups, with one at each corner, which keeps the device sturdy in place during operation.

When not in use, the blade, food carriage, and food pusher are all removable for hassle-free cleaning. However, all of these parts are not dishwasher-safe, and you should clean them by hand with a washrag and warm soapy water.


  • A heavy-duty 150-watt motor is powerful enough to handle whatever you throw at it
  • Massive 9-inch blade with both bread and universal serration
  • Durable steel and die-cast aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel food carriage and food pusher
  • Near silent operation takes to its gear-free construction.
  • With four suctions cups on its base for a sturdy hold.

Deluxe Option: Beswood Chromium-Plated Meat Slicer

Beswood Chromium-Plated Meat Slicer
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When it comes to home-use meat slicers, the Beswood Chromium-Plated Meat Slicer is as heavy-duty as it gets. With this beast, you are only a tad bit away from a commercial slicer, so you can rest assured that it can deal with whatever cuts you throw at it.

One of the most notable features of the Beswood slicer is its inclusion of a 240-watt electric motor. With an engine that is this powerful, even bones can stand in the way of this meat slicer. Plus, the unit also packs a 10-inch blade, which is a tad larger than what you get with most other offerings in the category, and this further enhances its slicing power.

The interface between the motor and the blade is a V-belt, completing a system that makes one of the most effective home-use meat slicers out there yet has one of the quietest operations you will find in its class.

However, one crucial factor worthy of note is that the Beswood meat slicer weighs a hefty 33 lbs, which is more than double the weight of our top pick, the Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer.

The added heft is unsurprising considering the inclusion of commercial-grade parts in its construction. Hence, portability is the worst with this unit. However, on the flip side, the massive heft confers an added benefit as the Beswood engine stays firmly planted onto the kitchen counter, barely bulging irrespective of how much load you throw at it, and this is excellent for user safety.

Other perks to opting for the Beswood meat slicer include:

  • Its elegant aesthetic silver chromium finish.
  • Its durable, rustproof construction.
  • The inclusion of two stones in the box for sharpening the blades.
  • Several other safety features to keep the end-user safe during operation.


  • Aesthetic and durable rustproof Chromium-Plated Carbon Steel frame
  • Massive 240W electric motor brings all the power you’ll ever need
  • 10-inch steel blade for inch-perfect slices
  • 24V On/off switch with shock protection.

Best Aesthetics: Cusimax Food Slicer

Cusimax Food Slicer
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Enter Cusimax Food Slicer, one of the few top options on the market that doesn’t bring the typically clunky look characteristic of most meat slicer offerings.

Cusimax Food Slicer sport a sleek all-metal silver chrome finish, with all of its appendages recessed neatly into the chassis, so the whole unit looks like a concrete block rather than a jumble of metal parts.

This unique design language means that this slicer won’t look weird in any kitchen, and the chances are that it will complement your already existing kitchen aesthetic.

However, the Cusimax Slicer is not all good looks. Inside the unit, you get a capable 200-watt motor that drives enough power to the included 7.5-inch stainless steel blade to ensure smooth operation and clean slices with every food type. The setup also consists of an adjustable thickness control that lets you set the depth of the cut from ultra-thin deli sizes to larger three-quarter-inch cuts without ever getting stuck.

Furthermore, the Cusimax uses a belt drive system for powering the blade process. Unlike bearing systems, belt drives significantly reduce noise, enabling a near-silent operation that matches the device’s refined aesthetic. Belt systems also do not require any lubrication ever.

The recessed parts and the hidden food track makes the device exceptionally easy to clean, as once you remove the steel blade, all you have to clean is a single, continuous channel.

Like what you get with other top offerings, the Cusimax Food Slicer also comes equipped with a set of 4 anti-skid pads that help fasten the machine securely onto the kitchen counter during operation.

Another central selling point with this machine is the included 30-day hassle-free warranty policy that comes with each device. Warranties are not standard in this space.


  • Eye-catching design with recessed appendages and hidden food trough
  • Sleek all-metal silver chrome finish
  • capable 200-watt motor
  • 5-inch stainless steel blade
  • Four anti-skid pads
  • 30-day hassle-free warranty policy

Budget Option: Chefman Deli Slicer

Chefman Deli Slicer
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At its current retail price of around 70 bucks, the Chefman Deli Slicer is the only entry on this list that is less expensive than our top pick, Elite Gourmet Meat Slicer. That in itself is reason enough to consider purchasing this unit. If you want a low-budget meat slicer that is capable enough to handle your kitchen tasks, you can’t go wrong with the Chefman’s offering.

The sales clincher with this unit is not just its price, but also that it delivers top-rate reliable performance despite its low price point.

The interiors on this slicer are everything you would expect from a high-end offering, and they do not reflect its low price. Inside, you get a decent 180-watt motor that brings enough power to push the serrated stainless steel blade through the most formidable opposition with ease.

Plus, the blade is a 7.5-inch unit that is both retractable and removable for easy storage and cleaning. The main chassis is a die-cast aluminum housing that is also super easy to clean.

If you want a compact, low-priced unit that gets the job done every time without any extra gimmicks, the Chefman Deli Slicer is a sure bet. The unit is a portable 9″ by 12″ block that stores easily. The included blade and thickness adjustment dial combine to create the perfect system for slicing food items for a wide variety of recipes.

Elsewhere, the Chefman Deli Slicer packs more of the basics: a set of non-slip feet for a sturdy hold during operation, a blade safety guard to protect your fingers, an on/off switch for power control, and a food pusher that helps to keep the process as smooth as possible.

Furthermore, with each purchase, you get a 1-year warranty cover by the manufacturer, which is a big plus, especially considering the unit’s price point.


  • Low dirt pricing for a decent performer adds up to one of the best bangs for your buck
  • retractable and removable 7-inch serrated stainless steel blade
  • 180-watt motor brings enough power
  • portable 9″ by 12″ dimensions
  • non-slip feet
  • blade safety guard
  • 1-year warranty cover

Commercial Option: KWS Commercial Meat Slicer

KWS Commercial Meat Slicer
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If you live in a 6-8-person home or are a cooking enthusiast who likes to experiment regularly on recipes, you may be handling a more sizable workload, and the other meat slicers on this list won’t cut it.

For the handful of people in this situation, you may be more geared to make the jump to a more commercial-use-oriented slicer. The KWS commercial meat slicer is perfect for this niche as it offers a step up from regular home-use slicers without making the full leap into industrial machine levels.

With the KWS slicer, you get a massive 320-watt motor that brings enough power to handle commercial-level applications. With this amount of motor power, you should see a significant cut in the amount of time you spend slices, as, with the backing of this power, the steel blade will rip through all types of foods in one smooth motion.

The blade on this unit, too, is super-sized. You get an imposing 10-inch 304 stainless steel blade with a razor-sharp edge and a dual whetstone sharpener included in the chassis, so the blade edge always stays crisp.

KWS is an offshoot of KitchenWare, one of the industry’s foremost names renowned for producing high-end durable products so that you can expect the same level of quality from this slicer. In addition to the rugged steel blade, the entire chassis features an aluminum alloy construction, which is fully corrosion-proof and tough enough to last a lifetime.

Other perks of this commercial unit include

  • a thickness adjustment dial that goes from 0-10mm,
  • a ring guard assembly for the blade that protects your fingers,
  • a set of skid-proof rubber feet to hold the slicer securely during operations,
  • and a removable carriage and blade that facilitates easy cleaning of the slicer.


  • Commercial-grade performance thanks to a massive 320-watt motor
  • imposing 10-inch 304 stainless steel blade
  • dual whetstone sharpener keeps the edge always sharp
  • Removable carriage and blade for easy cleaning
  • aluminum alloy construction

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