How Do You Make Frozen Burgers Taste Better?

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Frozen burger patties are by far one of the best solutions when you are in a hurry but still want to make a delicious meal for your family.

It doesn’t really matter if you make them ahead and then freeze them or purchase the already frozen patties. The idea is that you want to make everything possible to enjoy a burger at any time during the week.

There is no doubt that burgers are tasty, juicy, and comfort-food for lots of people worldwide. However, people are still wondering: are frozen patties less tasty?

Frozen patties do have as much flavor as fresh beef or chicken burgers. However, once they are already formed, you cannot add the flavors you want inside.

So what to do to personalize frozen burgers and make them taste absolutely fresh and delicious? Well, instead of giving up this fast-cooking option, consider applying the right seasonings and toppings to create the taste you want. How, and which flavors to combine? Well, just keep on reading.

Does Freezing Ground Beef Affect Its Taste?

Does Freezing Ground Beef Affect Its Taste

When freezing any kind of meat, what people are actually doing is slowing down the bacteria and yeast (1) present in all kinds of meat. However, the nutritional content won’t really change while you will be freezing the meat.

We need to mention that what might impact the meat’s taste are those sharp crystals of ice, which are forming within the meat and cause the fibers in it to break down.

As such, the result might be a loss of natural flavors once the meat is thawed.

Tip: If you want to keep the natural flavor as much as you can, the secret stands in wrapping the steak evenly.

Furthermore, try not to leave the piece of meat for ages, as it will taste delicious even after freezing. There is no rule in getting the perfect burger, and you can use frozen patties without worrying about future taste.

How To Make Frozen Burgers Taste Better

How To Make Frozen Burgers Taste Better

Things you need in the first place:

  • Fresh burger buns
  • Black pepper and rock salt
  • Cheese (Cheddar cheese is great in any burger and ads nice flavor)
  • Garlic or onion powder (this is only optional if you enjoy these vegetables)
  • Meat thermometer
  • Condiments and spices

Steps To Enhance The Taste Of Frozen Burgers

Steps To Enhance The Taste Of Frozen Burgers

Step 1 – Defrost Time

The very first thing you need to do is a simple, logical one: bring your patties out of the freezer and let them “rest” until reaching room temperature. By doing this, the meat will cook evenly and won’t dry.

So, the first step before preparing the raw ground beef is letting it properly defrost. Whether you will be using raw meat or frozen patties, this step is essential.

What you will place on the grill to sizzle must be juicy meat. Otherwise, the patty won’t cook smoothly, and the result will be dry meat with no juices.

Step 2 – Yummy Seasoning

The second step is a delicious one and implies seasoning the patty with your favorite condiments. The basic ones are salt and black pepper.

If you like your burger to be more spiced, you can apply additional seasonings (2), such as onion and garlic powder. This will add much flavor when cooking.

Make sure you are covering each side of the patty evenly with a mix of salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder.

Step 3 – Enhance with Cheese

My favorite part of making this dish is adding cheese. Most of the famous burgers have cheddar cheese. This type of cheese melts evenly, is absolutely delicious, and makes even the frozen patties tastier.

The secret is covering the meat patties with the cheese you enjoy best, right minutes before they finished cooking. The cheese will melt perfectly and create that sticky surface so the ingredients will stay in place.

Tip: Sharp cheeses with a stronger flavor, such as white cheddar and sharp cheddar, will give your burgers much more flavor than milder ones, like the simple American cheese.

If you want to make your burger special, don’t hesitate to add blue cheese or brie if you are an amateur. Cheeseburger recipes are delicious. Give them a try.

Step 4 – Thermometer, Master Of Meat

It’s time to move to the next step and make yourself a Masterchef by using a meat thermometer. Don’t be scared. This tool does not require too much experience, only a bit of focus.

So, what is essential to do is to take your burgers off the heat once the meat reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply this rule if you wish for a rare burger (3).

If you want to have a medium-rare burger, leave the patty until 130 degrees and 140 degrees F for medium burgers. Track the thermometer until 150 degrees F for medium-well meat and 160 if you enjoy a dry patty in your burger.

Step 5 – Cooking Tricks

Cooking the burger right is essential to make it more delicious than ever. Choose a hot cooking surface that enables a good sear. It’s essential not to overcrowd the patties on the cooking surface.

Try to keep them apart, at least 1 cm one from another. If you want to enjoy all the nutritious juices and get a delicious burger, do not press down the patties while cooking them.

Step 6 – The Bun

It’s essential to have the right bun for your burgers to taste better. Don’t go straight to the fluffiest buns, but try to choose those which are similar in size to the patty.

If you want to enhance your final dish’s flavor and add extra savor by using a brioche roll, even salted pretzel roll (my favorite).

If you prefer crunchier tastes, you can go for Texas toast. Toast buns are giving that extra crunch and prevent the bun from getting soggy. Or you can make your own bun, as the internet is full of burger buns recipes.

Step 7 – It’s Time To Get Creative

It’s up to you how you want to make your burger a piece of art. This unpretentious dish can be your masterpiece, adding some special flavors that will complement all the seasoning you have done at the beginning.

The first thing you can do is to cut the bun in halves and toast a bit on each interior side. Before cooking the defrosted patty, prepare the dressing. For instance, you can add some fried bacon, which will add both fattiness and flavor to a common frozen burger.

If you enjoy vegetables more, use grilled onions or sauteed mushrooms. These simple veggies will add a lot more texture. Furthermore, the flavors are richer and the nutrients numerous.

However, you can go all classic and use the traditional condiments. Try to remember to use bolder and stronger condiments that will balance the beef taste.

Step 8 – Add The Secret Ingredient

There is always that X factor in everything. And the secret ingredient in burgers is simple: sauces. Even the right cuts of meat can become a bit dry after cooking.

That being said, use a dollop of mayonnaise or sour cream. Even yogurt will work great. The result is moisture, a full flavor burger.

Final Thoughts

Frozen burgers can be as delicious as fresh ones, as long as you follow some tips and tricks. Apply today’s knowledge and enjoy your favorite burgers as soon as you take them out from the freezer.

Play with spices, condiments, and additional ingredients, such as vegetables and sauces, just like a pro.

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