When Is the Best Time for Tea?

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It is already widely known that drinking tea brings an array of health benefits for us, regardless of when we decide to drink it. However, for each health benefit to actually take effect, it is important to discern when should we drink tea. The timing of your tea session, therefore, depends largely on the purpose for which you are actually drinking it. For example, if you want to improve your focus and concentration in the noon hours, you won’t be drinking lighter tea, but rather something with a higher level of caffeine, like black or green teas. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’ve decided to outline when each tea is the best to drink at which time of day, season, or for which purpose. This way you’ll know exactly when to have your favorite tea and take advantage of all of its benefits, effects, and qualities.

When (and which) tea to drink during the daytime?


In the morning, you will be looking for a type of tea that will make for a perfect start of the day. During the early hours of the day, it is best to prepare a cup of strong black tea. Black teas like Assam, Earl Grey or Royal Breakfast should be excellent for helping you feel more awake and stimulated to conquer the day. It is best to have your tea at least half an hour before breakfast. However, make sure the first thing you do in the morning is have a glass of water before the tea; this will prevent the acidity levels in your stomach to rise. This way, tea will help you with the digestion process and potentially prevent bloating from the food you just had.

Drinking black tea in the morning will also promote your heart rate as well as increase energy, focus, and full brain functionality. However, if you’re not a fan of black tea, you can always try making it with milk or cream. Or you can also go with green tea instead of black since green tea as well is filled with caffeine that will help you kickstart the day.


Midday is that time of day when you’re experiencing the highest levels of stress, at the job, for example. That is why it is important to enjoy a cup of tea that has calming and stress-reducing properties. Such types of teas are green teas and Oolong tea. You can try preparing a nice cup of Sencha green tea, that has amazing health benefits as it contains antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin C; it is also a much healthier alternative to coffee as it is a great energy booster, without the side effects that coffee usually promotes (dizziness, shakiness).

Oolong tea, on the other hand, is also a great choice for this part of the day as is helps control blood sugar and prevents the lunch you just had to absorb. Just make sure to drink these teas at least 15 minutes before lunch, and not more than 3 cups, per day. Both green and Oolong teas are exceptional when it comes to fat burn and weight loss. So, if you’re working in an office and you don’t get much movement, make sure to drinks these teas.

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During the afternoon, all you really want is to relax, right? However, you’re probably still at work and you have zero energy to continue. We believe this is actually the best time to have a cup of tea, and what better tea to have than a nice cup of light, white tea. White tea is extremely relaxing, as well as gentle and beautifully fragrant. It will help you digest the meal you had (a snack probably) and make the food easier on your stomach. During the afternoon, it is important to reduce the acid levels in your stomach in order to prevent heartburn, which can be extremely painful and could possibly affect your sleep later. White tea will help your stomach calm down by reducing the acid levels, as well as stress levels along the way.

Alongside white you, you could also try having some wonderful Pu Erh tea in the afternoon. This tea is also an exceptional aid for the digestion process, as it is low in caffeine and high in antioxidants and vitamins. However, even though low in caffeine, it can still help you stay alert in the afternoon, in case you have work to complete.


Now that you’re all done with your daily obligations, it is finally time to relax. If you want to unwind and have something that will soothe you into a nice, calming sleep, then try some of the following teas;

  • After dinner, you could enjoy a nice cup of light black tea. It will help you relax after a long day at work, but also help your stomach digest the food.
  • Later, before going to bed, you can have a cup of herbal tea or some other soothing, scented tea that will get you relaxed, cozy and ready for the bed. You can have a cup of chamomile tea, which is known to be a natural enemy of restlessness and insomnia. Lavender or valerian root teas have also been used for centuries to help treat anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness.
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated teas in the evening times, as they can affect your sleep by making you more awake and alert.

Seasonal Tea Drinking

In order to find out when is actually the best tea time, we should also consult the Far East and the Chinese tea-drinking tradition. The Chinese believe that there is a season for each tea, at which it is preferable to drink and best to enjoy. For example, they believe that during the springtime, white tea corresponds with the seasonal energy. Therefore, it should be enjoyed during the months of the spring. During the transitional period between spring and summer, one should enjoy the wonderful yellow teas, and in the summer, green tea.

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The reason these teas are preferable during the sunnier and warmer seasons lies in the fact that our metabolism becomes more active. White and green teas manage to regulate our metabolism and help our bodies get rid of the radical oxidants and other toxins. Also, white, yellow and green teas are exceptional when it comes to cooling-down regulation of our bodies; so, even though it may sound weird, drinking hot tea will actually help you cool down. And it will do it much better than ice cream or iced coffee. Maybe not better than a nice swim at the pool.

As the seasons go crispier and colder, we should be drinking Oolong teas in the fall and black of Pu Erh tea in the winter. During these seasons our metabolism becomes slower. During autumn, Oolong tea manages to get the best from both summer and fall, so it helps our body prepare for winter. Black tea, on the other hand, will simply help our metabolism stay active during the harsh, cold months. Moreover, it also facilitates a warming function in the body, so it will not only keep your metabolism up and running, but also nice and warm.

Best Tea Time According to Kebin Feng

Kebin Feng was a famous Chinese scholar who was active during the Ming Dynasty. Before he retired at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, he was meant to be of the highest imperial members. He was also the one who promoted the famous Thirteen Rules of tea-drinking, a book where he describes everything tea-related; from the production of the tea, information about different tea type to even proper etiquette to tea ceremonies and tea drinking. Here is  what Kebin Feng said the best time for tea really is;

  • Tea drinking during free time – Kebin Feng believed that the best time to enjoy tea is when the external world does not interfere with our internal world. When we have free time to enjoy no person’s presence but our own, that is the best time to get in the mood and appreciate the true beauty of tea.
  • Tea drinking with the people we love – Sure, drinking tea alone is excellent, but sharing it with good friends, family and the people we love is even better. Is there a better way to discuss life, relax and have a laugh with our friends than over a cup of tea? This way, both the conversation and the tea become much more meaningful.
  • Tea drinking when creating or reading – When we’re creating, writing or painting for example, that is when our emotions pour out. That is also a great time to pour yourself a cup of tea. Tea will, according to Kebin Feng, soothe your soul and enhance your emotions as well as inspiration. And, when we’re reading, poetry, for example, tea will help us get in the same mood and not only understand but also feel what is written.
  • Tea drinking and nature – Whether we’re taking a walk or enjoying time in a natural environment, that is when we are at our most relaxed state. That is also a recommended state when we should have some tea. Kebin Feng believes tea emphasizes the atmosphere and the way we’re taking in all the beauty surrounding us.

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