Best White Wine For Turkey Gravy (2023 Updated)

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As the holiday season approaches, many of us are starting to plan our Thanksgiving meals. One of the crucial components of a delicious turkey dinner is the gravy, and a great way to add flavor to it is by using white wine.

However, not all white wines are created equal when it comes to cooking. So, before you start pouring any old bottle into your gravy, here are five key points you should know when looking for white wine for turkey gravy:

1. Use a dry white wine: Sweeter wines can add an unwanted sweetness to your gravy, so it's best to stick with dry white wines.

2. Look for a wine with acidity: Acidity can help balance out the richness of the gravy and give it a more complex flavor.

3. Choose a wine with flavors that complement the turkey: Wines with citrus, herbaceous, or mineral notes can work well with turkey.

4. Don't break the bank: You don't need to use an expensive wine for cooking. Save the pricier bottles for drinking and opt for a more affordable option for your gravy.

5. Use a wine you enjoy drinking: Since you'll only need a small amount of wine for your gravy, consider using a wine you already enjoy drinking. That way, you can enjoy a glass while you cook.

By following these key points, you can find the perfect white wine to elevate your turkey gravy and make your Thanksgiving meal even more delicious.

10 Best White Wine For Turkey Gravy

1. Non-Alcoholic White Sampler – 5 Bottles 750ml Each – Ariel Chardonnay, Lussory Airen, Cardio Zero White, Bianco Dry, Tautila Blanco (Usa, Spain, Italy)

This Non-Alcoholic White Sampler is the perfect choice for those who love the taste of white wine but don't want the negative effects of alcohol. Featuring five (5) bottles, each containing 750ml of non-alcoholic wine, this sampler includes Ariel Chardonnay, Lussory Airen, Cardio Zero White, Bianco Dry, and Tautila Blanco from California, Italy, and Spain.

This sampler is an excellent choice for any occasion, whether it's a night in with friends and family or a special event. The non-alcoholic wines in this sampler are ideal for individuals who are not drinking alcohol, but still want to enjoy the taste of white wine. This sampler makes a great gift for holidays such as Christmas, baby showers, baby announcements, gender reveal parties, best friend gifts, a birthday gift for mom, Valentine's Day, teacher appreciation, housewarming, or just for yourself.

Not only do these non-alcoholic wines taste great, but they also offer health benefits. Drinking non-alcoholic wine allows you to enjoy all the flavors of your favorite wines without the negative health consequences associated with alcohol. This means that you can enjoy your favorite wines without worrying about the impact on your health.

Additionally, these non-alcoholic wines are perfect for designated drivers. If you're out with friends who are drinking alcohol, you can still enjoy a glass of wine without having to worry about driving home afterwards.

Overall, the Non-Alcoholic White Sampler is an excellent choice for anyone who loves white wine but doesn't want the negative effects of alcohol. With a variety of flavors from California, Italy, and Spain, this sampler is perfect for any occasion and makes a great gift for friends and family.

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3. Spode Woodland Porcelain Gravy Boat With Turkey Motif And Stand, 11 Oz – Ideal For Thanksgiving Sauces, Microwave And Dishwasher Safe.

The Spode Woodland 11 Oz Sauce Boat and Stand is a beautiful addition to any table setting, especially during Thanksgiving. The porcelain gravy boat features a charming turkey motif that adds a touch of traditional English country elegance to the dining experience.

The Woodland collection was introduced in the US in the 1990s and is inspired by the traditions of game hunting and its presentation on the table. The collection's British Flowers border, which dates back to 1828, beautifully frames the striking studies of different animals featured in the designs.

Crafted from high-quality porcelain, the sauce boat and stand are durable and versatile. They are freezer, oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe, making them both practical and convenient for everyday use.

The Spode Woodland 11 Oz Sauce Boat and Stand measures 8.25 x 7 x 4.5 inches and can hold up to 11 ounces of gravy or sauce. The stand adds a level of convenience and stability, ensuring that the sauce boat remains in place during serving.

Overall, the Spode Woodland 11 Oz Sauce Boat and Stand is a timeless and elegant piece that will elevate any dining experience. With its durability and versatility, it is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

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5. Myco Bliss – Organic Mycorrhizal Inoculant For Plants – Boosts Nutrient Absorption And Crop Yields – 5 Superior Strains – 20lb Powder.

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Myco Bliss is a highly-concentrated root booster, with a concentration of 1,000 propagules per gram. This makes it an ideal product for improving the uptake of micronutrients and macronutrients, making it excellent for use on trees, grassy lawns, flowers, fruits, vegetables, roses, orchids, tomatoes, and everything else that grows.

Mycorrhizal fungi inoculants contain unique strains that develop robust and beneficial symbiotic relationships with plant roots, increasing a plant's ability to get nutrients and water uptake from soil. Plantonix Myco Bliss helps create healthier and denser root systems while reducing transplant shock. It promotes vigorous plant and root growth, making it an essential tool for any gardener or farmer.

The mycorrhizae in Myco Bliss also increase water retention, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. In most soil, there are not enough mycorrhizae to support healthy plant growth. However, the mycorrhizae in Myco Bliss increase nutrient use efficiency and replenish plant roots to ensure the strongest and healthiest plants possible.

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6. Vin Fresco Electric Wine Opener: Rechargeable, Automatic, With Foil Cutter And Charging Base – Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers

The Vin Fresco Electric Wine Opener with Charging Base & Foil Cutter is the perfect addition to any wine lover's collection. With its one-button wine opening feature, users can enjoy their wine quicker and with less hassle. The automatic wine opener can help start pouring immediately, allowing for more time to enjoy a favorite glass of wine.

The cordless and portable design of the Vin Fresco Electric Wine Opener allows for easy use anywhere, anytime. With 30 bottles per charge, users can bring the electric rechargeable wine cork remover to parties or picnics to enjoy their favorite reds and whites without worrying about cords or wires.

This electric wine opener set makes a great gift for wine lovers. Whether as a housewarming gift, newlyweds gift, or for a loved one in your life, this wine gift set is the perfect addition to their wine accessories. The set includes a corkscrew wine opener, foil cutter, and a wine opener electric rechargeable base, all designed with an elegant Rose Gold and White design that serves as an attractive accessory for any room.

At Vin Fresco, customer satisfaction is a top priority. The company stands by its products and offers a full refund warranty if customers experience any issues. Customers can contact Vin Fresco through Amazon messaging, and the company will be happy to assist them. Vin Fresco strives for 100% happy wine lovers.

In summary, the Vin Fresco Electric Wine Opener with Charging Base & Foil Cutter is a high-quality product that makes opening wine bottles easy and hassle-free. Its cordless and portable design makes it perfect for any occasion, and its elegant design makes it a great addition to any room. This electric wine opener set is the perfect gift for wine lovers and comes with a full refund warranty for customer peace of mind.

7. Mccormick Simply Better Turkey Gravy, 12 Oz

McCormick is a well-known brand that is committed to offering high-quality products that enhance the flavor of your meals. McCormick Simply Better Turkey Gravy, with a weight of 12 oz, is an excellent choice for those who want to enhance the taste of their turkey dishes.

This turkey gravy is made with real ingredients and McCormick spices that bring out the natural flavor of your turkey. It offers a rich and savory taste that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. The best part is that it contains no artificial flavors or MSG, making it a healthier option for you and your family.

One of the most remarkable features of McCormick Simply Better Turkey Gravy is that it is gluten-free. This means that people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can enjoy the delicious taste of this gravy without worrying about their health. It is the only ready-to-serve gravy that is gluten-free, making it a unique and sought-after product.

Furthermore, McCormick Simply Better Turkey Gravy comes in non-breakable packaging with an easy-pour spout. This makes it easy to pour the gravy without worrying about spills or messes. The packaging is also convenient for storage, allowing you to keep it in your fridge until you are ready to use it.

This turkey gravy is perfect for serving over hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. It adds a rich and flavorful touch to your dishes, enhancing the overall experience. With McCormick Simply Better Turkey Gravy, you can elevate your meals to a whole new level.

In conclusion, McCormick Simply Better Turkey Gravy is an excellent choice for those who want to add flavor to their turkey dishes. With its real ingredients, McCormick spices, gluten-free option, and easy-pour spout, this gravy is a must-have in your kitchen. Whether you are cooking for your family or hosting a dinner party, McCormick Simply Better Turkey Gravy is sure to impress.

8. 17 Oz White Porcelain Gravy Boat With Ergonomic Handle, Dripless Lip Spout, Microwave & Freezer Safe For Gravy, Sauces, Dressings, Milk & More.

The Nucookery Large 17 Oz Gravy Boat with Ergonomic Handle is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This multifunctional gravy boat is designed to enhance the taste of your food, add class to your table setting, and make your guests wonder. Whether you are serving thick or juicy, spicy or light gravy, this bowl won't create a mess on your table thanks to its big dripless lip spout.

The ergonomic handle of this gravy boat makes it easy to hold and carry, ensuring that you never strain your hands again. The large 17-ounce capacity of this bowl is perfect for accommodating all of your holiday needs. It is made from outstanding porcelain that will surely complement any kitchen.

One of the greatest things about this gravy bowl is its microwavable nature. You can warm any type of gravy you want in the microwave oven without worrying about the porcelain cracking. You can even place this saucier in the freezer for gravy storage. When you are done using it, simply toss it in the dishwasher and let it do the rest.

This gravy boat is not just for Christmas holidays and Thanksgiving. It is ideal for everyday use as well. You can use it to place sauces, salad dressings, broth, meat gravy, cheese dips, and anything else that comes to mind. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised the next time you have them over for dinner.

In summary, the Nucookery Large 17 Oz Gravy Boat with Ergonomic Handle is a must-have for anyone who loves to entertain guests or wants to add a touch of class to their table setting. Its fine porcelain design, large capacity, and microwavable nature make it one of the most versatile gravy boats on the market. You won't regret investing in this gravy boat and finding that peace of mind you have been looking for.

Best White Wine For Turkey Gravy FAQs

Are there any specific regions or brands of white wine that work well for turkey gravy?

When it comes to making turkey gravy, the choice of white wine is important as it can enhance or detract from the flavor of the sauce. Generally, a dry white wine with moderate acidity is best for turkey gravy. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and unoaked white blends are good options. However, it is important to avoid heavily oaked or sweet wines as they can overpower the dish.

In terms of specific regions, wines from the Loire Valley in France, such as Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, are known for their acidity and citrus notes, which can complement turkey gravy well. Wines from the Burgundy region, such as Chablis, can also work well as they have a good balance of acidity and minerality.

When selecting a wine for turkey gravy, it is important to choose a wine that you would also enjoy drinking, as the flavors will be concentrated in the sauce. Ultimately, the choice of white wine will depend on personal preference and the specific flavors of the gravy recipe.

Can a non-alcoholic white wine be used in place of traditional white wine for making turkey gravy?

Yes, a non-alcoholic white wine can be used as a substitute for traditional white wine in making turkey gravy. The primary purpose of using wine in gravy is to add depth and complexity of flavor to the dish. Non-alcoholic white wines are made by removing the alcohol from traditional wines, leaving behind the same flavors and aromas. Therefore, they can be used in cooking to achieve the same effect as traditional wines without the alcohol content. However, it is important to note that the quality and flavor profile of non-alcoholic wines may vary, and the cook should choose a brand that complements the other ingredients in the gravy. Alternatively, chicken or vegetable broth can be used as a non-alcoholic substitute for white wine in turkey gravy. In summary, non-alcoholic white wine can be used to make turkey gravy as a substitute for traditional white wine, but the cook should choose a brand that complements the dish's other flavors.

Is a dry or sweet white wine better for making turkey gravy?

A dry white wine is better for making turkey gravy. This is because dry wines have a lower sugar content and higher acidity, which helps to cut through the rich flavors of the turkey and other ingredients in the gravy. Sweeter wines can add too much sweetness to the gravy and may not balance the flavors as well. Additionally, when using wine in gravy, it is important to choose a wine that you would enjoy drinking, as the flavors will become concentrated in the gravy. Some good options for dry white wines to use in turkey gravy include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. It is also recommended to use a wine that is not too expensive, as the flavors will be muted by the other ingredients in the gravy. Overall, a dry white wine is the best choice for making flavorful and well-balanced turkey gravy.

What type of white wine is best for making turkey gravy?

When it comes to making turkey gravy, the type of white wine you use is crucial. You want a wine that is not too sweet or too dry and has a slightly acidic flavor to complement the richness of the turkey. Sauvignon Blanc is often recommended due to its bright, citrusy notes and high acidity. However, Chardonnay can also work well if it is not too oaky or buttery. It is important to avoid using a wine that is too sweet or heavy, such as a Riesling or Gewurztraminer, as it can overpower the gravy's flavor. Additionally, it is recommended to use a wine that you would enjoy drinking, as the quality of the wine will impact the overall taste of the gravy. Overall, a crisp and slightly acidic white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, is the best choice for making turkey gravy.

Which white wine pairs well with turkey and complements the flavors in the gravy?

When it comes to pairing white wine with turkey, there are several options that can complement the flavors in the gravy. Here are some suggestions:

1. Chardonnay: This full-bodied white wine has buttery and creamy notes that can match the richness of the gravy. Look for a bottle with moderate acidity and oak aging to balance the turkey's flavors.

2. Viognier: This aromatic white wine has floral and fruity notes that can enhance the herbs and spices in the gravy. It also has a silky texture and a slight sweetness that can counterbalance the turkey's saltiness.

3. Pinot Gris: This light-bodied white wine has crisp acidity and citrusy flavors that can cut through the richness of the gravy. It also has a subtle nuttiness that can complement the turkey's earthy flavors.

Overall, the key to pairing white wine with turkey and gravy is to find a bottle that can balance the flavors and textures of the dish. Consider the wine's body, acidity, and flavor profile to create a harmonious pairing.

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