Tea Infuser Travel Mug For Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea is not funny business, and real connoisseurs prefer loose leaf tea over commercially produced tea bags.

No disrespect to the utility of a tea bag, as it makes tea brewing a breeze, but such leaf-containers are not travel-friendly. Also, if you like loose leaf tea, your taste buds will experience a strange awakening upon consuming a tea bag.

Therefore, before embarking on your next voyage, get yourself a tea infuser travel-mug that can detach leaves from your brew.

However, to reap the complete value of a tea infuser mug, you must know which one adapts best with your hot, cold, or herbal tea habits.

It’s because Googling “Tea Infuser Travel-Mug For Loose Leaf Tea” shows about 1.4 million results in less than a second.

Now, how can you make the right choice without living on the internet for days?

Just read ahead.

We have personally reviewed “5” tea infuser travel-mugs that are built to cover the needs and interests of the majority of journeyer out there.



One of the most popular tea infusers is a double-walled glass mug that removes the possibility of you ingesting any harmful plastic or other chemicals that are discharged when in contact with hot water. However, irrespective of the mug material, all the five travel mugs reviewed in this blog have the following common features:

  • They are offered with tight, leak-proof lids that will not mess up your clothes or the interior of your car.
  • Their premium-quality steel strainers can hold loose tea leaves securely, which prevents you from getting actual leaves on your tongue.
  • Most critically, you will be forever liberated from the unsatisfying taste of a tea-bag.


  • A travel mug that lets you power your tea as you please

A travel mug that lets you power your tea as you please

This genius tea infuser lets you control the strength of your tea as you please—a problem that the majority of travelers face with their travel tea mugs. It’s because, with tea bags, you merely open the mug to pull out the bagged-leaves when the beverage has reached your desired concentration level.

However, many travel mugs require a lot of time and effort to shed the leaves—and that too if the product manufacturing allows you to dispose of them at all.

Here, ROMAUNT Tea Infuser Travel Mug differentiates itself from the rest through a valve engineered in the mug, which allows you to isolate your loose tea leaves from the brewed tea by wiggling the mug’s body. 

Moreover, the product can halt the extraction process on its own; thereby removing the possibility of an over-steeped tea. This frees you from emptying the leaves in a trash can. The mug’s design is double-layered, which prevents the bottle from developing condensation or being hot to your touch. The product is shipped with a carabiner keychain and a travel case.

ROMAUNT Tea Infuser Travel Mug is built with glass-resembling, BPA-free “Tritan plastic” and is offered in four colors. 

A minor downside is this product is its small size. The mug can only carry about 10 oz. of liquid, which’s a tad too small for a mug on the go. Yet, that is a small cost to incur to ensure a perfectly concentrated tea every time.


  • Relish the energy of two standard cups (16.9 oz) of hot/cold beverage 

Relish the energy of two standard cups

Vibrant’s insulated thermos infuser is an extremely popular travel mug among commuters and hikers. The product:

  • Keeps your beverage ultra-hot without burning the hands.
  • Is made with stainless steel, which removes the possibility of consuming any harmful plastics
  • Can carry a staggering 16.9 ounce of liquid. 
  • Is offered with a strainer for imbuing fruit and a fermenting basket for tea. Both are easily removable once the steeping process is over.

Nonetheless, it is not so convenient to take the wet infuser basket out of a bottle when you are on the road, or away from home, particularly if you’d like to set the mug aside.

Still, your loose leaf tea would not be over-steeped, and the mug-size allows you to steep a healthy quantity of tea in practically no time. 

However, insulation—despite being a fantastic feature requires more room which led to a small steeping basket.

Remember always to use a sufficient amount of tea leaves when using the Vibrant Insulated Travel-Mug because a small number of loose tea leaves in a 16.9-ounce container will leave you with a bitter-tasting tea.

Lastly, the product is made to fit your car’s cup-holder as well.


  • The mug offers unparalleled infusing capacity


The Pure Zen infuser is reputed for its versatility and style, as it makes steeping tea on the go a breeze courtesy of its infuser basket. The basket gives the option of screwing it either at the top or bottom of the infuser. Also, the flat lids keep your mug steady even when it is upside down.

This design feature opens up multiple steeping possibilities that aren’t available in down-only or top-only infuser mugs. You can open either end of the bottle to have your beverage without over-steeping or spillage.    

It is because, when you have a top-only travel-mug, you are at the risk of dropping water everywhere upon removing the loose tea leaves. Alternatively, a bottom-only mug will often over-steep your tea.

Moreover, the Pure Zen infuser is offered with a travel bamboo case as well as a cushiony sleeve to prevent your hands from burning. Additionally, the soft sleeve acts as a shield for the glass cylinder to prevent damage from knocks and bumps.


  • A travel mug with a detachable infuser and strainer filter


The double-walled Sacred Glass Tea Infuser mug with a removable infuser and strainer basket is an ideal companion for your on the go loose leaf tea cravings. In fact, both infuser and strainer are designed to fit within the mug at the top and are attached when shipped. Therefore, if you prefer, unscrew them to use separately.

Each Scared tea mug is built with insulated, lightweight, and borosilicate glass to make steamy hot beverages and to keep the steam intact for up to 45 minutes. Also, the product can carry 14 ounces (414ml) of liquid and comes with two leak-proof lids to ensure that the only thing spilling from your Sacred Glass Tea Infuser Mug is positive energy.

Moreover, the glass cylinder features a beautiful ‘Sacred Geometry’ design to infuse life into your day and is made with material adhering to the highest industry standards. Each glass bottle is offered with a Rumi card and a companion poem.

Now ain’t that visceral!

You can utilize your Sacred Glass Tea Infuser Bottle the following ways:

  1. With coffee or loose leave tea in the infuser basket
  2. With coffee, fruit infusions, or loose leave tea itself in the flask, with the filter on top
  3. With water or smoothies on their own, without any strainer or infuser basket


  • A glass travel mug with a removable cup


The 1A2B3C Tea Infuser Travel Mug can carry up to 475ml of hot or cold liquid. The product is ultra-resilient to damages and is offered in a stainless steel strainer alongside a protective case that ensures you do not burn your hand holding the mug.

Moreover, the leak-proof lid keeps your sizzling beverages hot for seven hours, while your cold ones can keep their chill for nearly 18 hours. In fact, the manufacturer 1A2B3C has outdone its competition with an extremely convenient feature:

An in-built cup that can be easily detached from the lower end of the bottle! The cup can also be used to stock extra loose leaf tea to refill your mug later on besides serving its removable purpose.

Lastly, the stainless steel filter on this product is stacked in the mouthpiece and not in an infuser filter. Therefore, once the loose tea leaves are in there, you cannot discard them easily unless you finish the steeped-beverage. This feature makes it a top option for extended tea infusions.


The real tea aficionados prefer loose leaf tea over commercially made tea bags, as the latter is not travel-friendly. Also, to satiate their tea cravings on the go, voyagers use a tea infuser travel mug. 

One of the widely popular tea infusers is a double-walled glass mug that eliminates the possibility of you consuming any harmful plastic or other chemicals that are discharged when in contact with hot water.

Here are our five personally tested tea infuser travel-mugs:

  1. Romaunt Tea Infuser Travel MugA travel mug that lets you power your tea as you please
  2. Vibrant Insulated Infuser Travel-mugRelish the energy of two standard cups (16.9 oz) of hot/cold beverage 
  3. Pure Zen Glass Travel Tea InfuserThe mug offers unparalleled infusing capacity
  4. The Sacred Glass Tea Infuser MugA travel mug with a detachable infuser and strainer filter
  5. 1a2b3c Tea Infuser Travel MugA glass travel mug with a removable cup

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