Best Battery Powered Hand Saw (2023 Updated)

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As a DIY enthusiast, a carpenter or a woodworker, you know the importance of having a reliable and powerful battery powered hand saw. It's an essential tool that can make your work easier, faster and more efficient. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one that meets your needs and budget.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a short guide summary of the key points you should consider when looking for the best battery powered hand saw.

1. Battery life: The battery life of the hand saw is a crucial factor to consider. You want a saw that can last long enough to complete your project without frequent recharging. Look for a saw with a high-capacity battery that can provide enough power and run time.

2. Power and speed: The power and speed of the saw determine how quickly and efficiently you can cut through different materials. Look for a saw with a high RPM (revolutions per minute) and a powerful motor.

3. Blade size and type: The blade size and type determine the type of cuts you can make and the materials you can work with. Look for a saw with a versatile blade that can handle different types of materials and cuts.

4. Ergonomics and comfort: The ergonomics and comfort of the saw affect your overall experience and performance. Look for a saw with a comfortable grip and a lightweight design that reduces fatigue and strain.

5. Price and brand reputation: The price and brand reputation are also important factors to consider. Look for a saw that offers a good balance between quality and price and is backed by a reputable brand with a good track record.

By considering these key points, you can narrow down your options and find the best battery powered hand saw that meets your needs and budget.

10 Best Battery Powered Hand Saw

1. Shengsite Mini Chainsaw – 4" Cordless, 24v Battery Powered With Safety Lock, For Gardening And Wood Cutting. Includes 2 Batteries And 2 Chains.

The Shengsite Mini Chainsaw is a powerful and convenient tool for gardening, tree branch trimming, and wood cutting. This cordless chain saw is designed to be portable and easy to use with one hand, weighing only about 0.7kg (1.54LB) and measuring a total length of 33cm (13inch). It is suitable for both men and women to operate without feeling tired, even during long working hours.

The Mini Chainsaw comes with two 24V 1500mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, providing a large capacity for up to 1-2 hours of continuous use after a full charge. It is an energy-efficient and economical way to trim branches and make your garden more beautiful. The non-slip handle design ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle and control.

One of the unique features of this chainsaw is its protective design. When the motor temperature becomes too high, the motor will automatically stop working and wait for the temperature to cool down before it can work again. This extends the life of the motor, making it more durable and reliable.

The Mini Chainsaw also has a safety splash guard to protect users from any accidents while logging and trimming branches. The package includes 1 spare battery and 2 saw chains, as well as professional chainsaw gloves, saving users time and money.

The Mini Chainsaw is easy to install and operate, with the entire chainsaw already assembled upon arrival. The user simply needs to use the wrench provided in the package to adjust the tightness by turning the screw and then tightening it. The electric chainsaw switch can adjust the speed according to the strength, allowing users to adjust the cutting speed they need according to the operating conditions.

It is important to note that users should read the instruction manual carefully before use. The product needs five minutes of continuous work after five minutes of heat dissipation in order to continue to work. A long period of uninterrupted work will lead to the product entering the over-temperature protection state and can no longer work. Additionally, the product cannot cut hardwood or wood blocks thicker than four inches in diameter.

In summary, the Shengsite Mini Chainsaw is a reliable, durable, and convenient tool for gardening, tree branch trimming, and wood cutting. With its protective design, large capacity lithium battery, and one-handed operation, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fast and efficient way to maintain their garden and keep their trees healthy.

2. 6" Natiddy Mini Cordless Chainsaw – Upgraded 21v Brushless Battery Powered, Portable One-Hand Rechargeable Electric Chainsaw For Wood Cutting And Tree Trimming (2 Batteries, 2 Chains Included)

The NaTiddy Mini Chainsaw is the perfect gift for gardeners, DIYers, and anyone who loves to work with wood. Equipped with an upgraded 21V brushless battery-powered motor, this cordless chainsaw is portable and rechargeable, making it easy to use and perfect for one-handed operation.

The high-efficiency brushless motor and smooth cutting capabilities make this chainsaw a must-have tool for any woodworker. The built-in control circuit board has an overload protection function, and the motor will automatically stop working when it is overheated, ensuring safety and peace of mind. The 700W high-power brushless motor is very powerful, and the cutting efficiency is higher and faster. The speed of the chainsaw reaches 26.8ft/s, and it only takes about 8 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 6 inches, making it feel like cutting butter.

The mini chainsaw is almost ready to use right out of the box, with tool-free installation and tensioning. The chain and saw can be easily installed and replaced without the need for any tools. The NaTiddy mini cordless chainsaw comes with a detailed and thoroughly English manual with step-by-step descriptions and pictures.

Equipped with 2 X 21V voltage and 2000mAh high-capacity battery packs, this cordless chainsaw can provide much longer battery life and more power, with a continuous use time of about 60 minutes. Charging time only takes 2 hours. Thoughtfully, the chainsaw comes with a 1 pcs replacement battery, making it portable and low energy consumption.

The chainsaw is lightweight, compact, and comfortable to hold, with an ergonomic design that's easy to use for women and the elderly. Even beginners can operate and control it with ease. It's small in size and can fit into tight spaces that traditional large saws can't. The lightweight makes it a great tool for ladder work, and it's user-friendly for those with weak wrists or arthritis.

Safety is the top priority with this battery chainsaw, with five safety designs to make it safe enough to use. The gloves prevent branches from sticking your hands, the splash baffle prevents debris from splashing, the safety lock prevents accidental activation and injury, the anti-slip handle prevents the mini wood cutting chainsaw from falling off your hands, and the all-inclusive design handle prevents accidental hand injury during cutting.

The NaTiddy Mini Chainsaw kit includes everything you need, including 1 X Mini Chain Saw, 2 X Chains (One is Already Installed), 2 X 2.0Ah rechargeable Battery, 1 X Charger, 1 X Oil Bottle (Oil Not Included), 1 X Protect Gloves, 1x safety goggles, 1x screwdrivers, 1 X User Manual, 1x plastic box. Suitable for logging, cutting branches, trimming branches, gardening, municipal greening projects, etc.

The product comes with an 18-month free warranty and 90-day free return service, and the NaTiddy team is always ready to help with any questions or concerns. Continuous use of the chainsaw may cause it to enter the over-temperature protection state, which is to protect the motors from burn-in. When cooling to a safe temperature, the chainsaw will return to normal working condition.

3. 6" Cordless Mini Chainsaw With 2 Batteries And 2 Chains – Handheld Electric Saw For Wood Cutting And Tree Trimming, With Safety Lock.

The RLSOO Mini Chainsaw is a powerful and efficient cordless electric chainsaw that is perfect for use in the garden, farm, park, forest, pastures, orchards, and greenhouses. This chainsaw is equipped with 2 high-power batteries and 2 chains, making it easy to replace a spare battery when another battery is out of power. In addition, a portable carrying case is included, making it convenient to store the chainsaw and all its parts whenever you work indoors or outdoors.

The upgraded 6-inch mini chainsaw uses a high-hardness quenched chain that has undergone a deeply quenched process to ensure efficient and smooth cutting. The pure copper motor makes it easy and fast to cut through branches or logs, just like cutting butter. With the powered chainsaw, you can get more efficiency out of your yard work and save much of your effort.

To ensure reliable safety, the RLSOO Mini Chainsaw has four kinds of security measures. The safety lock prevents accidental start, the safety bezel prevents wood splashing, a pair of gloves protect your hands, and goggles are included to protect your eyes from wood chips. In addition, an LED light is added for use in dark places.

Weighing only 2.55lb and with a total length of about 15 inches, the non-slip handheld design of the mini chainsaw makes it comfortable to hold and easy to control. It is suitable for family and outdoor work, and even women and the elderly can easily control it.

The RLSOO battery chainsaw has been assembled and comes with a screwdriver to adjust the chain tightness. Once the chain is adjusted, simply plug in the fully charged battery to use. It is easy to use and is suitable for wood cutting, gardening pruning, small branch pruning, and bush pruning.

The package includes 1X 6-inch Mini Chainsaw, 2 x Batteries, 2 x Chains, 1 x Tool Box, 1 x Wall Charger, 1 x Nut Driver, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 X Brush, 1 X Goggle, and 1 X User Manual. The manufacturer is confident in the product quality and offers 100% satisfaction and a 24-month warranty. If you have any product questions, please contact the manufacturer through Amazon.

The RLSOO Mini Chainsaw is a perfect gift choice for fathers, mothers, lovers, friends, and DIYers who love to work in the garden or enjoy outdoor activities. With its powerful and efficient performance, it is sure to make their work easier and more enjoyable.

4. Lightweight Cordless Mini Chainsaw For One-Handed Use With 4-Inch Blade, 2 Batteries, 2 Chains, And Carrying Bag – Ideal For Garden, Bush, Tree, And Wood Cutting.

The Mini Chainsaw Lightweight, Mini Chainsaw Cordless Handheld, One Hand Cordless Chainsaw, Battery Powered Chainsaw 4 Inch for Garden Bush Tree Branch Wood Cutting is a must-have tool for garden enthusiasts and DIYers. This mini chainsaw is easy to use and weighs only 2.28lbs, making it lightweight and comfortable to handle. Its ergonomic handle and variable speed switch make the operation feel very comfortable and easy to use with one hand.

Despite its small size, this mini chainsaw packs a powerful punch. With a built-in pure copper motor and 2pcs 2000 mAh large-capacity lithium batteries, it can reach a maximum speed of 13ft/s when cutting trees or garden trimming, making it fast and efficient. The mini chainsaw also comes with a fast charger that only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. With two batteries, the mini chainsaw cordless can work for about 1 hour.

The mini chainsaw is multi-purpose, making it a great garden tool for branch cutting, bamboo cutting, plastic cutting, garden pruning, and orchard pruning. It is a perfect alternative to traditional pruning shears or hand chainsaws, and even large chainsaws.

The mini chainsaw kit includes an installation wrench, screwdriver, and user manual, as well as 2pcs battery and replacement chain and charger. In particular, this battery-powered chainsaw includes a storage bag that is convenient for users to carry around. Generally, it also includes chain oil.

The mini chainsaw cordless undergoes strict factory inspection and cutting tests to ensure high quality. If there are any problems, the team behind this product will respond within 24 hours.

Overall, this Mini Chainsaw Lightweight, Mini Chainsaw Cordless Handheld, One Hand Cordless Chainsaw, Battery Powered Chainsaw 4 Inch for Garden Bush Tree Branch Wood Cutting is a great gift for Father, Mother, Lovers, Grandparents, Friends, and DIYers. Its small size, portability, and ease of use make it an essential tool for any gardening enthusiast or DIYer.

5. 4" Cordless Power Chainsaw – 26v Rechargeable, One-Handed, Portable For Tree Trimming And Wood Cutting.

The Wiscky Mini Chainsaw Cordless Power Electric-Chain-Saws is a small and portable one-hand handheld chainsaw that is powered by a 26V rechargeable battery, making it perfect for tree trimming and branch wood cutting. This chainsaw is designed to be highly efficient, and it comes with 2 large capacity batteries and 3 chains, providing users with sufficient power for daily use.

The mini chainsaw is equipped with a 4-inch integrated guide plate and chain that have strong wear resistance and durability. It also has a built-in control circuit board that features an overload protection function, ensuring that the motor automatically stops working when it overheats. This feature makes the mini chainsaw safer and more reliable to use. Additionally, the chainsaw is powered by a pure copper motor that is very powerful, enabling it to cut through wood faster and more efficiently.

Safety is a top priority when using any type of power tool, and the Wiscky Mini Chainsaw is no exception. It has a safety bezel that prevents wood splashing, as well as a safety lock button that prevents accidental start-up. To start the chainsaw, users need to simultaneously press the safety button and the switch, which ensures that the chainsaw is only operated when intended. In addition, the chainsaw comes with a pair of gloves that protect the user's hands.

The mini chainsaw is easy to install and operate, and it comes pre-assembled. Users simply need to adjust the chain tightness with the included screwdriver, plug in the battery, and they are ready to use the chainsaw. The one-hand operation makes it easy to use, and the chainsaw is suitable for a wide range of applications, including forest cutting, cutting wood, pruning branches, gardening, and more.

In conclusion, the Wiscky Mini Chainsaw Cordless Power Electric-Chain-Saws is a reliable and efficient power tool that is perfect for anyone who needs to trim trees or cut wood. It is easy to use, safe, and comes with multiple features that ensure efficient cutting and long-lasting use. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this chainsaw is a great investment that can save you time and effort.

6. Compact 36v Cordless Chainsaw With Dual Batteries For Pruning And Cutting Wood In The Yard.

The Mini Chainsaw with 2 Battery is a highly efficient and powerful tool that is perfect for cutting wood, pruning trees branches, and gardening. This cordless, handheld electric chainsaw is equipped with two batteries, allowing for longer working times and improved cutting performance.

With a weight of only 0.7kg and a total length of 33cm, this mini chainsaw is designed for one-hand use, making it easy for anyone to control and operate. The powerful dynamic system of this battery-powered chainsaw boasts a high-quality guide chain that has undergone deep quenching to ensure smooth cutting. The wood tooth design of the chain also helps to increase cutting efficiency.

The Mini Chainsaw with 2 Battery is easy to install and operate, as the entire saw comes pre-installed. Simply use the included wrench to adjust the tightness of the chain and tighten the screw, and you're ready to start cutting. The saw switch also allows for speed adjustments, depending on the strength and operating conditions.

The ergonomics design of this mini chainsaw is also worth mentioning. The integrated guide plate quickly dissipates heat and is resistant to falling and abrasion, while the non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip during use. The compact size and lightweight design make this chainsaw a great option for women or anyone looking for a tool that is easy to handle.

In terms of performance, the Mini Chainsaw with 2 Battery is impressive. It takes only 10 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 15cm, making it an ideal tool for woodcutting and pruning. While the specific value may vary depending on the size and hardness of the wood, this mini chainsaw is a powerful and effective tool that can handle a variety of tasks.

Overall, the Mini Chainsaw with 2 Battery is a great investment for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient chainsaw for woodcutting, pruning, and gardening. With its lightweight design, easy operation, and impressive performance, this cordless, handheld chainsaw is sure to become a go-to tool for anyone who needs to tackle outdoor projects.

7. 6-Inch Battery-Powered Brushless Mini Chainsaw For Tree Trimming, Branch Pruning, And Wood Cutting With Security Lock And One-Handed Operation.

The Brushless Mini Chainsaw is a powerful and efficient tool designed for tree trimming and branch pruning wood cutting. Equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor, this chainsaw offers longer running time, greater torque, and greater power compared to brushed motors, reducing wear and extending tool life. It also features an overload protection function that automatically stops the motor from working when it overheats, ensuring safe use.

The BURGARDEN electric chainsaw has an adjustable speed that is controlled by pressure, making it more efficient and time-saving. The 6-inch powerful chainsaw motor has a speed of up to 6m/s, which is faster than a 4-inch chainsaw. It takes about 8 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 5.5 inches and can make around 20 cuts in 5.5inch branches.

This mini chainsaw is safe and lightweight, with a safety bezel to prevent wood splashing and a switch button with a lock button to prevent accidents and ensure user safety. The chainsaw will stop working immediately if you release the start button. Weighing only 2.9lbs, this brushless 6-inch chainsaw is small in size and comfortable to hold, making it suitable for family and garden work. Even beginners or women can easily control it and hold it for a long time without tiring their hands.

The Brushless Mini Chainsaw comes with two 6'' chains and two 21V batteries, ensuring uninterrupted work. The chainsaw also includes a high-quality guide chain that has undergone a deep quenching process to ensure smoother cutting and more wear-resistance. Installing the chainsaw is easy, and everything you need is included in the package, such as 1*Mini Chainsaw, 2*Saw Chains, 2*21V Batteries, 1*Guide Plate, 1*Charger, 1*Screwdrivers, 1* Wrench, 1*Protect Gloves, and 1*User Manual. It is essential to use safety glasses and gloves when performing any cutting operation.

This mini chainsaw is an excellent gift for fathers, wives, husbands, and boyfriends who love gardening. With a non-slip rubber handle that is comfortable to hold, this cordless chainsaw is a great gardening tool that can make gardening easier and more enjoyable. As a responsible seller, we provide a 30-day return service and a two-year warranty. If you have any product questions, please contact us through Amazon, and we will provide you with 100% satisfactory service.

8. Citeler 6" Cordless Mini Chainsaw With Safety Lock And 2 Batteries For Fast Wood Cutting.

The CITELER Mini Chainsaw is a powerful cordless cutting tool that features a 6-inch guide chain with wooden teeth design for efficient and smooth cutting, while ensuring less wear and a longer service life. Its upgraded copper wire high-efficiency motor guarantees faster and more stable cutting of wood and trees.

This mini chainsaw is equipped with two 21V 3000mAH rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, providing superb endurance and allowing multiple trees to be cut in a row without stopping. It only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge and can work continuously for up to 30-60 minutes. The lithium-ion batteries are also equipped with multiple protection features that ensure a superb battery life, and a battery level indicator to let users know the status of battery usage.

The mini chainsaw cordless is designed with multiple safety features to ensure the user's safety during operation. The safety baffles prevent splinters, while the safety lock and switch lock prevent accidents and protect the user's family and friends. The heat sink efficiently dissipates heat and prevents damage to the chainsaw motor from overheating. Goggles and gloves are also included to prevent injuries to the eyes and hands from wood scraps.

With a weight of only 2.75 lbs, this small portable chainsaw is easy to operate with one hand, making it ideal for use by women and the elderly. The chain tension can be adjusted using the tool-free installation adjustment, and the installation manual provides clear guidance on how to do this. The chainsaw can be plugged in to start gardening work, and for safety reasons, the battery should be removed when not in operation.

The CITELER Mini Chainsaw comes with a one-year warranty and 45 days of 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the user encounters any problems during the use of the chainsaw, they can contact the manufacturer's customer service, which will reply to emails within 24 hours.

Overall, the CITELER Mini Chainsaw is an ideal cutting tool for gardens, farms, orchards, forests, pastures, and home-use. It is reliable, efficient, and safe to use, making it a valuable addition to any household or gardening tool kit.

Best Battery Powered Hand Saw FAQs

Are there any battery powered hand saws that are specifically designed for cutting through tough materials like metal or concrete?

Yes, there are battery powered hand saws that are specifically designed for cutting through tough materials like metal or concrete. These types of saws are usually referred to as reciprocating saws or "sawzalls". They use a back-and-forth motion to cut through tough materials quickly and efficiently.

Battery powered reciprocating saws are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry due to their portability and ease of use. They are also quieter and produce less vibration than traditional gas-powered saws.

When choosing a battery powered saw for cutting through tough materials, it is important to consider the strength of the battery and the power of the motor. Look for a saw with a high voltage battery and a motor with a high number of strokes per minute.

Some popular battery powered reciprocating saws for cutting through tough materials include the DeWalt DCS367B, Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall, and Makita XRJ05Z.

What are the most important features to look for in a battery powered hand saw?

When looking for a battery powered hand saw, there are several important features to consider. Firstly, the power and runtime of the battery should be considered, as this will determine how long the saw can be used for and how quickly it can cut through materials. Secondly, the blade size and type should be considered, as this will determine the types of materials that can be cut and the accuracy of the cuts. Additionally, the ergonomics and weight of the saw should be considered, as this will affect the comfort and ease of use for the operator. Other important features to consider include the safety features of the saw, such as blade guards and lock-off switches, as well as the versatility of the saw, including the ability to change blades and adjust the cutting depth. Overall, it is important to find a saw that meets the specific needs of the user and the tasks at hand.

What is the longest-lasting battery powered hand saw available?

As a language model AI, I am not capable of presenting myself as a person. However, I can provide a professional answer to the question.

When it comes to battery-powered hand saws, the longest-lasting option available in the market is the Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT Circular Saw. It features a powerful motor and a large cutting capacity, making it a perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Additionally, it comes with a long-lasting battery life, which can provide up to 450 cuts per charge.

Another excellent option is the DEWALT DCS391B 20V Max Circular Saw, which is also known for its long-lasting battery life. It can provide up to 515 cuts per charge, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty tasks. Other features include a high-strength and lightweight magnesium shoe and an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

Overall, both Makita XSS02Z and DEWALT DCS391B are excellent options for those who prioritize long-lasting battery life in their hand saws.

What is the overall best battery powered hand saw on the market, and why?

As a language model AI, I do not have personal opinions, but I can provide information based on reviews and ratings from trusted sources. According to many experts and online reviews, the DeWalt DCS367B 20V Max XR Compact Reciprocating Saw is considered the best battery powered hand saw on the market.

This saw is praised for its powerful motor, long-lasting battery life, and compact design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It also features a tool-free blade change system and an adjustable shoe for added convenience and versatility.

Users also appreciate its ergonomic handle and low vibration, which reduces fatigue during extended use. Additionally, the saw's brushless motor ensures efficient and consistent performance, making it a reliable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Overall, the DeWalt DCS367B offers a perfect combination of power, performance, and convenience, making it the best option for those in need of a reliable and versatile battery-powered hand saw.

Which battery powered hand saws have the most powerful motors?

Battery powered hand saws with powerful motors are ideal for cutting through thick and dense materials. There are several brands with high-quality motors that deliver excellent performance. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ SAWZALL® Reciprocating Saw is one of the most powerful battery powered hand saws on the market, with a brushless motor that delivers up to 3,000 strokes per minute. The DeWalt DCS367B 20V MAX XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw is another powerful option, with a brushless motor that delivers up to 2,900 strokes per minute. The Makita XSS02Z 18V LXT Circular Saw is also a powerful option, with a high-torque motor that delivers up to 3,700 RPM. Other notable options include the Bosch CCS180B 18V Circular Saw and the Ryobi P507 One+ 18V Cordless Circular Saw. Ultimately, the most powerful battery powered hand saw for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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