Chamomile Tea with Honey (Health Benefits And Recipe)

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Are you having an ordinary day?

If yes then spark your mojo with a delicious cup of chamomile tea with honey—iced or steaming!

The blend of nature’s two best gifts—chamomile and honey will join forces to soothe your frayed nerves to reduce stress and stack you up with the positivity of life.

No wonder it’s rightfully called “the jewel among medicinal species.”

The following passages shall elaborate on the health specialties of chamomile tea with honey alongside ways to make and grow it.

Chamomile is From The Old-World 

Chamomile is From The Old-World

Historically, dried Matricaria Recutita (chamomile) flowers were in vogue during the Roman times due to their soothing effects. Today, several modern studies are scientifically validating the relaxing benefits of chamomile tea.

Humans are consuming chamomile for healing purposes for at least 5000 years because it’s one of the safest herbs for ingestion or topical use. Apart from offering you an incredibly delicious taste—this tea doesn’t have any caffeine or theobromine.

The herb is jam-packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals (fluoride, calcium etc.) and Vitamin A. The golden brew:

  • Defends your body against insomnia
  • Minimizes stress
  • Eases menstrual cramps
  • Manages your blood sugar levels

What is so Extraordinary About Chamomile Tea?

What is so Extraordinary About Chamomile Tea

Chamomile comes from a gorgeous family of daisies (Compositae or Asteraceae). The shiny, hollow amber cones of a chamomile flower are loaded with tubular or disc florets and are encircled with around fifteen ligulate or white ray florets.

There are two widely popular chamomile varieties:

  • Roman Chamomile 

The German variety is a smooth and sweetly-scented annual plant with the capacity to self-seed. It is native of Asia and Europe and is also known as Matricaria chamomilla, Matricaria suaveolens, and chamomilla Recutita.

  • German Chamomile 

Roman chamomile is a fragrant creeping perennial, spotted in dry fields, cultivated grounds, and around gardens. It took roots in the UK and is widely cultivated in American herb gardens. It’s also known as Anthemis nobilis, ground apple, whig plant, or garden camomile.

5 Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea with Honey

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea with Honey

The planet earth consumes a million cups of chamomile tea every day, as this herbal tea is gaining more and more global traction. Following are its health benefits:

1. Aids Your Wounds

The antiseptic properties of chamomile and honey wipe out germs and bacteria to heal your burns and wounds quickly while lowering the possibility of infection.

2. Helps Cure Flu and Cough

A medical study conducted by the Penn State College of Medicine revealed that honey is a fantastic viscous for children before their bedtime as it reduces nighttime coughing. Also, its antibiotic properties ward off flu triggering bacteria.

3. Brings down Gastrointestinal Ailments

Antispasmodic properties of chamomile herb and honey aids in healing many gastrointestinal ailments such as back pain and stomach cramps. Moreover, its antimicrobial characteristics help eradicate harmful bacteria and germs and from your gut—thereby relieving stomach irritations, digestive disorders, and gastric ulcers.

4. Helps Normalize Sleep Disorders

Honey discharges serotonin—the happy hormones—in your body, while chamomile adds sedation. The combination helps to normalize your sleep disorders by relaxing the blood vessels.

Noted: Based on research from sleep educator Terry Cralle, Chamomile tea (herbal tea) can boost the immune system and has a positive influence on Sleep Deprivation. Compared with traditional over the counter sleeping pills, it’s more healthy as well.

5. Oversees Your Blood Sugar Level

Fructose (fruit sugar) and glucose (simple sugar) are organically present in honey. Therefore, upon consumption, they swiftly dissolve in the body to step-up the insulin and glucose levels of your body. This process regulates your blood sugar level.

Simultaneously, esculetin—the compound available in chamomile also subdue your blood sugar level.

Note: Chamomile contains a yellow, magic-like compound called apigenin. It is one of matricaria Recutita plant’s phenolic flavonoids and its most encouraging component. A comprehensive 2005 study by the Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin associated this herbal brew with tranquility-enhancing effects.

As per the research, one of the compounds in chamomile triggers the same brain receptors that are triggered by Valium.

Camomile Tea with Honey Recipe

Time Consumed = 5 minutes

Yield = 2 Cups of 250 – 300 ML each

Camomile Tea with Honey Recipe

Blend dried chamomile flowers with honey and fragrant lavender to give your mornings a calm yet energetic start, or soothe your evenings.

Nutrition Per Chamomile Pot (500 – 600ML)

Kcal = 26

Carbs = 6g

Sugars = 6g

Salt = 0.01g

Fat = 0g

Fibre = 0g

Protein = 0g

Saturates = 0g

Making Chamomile Tea with Honey

Move 1 

Boil water and let it rest for about a minute. Now add lavender and chamomile into your teapot and fill it up with separately boiled water.

Move 2

Let the mixture infuse itself for nearly three minutes before stirring in the honey.


How much Chamomile should you take?

There is no standardize chamomile dose. Various studies have utilized between 220 – 1,600 mg every day in capsule form.

The most common way to take chamomile herb is tea, and few enthusiasts drink as many as four cups every day. Doctors recommend 1 – 2 normal–sized cups in a day. However, consult your physician if you have any chronic diseases.


So are you ready to release your anxiety through a steamy or icy cup of chamomile tea with honey?

The combination of nature’s two best gifts—chamomile and honey will calm your stiff nerves to minimize stress, and fill you up with the positivity of life.

Admittedly, traditional depression and anxiety therapies have helped many troubled souls—the majority do not care about these healing methods due to financial or cultural apprehensions. Therefore, chamomile tea is increasingly becoming an organic solution to:

  • Defend your body against insomnia
  • Minimize stress
  • Ease menstrual cramps
  • Manage blood sugar levels
  • Be used as a mild tranquilizer due to the presence of the apigenin compound.

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