Best Toys For Toddlers On Airplane (2023 Updated)

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As a parent, traveling with toddlers can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to keeping them entertained during long flights. One way to make the journey smoother is by selecting the right toys that will keep them engaged and entertained. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best toys for toddlers on airplanes. In this article, we will discuss the key points to consider when selecting the best toys for your toddler on an airplane.

Firstly, consider the age appropriateness of the toy. Toddlers have different developmental stages, and you need to pick toys that match their abilities and interests. Secondly, choose toys that are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. This will make it easier for you to pack and move around the airport. Thirdly, select toys that are quiet and won't disturb other passengers. Fourthly, consider toys that are interactive and offer different activities to keep your toddler engaged for a more extended period. Lastly, choose toys that are familiar to your toddler and that they enjoy playing with at home.

In summary, when selecting the best toys for toddlers on airplanes, consider age appropriateness, compactness, quietness, interactivity, and familiarity. By keeping these key points in mind, you can choose toys that will make your toddler's flight experience more enjoyable and less stressful for both you and your child.

10 Best Toys For Toddlers On Airplane

1. Happy Trails Kids' Rocking Plane Toy With Handles & Sounds – Plush Stuffed Ride-On Wooden Rockers For Make-Believe Play, Fun For Toddlers, Boys & Girls.

The Rocking Plane Toy by Happy Trails is a delightful addition to any child's playroom or nursery. This plush, hand-crafted ride-on toy features a fun plane design that's sure to spark your little one's imagination and inspire hours of creative play.

Built on sturdy wooden rockers with handles for balance, this toy is not only fun but also safe for your child to use. The wooden core is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, making it a treasured keepsake that can be passed down to future generations.

The Happy Trails plane rocker is soft and plush to the touch, making it a cuddly companion for your child. The ride-on toy also features fun plane sounds that can be activated with the push of a button, adding a touch of realism to your child's make-believe flights.

Measuring at (L)24”x (W)20”x (H)13.5”, this toy is perfectly sized for children 18 months and up, weighing 80 pounds or less. It's also easy to assemble, ensuring that your child can start playing with their new toy right away.

Overall, the Rocking Plane Toy by Happy Trails is a wonderful gift for any child. Whether your little one is a boy or girl, they're sure to love the fun and imaginative play that this toy provides. With its durable construction and cuddly design, this toy is sure to become a beloved companion for years to come.

2. Foldable Travel Tray For Airplane And Train – Activities, Games, And Meals – Kids And Adults – Compact And Portable.

The Ha&Da Foldable Kids and Adults Travel Tray Cover is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid touching dirty airplane tray tables. This gender-neutral gray/green tray is suitable for all tray tables and can be used for both adults and children. It is compact and light, measuring 10.6×7.2×1.6 inches when folded and weighing just over half a pound.

The tray is easy to secure to the airplane tray table with its ties, providing a stable surface for activities, games, and meals. Once opened to its full size of 15.7×10.6×1.6 inches, the tray is the perfect play tray and table. The raised sides ensure that nothing can fall out and onto the floor, while the folding front panel features a mesh pocket for pens, crayons, felt pens, and pencils. It also has a place to hold a cup or bottle, making it an ideal travel accessory for children.

The Ha&Da Kids Travel Tray is perfect for keeping children entertained on long trips. It allows them to enjoy their favorite games and activities without any of the pieces getting lost. Even bigger kids will love it, as it provides a comfortable surface with raised sides for playing cards, chess, checkers, Lego or whatever the kids are into. Waterproof and easy to clean, it only requires a quick wipe to be ready to use again.

This folding tray is the ideal gift for families with children who love to travel. It comes with colorful chenille pipe cleaners for DIY sculpting and a convenient drawstring carry bag. This is a no-risk purchase, as customers can return it for a full refund if they are unhappy in any way.

In summary, the Ha&Da Foldable Kids and Adults Travel Tray Cover is a must-have for those who want to avoid touching dirty airplane tray tables. It is an excellent travel accessory for children and adults, providing a stable surface for activities, games, and meals. With its raised sides, cup holder, and mesh pocket, it keeps everything organized and is easy to clean. It is a perfect gift for families with children who love to travel.

3. Foldable Pink Kids Travel Tray For Airplane With Snack And Toy Storage, Ideal For Toddlers On Train Or Plane – Essential Travel Accessory For Children

The GNEGNI Kids Travel Tray for Airplane is the perfect solution for parents who want to keep their children entertained during long trips. This portable travel tray is designed to fit on airplane and train tables, providing a stable and secure surface for children to play and snack on.

Constructed with a lightweight and durable fabric material, the GNEGNI Kids Travel Tray is foldable and easy to pack into a carry bag (included), making it easy to take anywhere. With its all-around closed design, the tray cover features 5 mesh pockets, 4 small long strip nets, and a bottle holder, allowing parents to organize their children's snacks and toys with ease. The strap on the tray can also be tightened to secure it to the plane table, ensuring that nothing falls on the floor even during turbulence.

One of the biggest concerns for parents during travel is losing small pieces of toys or snacks. The GNEGNI Kids Travel Tray eliminates this problem by providing a secure and organized space for children to play and snack on. Parents can relax and enjoy their trip without worrying about constantly picking up small pieces.

Cleaning the GNEGNI Kids Travel Tray is also a breeze. Made of odorless and durable fabric materials, the tray can be easily wiped clean with a wet wipe. This makes it convenient for parents who want to keep their children's play area clean and hygienic.

The GNEGNI Kids Travel Tray is not only practical but also makes for an ideal gift for parents with young children who travel frequently. It is an essential travel accessory for kids to keep them busy and happy during long flights or train rides. With the GNEGNI Kids Travel Tray, parents can enjoy a peaceful and stress-free trip while their children are happily entertained.

4. Mini Magnetic Drawing Board With Stamps And Pen For Kids' Educational Learning In Green.

The AiTuiTui Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel Doodle is an educational and entertaining toy for kids, toddlers, and babies. The colorful drawing screen behind a white film includes four zones of color: blue, red, yellow, and green, which will inspire children to explore their imagination and creativity. The product is shipped in Amazon packaging to avoid directly sticking the shipping labels on the product box.

The magnetic board includes a large drawing screen with three stampers (one circle, one flower, and love), one easy slider eraser, and one pen. The toy provides hours of no-mess magnetic colorful drawing fun for kids, which helps them develop their creativity and imagination. The product is made of durable and long-lasting ABS materials that are non-toxic, odorless, and child-friendly. The material prevents inhalation of dirty crayons and chalk powder, ensuring that children's clothing remains clean.

The frame size of the drawing board is 20 * 30cm / 7.87" * 11.8", and the drawing surface is 11 * 16.5cm / 4.33" * 6.5". The mini size board is small enough for travel in cars and easy to hold by children to take along on a trip due to its small size. When drawing for the first time, the colors may display a little light, but after erasing it once, the colors become vivid.

The magnetic drawing board is a cost-effective solution that stimulates creativity and is the best gift for budding artists. The screen is wiped clean by simply sliding the bottom lever across it smoothly, making it easy to use. The product is effective in stimulating creativity, and it is a perfect toy to start your kids' creativity and imaginarium.

If you experience any problems with the product, the manufacturer encourages you to contact them anytime for assistance. The manufacturer is committed to making you 100% satisfied with their product. In conclusion, the AiTuiTui Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel Doodle is a portable, convenient, and easy-to-use toy that provides hours of fun and creativity for kids.

5. Esjay Toddler Busy Board – Montessori Educational Toy For Fine Motor Skills, Travel Activities – Ideal Gift For Boys And Girls Aged 1-4 (Blue)

The Esjay Toddler Busy Board is a 15-in-1 sensory board designed to help toddlers develop fine motor skills and other essential cognitive abilities. With 14 different varieties of buckles, zip pockets, and laces, this educational toy is designed to challenge toddlers without overwhelming them. Additionally, the set comes with 35 pieces of hook&loop alphabet and 123s letters to aid in teaching toddlers spelling and counting.

The board is made of toxic-free soft fabrics and felt, with no hard corners, making it safe for toddlers to play with. Weighing only 0.5 lbs and equipped with a handle, this sensory board is portable and easy to carry in most diaper or school bags. It is perfect for keeping toddlers occupied during car or airplane travel or any other settings that require quiet activities.

The Esjay Toddler Busy Board is designed for little hands to operate, with buckles that are the perfect size for toddlers to hold. Parents can work on the educational board together with their children, helping them to learn while enjoying playtime. The board can also serve as an excellent alternative to screen time, providing a fun and engaging activity for toddlers to enjoy.

Not only is the Esjay Toddler Busy Board a fun and entertaining toy, but it also helps toddlers develop important skills. It can help develop fine motor skills, finger dexterity, and cognitive skills, making it an excellent tool for parents who want to give their children a head start in learning.

The board is also a perfect gift for 1, 2, 3, and 4-year-old boys and girls. The quality and care put into the design and construction of the board make it a decent Christmas and birthday gift. If you have any problems with the product, our friendly service team is here to help you. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel confident that you are making a wise investment in your child's education and development.

In summary, the Esjay Toddler Busy Board is an excellent educational toy that provides parents with a fun and engaging way to help their children develop fine motor skills and other important cognitive abilities. It is safe, portable, and designed to be challenging but not overwhelming for toddlers. With its soft and durable construction, this board is sure to provide hours of entertainment and learning for your child.

6. Playskool Nesting Activity Toy For Toddlers With Easy Storage (Amazon Exclusive)

The Playskool Stack 'n Stow Nesting Activity Toy is an innovative and fun-filled toy designed to entertain and engage toddlers and babies aged nine months and up. Unlike traditional stacking cups, this toy comes with seven colorful cups in a variety of sizes and shapes, each with a unique cut-out design in the middle. The cups can be stacked and nested in a rainbow-colored mane of a toy lion, which helps keep all the pieces in one place when not in use.

The Stack 'n Stow Nesting Activity Toy is not only an entertaining toy but also a convenient and portable one. It is a great travel toy that parents can easily take with them on the go. The toy is compact and can easily fit in a bag, making it an ideal companion for long car rides or plane trips. The cups are also easy to clean, ensuring that they remain hygienic and safe for babies and toddlers to play with.

The toy is designed to stimulate a child's imagination and encourage them to explore and experiment with different shapes and colors. The cups can be used to build towers, make patterns, or even as a mini drum set. The different sizes and shapes of the cups also help develop a child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The Playskool Stack 'n Stow Nesting Activity Toy is made from durable and high-quality plastic, ensuring that it can withstand the rough and tumble play of young children. The toy is also easy to store, with the cups nesting neatly inside each other and the lion's mane acting as a storage container. The toy is a perfect addition to any nursery or playroom and offers hours of stimulating and educational playtime for toddlers and babies.

In conclusion, the Playskool Stack 'n Stow Nesting Activity Toy is an excellent investment for parents looking for a fun and educational toy for their little ones. The toy offers a variety of benefits, including promoting imaginative play, developing fine motor skills, and encouraging hand-eye coordination. The toy's portability and easy storage make it an ideal travel companion, ensuring that your child is entertained and engaged wherever they go. With its durable construction, the Playskool Stack 'n Stow Nesting Activity Toy is sure to provide years of fun and learning for your child.

7. 3-Pk Of Melissa & Doug Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads For On-The-Go Play Featuring Vehicles, Animals, And Safari Scenes.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads, 3-pk, Vehicles, Animals, Safari, is a set of three water reveal activity books with a water pen included in each. These activity pads are designed to provide endless entertainment and learning opportunities for children aged 3 years and above.

The set includes three different themes: Vehicles, Animals, and Safari. Each water reveal pad features a different set of pictures that are revealed when water is applied. The water pen is easy to use, and the pictures dry quickly, allowing children to erase and reuse them again and again.

The pen conveniently stores in the cover of each activity pad, ensuring that there is no mess to clean up. This makes the Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads, 3-pk, Vehicles, Animals, Safari, perfect for on-the-go fun, whether it's in the car or on a plane.

The three books are 6 x 10 inches each, making them the perfect size for little hands. The compact size also makes them easy to store and take with you wherever you go.

The Vehicles water reveal pad features various modes of transportation such as cars, trucks, and buses. The Animals water reveal pad includes different animals like lions, elephants, and monkeys. The Safari water reveal pad features different scenes from the African savannah, including zebras, giraffes, and elephants.

Each water reveal pad encourages children to use their imagination and creativity, while also developing their fine motor skills. The water pen is easy for children to hold and control, which helps with their hand-eye coordination.

Overall, the Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads, 3-pk, Vehicles, Animals, Safari, is a fun and engaging activity set that will keep children entertained for hours. It's perfect for parents who are looking for a mess-free activity that also promotes learning and development.

8. Melissa & Doug On The Farm Puffy Sticker Play Set For Kids Ages 4+: 52 Reusable Stickers & 2 Fold-Out Scenes With Restickable Farm Animals.

The Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Play Set – On the Farm is a fun and engaging activity book for kids ages 4 and up. It includes 52 reusable puffy stickers featuring farm animals and scenery, as well as two fold-out scenes with barn and barnyard themes. The glossy backgrounds are double-sided, allowing kids to switch up their play as they please.

This puffy sticker activity book is also portable and comes with a convenient carrying handle, making it perfect for travel or play on the go. The stickers are reusable and restickable, making this set a great investment for hours of imaginative play.

Playing with this puffy sticker set helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative expression, narrative thinking, and independent play. It's a perfect tool for parents and caregivers to encourage children's growth and development in a fun and engaging way.

The Melissa & Doug On the Farm Puffy Sticker Play Set is an exceptional gift for kids aged 4 to 8 years. It provides a hands-on, screen-free experience that helps spark imaginative play and creativity. For even more fun, parents can pair this set with the Melissa & Doug Dress Up Reusable Sticker set.

Melissa & Doug has been creating beautifully designed, imagination and creativity-sparking products for more than 30 years. With a commitment to high-quality standards and nurturing minds and hearts, Melissa & Doug has become the gold standard in early childhood play. If for any reason a child is not inspired by this puffy sticker set, Melissa & Doug offers a 100 percent happiness guarantee. Simply give them a call and they'll make it right. The phone number is on every product.

9. Look And Find® Elmo On Sesame Street

Introducing Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street, a fun and engaging activity book for children. This product features Elmo, one of the most beloved characters from the popular children's show Sesame Street, in six colorful and busy scenes.

The book is designed to encourage little ones to explore and search for hidden objects. With 90 hidden "find'ems" scattered throughout the book, children will be occupied for hours as they search and discover new items. To make the experience even more enjoyable, each hidden object is accompanied by a silly sound.

In addition to the search and find activities, Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street also features 15 bonus objects to collect in a sticker book. Children can add these stickers to their collection as they discover them throughout the book.

To further enhance the learning experience, the book includes a memory game. This game challenges children to remember the objects they have found in previous pages and match them with corresponding pictures in the memory game section.

One of the unique features of this product is the inclusion of Elmo-voiced phrases. These phrases are designed to encourage children and provide positive reinforcement as they search for hidden objects. Hearing Elmo's voice will make the experience even more exciting and immersive for children.

Overall, Look and Find® Elmo on Sesame Street is a fantastic activity book for children. It provides hours of entertainment while encouraging children to explore, learn, and develop important cognitive skills such as attention to detail, memory, and problem-solving. With its colorful illustrations, silly sounds, and Elmo's encouraging voice, this product is sure to become a favorite among children and parents alike.

Best Toys For Toddlers On Airplane FAQs

Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind when selecting toys for toddlers to use on airplanes?

Yes, there are several safety considerations that should be kept in mind when selecting toys for toddlers to use on airplanes. First and foremost, it is important to choose toys that are appropriate for the child's age and developmental stage. Toys with small parts or sharp edges should be avoided as they can pose a choking hazard or cause injury. Additionally, toys that make loud noises or have flashing lights may disturb other passengers and should be used with discretion. It is also important to consider the size and shape of the toy, as large or bulky items may be difficult to transport or store on the plane. Finally, it is recommended to pack a variety of toys to keep the child entertained and engaged throughout the flight. Overall, choosing safe and appropriate toys can help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for both the child and other passengers.

Are there any toys that are particularly good for helping a toddler calm down during a flight?

Yes, there are several toys that can help calm down a toddler during a flight. One option is a soft, plush toy that the child can hug and cuddle. Another option is a fidget toy, such as a stress ball or sensory toy, which can help distract the child and provide a calming sensory experience. A small, portable puzzle or coloring book with crayons can also be a good option to keep the child occupied and engaged. Additionally, some parents find that bringing along familiar items from home, such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, can provide a sense of comfort and security for the child during the flight. It's important to choose toys that are age-appropriate and safe for use on a plane, and to pack them in a carry-on bag for easy access during the flight.

How can you choose toys for a toddler that are compact and easy to pack for a flight?

When choosing toys for a toddler that are compact and easy to pack for a flight, consider the child's interests and age. Look for toys that can be easily stored in a carry-on bag, such as small books, coloring books, and crayons. Puzzle games with magnetic pieces can also be a great option for a toddler as they can be easily packed and provide entertainment during the flight.

Lightweight and soft toys, such as plush dolls or stuffed animals, are also great options. Consider bringing a favorite toy or blanket from home to provide comfort to the child during the flight. It is also a good idea to pack some snacks and drinks to keep the child occupied and hydrated during the flight. Overall, choosing compact and easy to pack toys for a toddler can help make a flight more enjoyable for both the child and parents.

What are some tips for using toys to distract a toddler during takeoff and landing?

1. Choose age-appropriate toys that are safe and engaging for your toddler.

2. Bring a variety of toys to keep your toddler interested and entertained.

3. Introduce the toys one at a time, rather than all at once, to prolong their interest.

4. Consider interactive toys that require your toddler's participation, such as books or puzzles.

5. Use toys that can be played with quietly to avoid disturbing other passengers.

6. Avoid toys with small parts or sharp edges that could be a choking hazard or cause injury.

7. Don't forget to bring snacks and drinks to keep your toddler hydrated and satisfied during the flight.

8. Be patient and flexible, and be prepared to switch up toys or activities if your toddler loses interest.

What are the best types of toys to keep a toddler entertained on a long airplane flight?

For long airplane flights, it's important to bring toys that are compact, quiet, and can keep a toddler entertained for an extended period. Here are some of the best toy options:

1. Sticker books – These types of books can keep a toddler entertained for hours as they peel and stick the stickers onto the pages.

2. Coloring books and crayons – Coloring books are a great option to keep a toddler occupied and can help improve their fine motor skills.

3. Play-Doh – Play-Doh can be a fun and creative way for toddlers to pass the time while also exercising their imagination.

4. Portable electronic devices – Tablets and other portable electronic devices can be loaded with age-appropriate games and videos that can keep a toddler occupied for a long time.

5. Small figurines and toys – Small figurines and toys that can fit in a backpack or carry-on can be a great option for keeping toddlers entertained during a long flight.

Overall, it's important to choose toys that are easy to pack, lightweight, and won't disrupt other passengers.

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