David’s Tea Review and Alternatives

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Buying tea online can be rather scary, especially if you’re a beginner to the tea adventure. Embarking on such a journey requires answers to certain questions, as well as knowledge about tea itself. Many believe that buying tea online is really complicated, and rather unsafe. And, the fact that you can’t really smell nor see the tea before it actually arrives at your door can be a deal-breaker. Buying tea online requires trust, and that is why it is important to order tea from trustworthy tea companies and providers. One such company is David’s Tea.

If you live in Canada or the States, chances are you’ve come across David’s Tea, as this company has over 200 stores in these countries. This means that people can buy their tea locally from them. Luckily enough, David’s Tea sells its products online as well; how convenient is that? You get a chance of checking out their tea in person without ordering it; that is something many people appreciate. Moreover, the company does not only sell their tea locally and online, it also ensures everyone has access to exceptional, high-quality tea. So, let’s take a closer look and see what makes this company stand out and if there are any downsides to their business.

David’s Tea – About the Company

David’s Tea is a Canadian company that has been established in 2008, and ever since has expanded across North America as one of the best tea stores and tea companies on the market. The business started in Toronto, with the first David’s Tea store opening. Today, this company has 230 stores in Canada and the United States, which proves that David’s Tea really cares about consistency, quality, and excellent customer service. However, not only does the company open stores and sell their tea locally, but they also sell their tea online, through their website. This has made tea purchasing much more convenient for their customers, not only in Canada and the US but also across the world.

David’s Tea store in Newyork

But, what makes David’s Tea really different from other tea companies and businesses? According to the co-founder of Camellia Sinensis tea boutique, Kevin Gascoyne, David’s Tea is a company that makes tea appealing and sexy for the audience. Because tea can be rather dull and boring to a regular consumer, who doesn’t really expect much from this beverage, David’s Tea has managed to keep things interesting and innovative. The company simply manages to keep a widespread appeal by commercializing something that has been standard, regular and somewhat boring, as many would describe. David’s Tea is a tea company that follows trends and explores market gaps and product demands. They maintain a distinctive edge on the beverage market that makes them completely stand out amongst the competition.

Why Choose David’s Tea?

If you’re impressed with David’s Tea so far, then you might be wondering what the real reasons are you should order/buy tea from them right now. If you’re familiar with this company, you might know the answer, however, if this is your first encounter with David’s Tea, here are few useful insights;

Dedication to consistency and commitment

David’s Tea is seriously passionate about providing exceptional tea that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. In order to satisfy the palate and cravings of thousands of different taste/flavor preferences, David’s Tea resorts to consistency and commitment to quality and service; the customers simply know that they will always get the highest-quality tea as well as the best customer service possible. The professional, yet friendly and understanding approach to business has made this company famous among tea lovers, mostly because of the passion for staying consistent but always providing surprises in forms of exotic and new blends and teas. From traditional to innovative, the company makes sure the customers always get what they expect from David’s Tea. Moreover, the company takes into consideration the customers’ feedback and recommendations, which makes them even closer to their loyal audience. Not to mention that this makes it easier for everyone to simply enjoy their tea.

Dedication to quality

Some tea connoisseurs have deemed David’s Tea as a ‘level up from the ordinary’. Tea makers at this company make sure to provide tea that represents how David’s Tea thinks outside the box. They provide high-quality tea that originates from the best tea growing regions in the world but always add a unique twist. Nevertheless, the tea quality is there; each tea you sample or choose to buy will, in fact, have an amazing scent and sometimes an even better flavor. The thing is, when it comes to tea, it is important you smell it before buying; however, when buying online that is impossible. So, you’ll have to trust us when we say that David’s Tea smells and tastes amazing.

PS: taste and flavor preferences are subjective, so we hope you take that into consideration when reading reviews and ordering tea that was recommended in a review or by a customer.

Rich tea collection and offers

Assortment of tea tins from David`s Tea in Halifax

Regardless of whether you’re buying in the store or ordering online, David’s Tea will always surprise you with their collection of hundred tea varieties and innovative offers. Their tea is made to meet the personal taste of each customer, by creating unique blends and interesting flavor profiles. For people who are only starting out with David’s Tea, the variety of choice (and smells in you’re buying in the store) can be a little overwhelming. However, choosing tea at their website and stores is rather easy, as there are guides and workers who are there to especially help you choose the best tea. Here are some of their best tea blends you can choose from;

  • Black Tea blends– the black tea blends are really interesting and unique. They are usually sweet and very rich in flavor and aroma. Some of the tea blends are reminiscent of baked caramel, roasted nuts, warming spices, and dried fruit of course. David’s Tea recommends their customers try out the Glitter Chai, Organic David’s Chai, Chocolate Macaroon, etc. The prices for 50g of these loose-leaf tea blends start at $8.98.
  • Green Tea blends – when it comes to green tea, many people complain about how plain it is. Unless you’re drinking the highest-quality green tea from Japan and China, the regular, accessible green tea can be rather boring. Now, David’s Tea has found a way to make green tea interesting. By adding nuts, goji beans, passionfruit, and other flavorings, they have created dozens of unique green tea blends that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. David’s Tea recommends you try Jasmine Crème Brulèe, The Spice is Right, Toasted Walnut, etc. The starting price for green tea blends is $8.98 for 50g.
  • White Tea blends – this company seems to have a thing for unique blends, especially when it comes to white tea and spices. They tend to combine the most unusual ingredients with white tea, like cayenne pepper, or pineapple and licorice root. However, these all seem to work well together, as their white tea blends are amongst the bestsellers. David’s Tea recommends you try the Deep Blue Spirulina, White Peach, Lemon Cayenne Cleanse, etc. The starting price for white tea blends is $10.98 for 50g.

Forever nuts tin tea can from David`s Tea in Halifax.

  • Other Tea blends – David’s Tea also offers various herbal tea blends, Chai blends, Rooibos and Oolong mixes, as well as Pu-erh and Matcha tea. Moreover, you can also buy various wellness teas, that are intended for relaxation, sleep regulation, hydration, detox, etc.

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Potential Downsides to David’s Tea

Now, since we’ve looked at all the positive aspects of David’s Tea, it is time to look at the negative aspects regarding your potential purchase at their stores or website, and of course, their products.

Tea is Overpriced?

It seems that the most frequent complaints about David’s tea is the fact that their products might be overpriced when compared to other tea companies.

For example, for 50g of David’s tea, you can pay anywhere between $8.98 and $24. For these prices, you can buy high-grade, high-quality tea, at a higher grammage (usually 100g) at basically any other store (let’s take Harney & Sons as an excellent example, as they sell both plain tea and blends that are of exceptional quality, directly from China and Japan for incredibly affordable prices and higher grammage).

No customer wants to pay more for something in one place if they can get it for a lower price, and higher quality at another place. So, keep this information in mind when ordering and buying from David’s Tea.

Discrepancy in Flavor/Aroma Relationship?

Many people seem t also complain about the obvious discrepancy in how the tea smells and how it tastes later after the infusion. Some teas tend to smell amazing, only to have a completely disappointing flavor, that is often bitter and overly artificial. Speaking of artificial,

David’s Tea is pretty open about using additives, artificial flavoring in their tea blends, as well as that they put Stevia sweetener to enhance the flavor profile of the tea. This can be a total no-go for the majority of tea consumers, especially because Stevia can cause allergic reactions and potential stomach or kidney problems.

It is important to keep in mind that David’s Tea is commercializing tea for people who wouldn’t usually buy it. So, if you’re into tea that is the least you can expect tea to be, then this company is definitely targeting you as a potential customer.

Dull Tea Experience?

If you’ve ever been to David’s Tea, you probably know what we’re talking about. The layout of a typical David’s Tea store is completely dull, and a perfect showcase of their main policy; tea commercialization.

The teas are placed in tins that are labeled by color, and there is a worker that is there to help you choose your tea. Surely enough, the customer service is excellent, but the experience of choosing tea and checking other varieties can get pretty boring.

Not to mention that their website can be pretty dull as well; the teas are described in a very simple manner, not providing a lot of information about the actual tea, which can be a deal-breaker for serious tea consumers.

Overly Commercialized?

As we’ve mentioned, David’s Tea is excellent when it comes to bringing people into the tea industry, even if they are not even into tea. Because their tea blends are exaggerated, sweetened and far from what tea blending should actually look like, we can easily say that David’s Tea could be described as being a version of Starbucks, minus the coffee.

If you’re interested in getting the highest-quality tea as well as the best value, then you should definitely check our recommended alternatives. However, at David’s Tea, you will simply come across the mainstream perception of tea, which is supposed to be this trendy, super colorful, flavorful beverage.

David’s Tea Alternatives You Should Check

  • Camellia Sinensis– established in the late 1990s, Camellia Sinensis has been around on the Canadian tea scene for a long time. For long they had small teahouses as their way of selling tea, locally. Soon into the 2000s, they have joined the online tea sale, and now are one of the most recognizable and respected names in the industry. The prices of their teas are pretty similar to those of David’s Tea, but the difference in quality and approach to tea is completely different. Camellia Sinensis sells tea in its most glorious form without additives, sweeteners and unusual blends to compensate for the lack of quality.
  • My Cup of Tea – My Cup of Tea is a Canadian tea company that focuses on selling authentic Chinese, Japanese and other high-quality teas. The focus of this tea company is to find the balance between quality and price; they always strive to provide exceptional tea at prices that are definitely lower than they should be. The company offers a wide range of different tea varieties, and they ship outside Canada and overseas for free (if the purchase is $60 or more), which is not a common practice among tea companies. If you’re looking for traditional, authentic, high-quality tea, then you should definitely check My Cup of Tea.


Now that you have an insight into the policies and offers of David’s Tea, as well as the downsides to their business and products, you can make a decision. Sure, you can look into their offers and prices, and see it for yourself, or you can check our recommended alternatives. Either way, we hope you find your favorite tea and brand, and hopefully, our little review has helped or will help that. Whatever you choose, it is important to stay open-minded and give the tea a proper chance. So, happy brewing and sipping!

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