Best Third Party Joy Cons (2023 Updated)

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As a Nintendo Switch owner, you're probably aware of the importance of having a reliable set of Joy-Con controllers. However, the official Joy-Cons can be a bit expensive, which is why many gamers turn to third-party options. But with so many different brands and models available, it can be tough to know which one to choose.

To help you out, we've put together a short guide on what to look for when searching for the best third-party Joy-Cons. First and foremost, you want to make sure that they are compatible with your Switch model. Some third-party controllers only work with the original Switch, while others are designed specifically for the Switch Lite.

Next, consider the build quality and design of the Joy-Cons. You want something that feels sturdy and comfortable in your hands, with responsive buttons and joysticks. It's also worth checking if the Joy-Cons have any extra features, such as motion controls or rumble feedback.

Another important factor is battery life. You don't want to be stuck in the middle of a gaming session with dead controllers, so make sure the Joy-Cons have a decent amount of battery life and can be easily charged.

Price is also a consideration, as some third-party Joy-Cons can be just as expensive as the official ones. Look for options that offer good value for money without sacrificing quality.

Finally, it's always a good idea to read reviews from other gamers who have tried the Joy-Cons you're interested in. This can give you a better idea of any potential issues or drawbacks, as well as any standout features.

By keeping these key points in mind, you should be able to find the best third-party Joy-Cons for your gaming needs. Happy gaming!

10 Best Third Party Joy Cons

1. Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Blue) Controller For Ergonomic Handheld Mode.

The Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Blue) is an officially licensed controller designed to enhance the handheld gaming experience for Nintendo Switch users. This ergonomically designed controller provides a full-size experience with larger grips, buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and a d-pad.

The Midnight Blue design is sleek and stylish, perfect for anyone who wants to add a pop of color to their gaming setup. The larger size of the controller makes it more comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, reducing hand fatigue and providing a more immersive gameplay experience.

One of the standout features of the Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro is the assignable rear triggers. This allows users to customize their gameplay experience to their personal preferences, giving them an edge in competitive games. Additionally, the Turbo functionally allows for rapid button presses, making it easier to execute complex moves in games.

Overall, the Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Blue) is an excellent addition to any Switch user's gaming setup. It provides a more comfortable and immersive gameplay experience, while also allowing for customization and improved functionality. As an officially licensed product, users can trust in the quality and compatibility of the controller with their Switch console.

2. Wireless Joycon Replacement For Switch With Dual Vibration And Motion Control (Blue/yellow)

The Joycon Controller Compatible with Switch is an upgraded wireless left and right Joycon controller that can replace the switch controller and is fully compatible with Switch, Lite, and OLED consoles. Its powerful features and real gaming experience make it an ideal replacement for switch controllers.

Equipped with high-performance wireless technology, the Joycons controller provides strong anti-interference and reliable signals, solving the problem of frequent dropouts and button unresponsiveness without latency and drift. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

The Joycons controller offers excellent motion control capabilities and dual-motor vibration function with a 6-Axis gyro somatosensory system, providing real and stimulated gaming experience. It also has a screenshot function that allows you to share your game with friends. When the switch is in sleep mode, you can wake it up by pressing and holding the home button of the controllers for 1s~2s.

The switch joycons controllers are easy to use and require no drivers. The left and right controllers can be used as a whole controller or as two independent controllers for switch. The single joypad controller has a built-in 450mAh lithium battery, which can be charged in 3.5 hours and provides up to 15 hours of continuous use when fully charged, via a switch console or charging cradle.

Made of scratch-resistant, non-slip, and durable high-quality ABS material, the switch controllers ensure no fading. Each controller is equipped with a high-precision 360° joystick and a full set of buttons. The button life has been upgraded to the highest level in the industry, ensuring the long-lasting use of the controller. The skin-friendly rubber material significantly reduces finger fatigue during prolonged use.

The Joycon Controller Compatible with Switch comes in blue and yellow and is a third-party controller, not an original switch controller (NO NFC or IR sensor). The package includes a Left Controller and a Right Controller. If you have any problems after receiving the controllers for switch, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible for a perfect solution.

Overall, this Joycon Controller Compatible with Switch offers a high price-performance ratio, making it an excellent choice for gamers who want a reliable and enjoyable gaming experience.

3. Samsonite Omni Pc Hardside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels, 3-Piece Set (20/24/28), Silver

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This luggage set comes with a 10-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that customers can trust in the quality and durability of their purchase. Samsonite rigorously tests their products to ensure they meet stringent standards.

The micro-diamond polycarbonate texture of the luggage is extremely scratch-resistant, keeping the cases looking beautiful trip after trip. The side-mounted TSA locks serve to deter theft and ensure that only the traveler or a TSA agent has easy access to their belongings.

The luggage features four multi-directional oversized spinner wheels that provide effortless mobility, making it easy to navigate through busy airports with ease. The wheels have been re-engineered to be lightweight, reducing the weight of the luggage without sacrificing durability.

The book opening case of the luggage includes a mesh divider and cross straps in the main compartment, as well as a zipped modesty pocket. This provides ample space for organizing and securing belongings. The luggage also has an expansion feature that allows travelers to pack more items and compression that keeps clothing neatly pressed.

The luggage features push-button locking handles that provide easy maneuverability when extended out from the suitcase. When not in use, the handles store neatly inside the luggage, providing a sleek and streamlined appearance.

Overall, the Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels is a high-quality and durable luggage set that provides ample packing space, effortless mobility, and secure storage for travelers. With a 10-year limited warranty and a scratch-resistant texture, customers can trust in the quality and longevity of their purchase.

4. Joy Con Charging Grip For Nintendo Switch And 3rd Party Joy Pads.

The KINVOCA Joycon Grip for Nintendo Switch is a must-have accessory for any Switch owner. This grip is designed to be compatible with all Joycon controllers, including both the official Nintendo brand and third-party versions. It is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to enhance their gaming experience.

One of the most notable features of the KINVOCA Joycon Grip is its ability to charge your Joycon controllers while you play. This means you'll never have to stop playing to charge your controllers, ensuring that you won't miss a moment of the action. The grip comes with a USB-C to micro-USB cable, so you can easily charge your Joycons whenever you need to.

Another great feature of the KINVOCA Joycon Grip is its easy slide-in and out design. The grip securely holds your Joycon controllers in place, so you don't have to worry about them slipping out while you're playing. Even if you're pushing hard on the buttons or joystick, your Joycons will stay firmly in place.

The KINVOCA Joycon Grip is also incredibly lightweight and compact. It weighs just 0.11lbs, making it easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Whether you're traveling or just heading over to a friend's house to play some games, the KINVOCA Joycon Grip is the perfect accessory to bring along.

In the box, you'll receive one KINVOCA Joycon Charging Grip, one USB-C to micro-USB cable, and an after-sales card. This grip is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to take their Nintendo Switch gaming experience to the next level. Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore fan, the KINVOCA Joycon Grip is a must-have accessory for your Switch.

5. Joy-Con Pair – Neon Green/neon Pink (Nintendo Switch)

The Joy-Con Pair – Neon Green/Neon Pink for Nintendo Switch is a versatile and exciting gaming accessory that offers players multiple ways to have fun. With two Joy-Con controllers included in this set, players can use them independently in each hand or combine them as one game controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip (sold separately).

Moreover, these controllers can also be attached to the main console for use in handheld mode or shared with friends for two-player action in supported games. This feature allows for a more immersive and interactive gaming experience, especially when playing games that require teamwork or competition.

Each Joy-Con controller has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, providing players with the freedom to play their favorite games in their preferred style. Additionally, each Joy-Con controller includes an accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensor, making independent left and right motion control possible. This feature opens up a new world of possibilities for games that require precise motion control, such as sports games or action games.

The Joy-Con Pair – Neon Green/Neon Pink also offers a unique and stylish design that adds a pop of color to any gaming setup. The neon green and neon pink color scheme is eye-catching and fun, making it a perfect accessory for gamers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Overall, the Joy-Con Pair – Neon Green/Neon Pink is a must-have accessory for Nintendo Switch gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level. With its versatility, precise motion control, and unique design, this controller set is perfect for gamers of all ages and skill levels. Whether playing solo or with friends, the Joy-Con Pair – Neon Green/Neon Pink is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment and fun.

6. Ergonomic Wireless Controller For Nintendo Switch With Six-Axis Gyroscope And Vibration. Not Compatible With Switch Oled.

The Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is an ergonomic and feature-packed gaming accessory that enhances the gaming experience for Switch users. Equipped with a six-axis gyroscope, double motor vibration, and a screen capture button, this controller is designed to provide a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

The Plug and Play feature makes it easy to install and use. Simply plug the Nintendo Switch console into the controller and follow the instructions for the first-time installation. Once the initial connection is made, the controller will automatically connect to the console.

The Multi-functional Grip provides various features including a Print Screen function, six-axis gyroscope for gravity induction, twin motor vibration, power-charging input port, and handle system upgrade. The Type C interface design supports game playing while charging the Switch game console. Users can use the Switch original power adapter or standard 15V PD protocol power adapter for charging.

It’s important to note that some games such as Pokemon don't support Pro controller due to their own reasons. Therefore, users need to confirm whether the game supports the Pro controller or not.

To prevent deviation of the 3D joystick during automatic calibration after power on, users need to avoid touching the 3D joystick or other buttons when inserting the Nintendo Switch console. If the 3D joystick has any deviation, users can unplug the console and reconnect it or calibrate it through the "CalibrateJoystick" item in the setting menu of the Nintendo Switch console.

Overall, the Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is a must-have accessory for avid gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience on the Switch console. With its user-friendly design and advanced features, this controller is a great investment that can take the gaming experience to the next level.

7. Extremerate Snes Style Joycon Controller Housing (Dpad Version), Soft Touch With Full Buttons, Replacement Shell Case For Nintendo Switch & Switch Oled Joy-Con – Console Shell Excluded.

The eXtremeRate Classics SNES Style Soft Touch Joycon Handheld Controller Housing is a custom-designed replacement housing that fits perfectly for Nintendo Switch Joycon. It features an ergonomic d-pad button that greatly improves the left Joycon function, making it perfect for d-pad intensive games. The retro SNES style design of the housing brings you back to the 90's and adds a unique personality to your Switch.

The housing is made of soft-touch material that provides a smooth grip and feels good in the hands. It is also anti-slip and sweat-free, making it perfect for long periods of game playing. The package includes a replacement Joy-con case for Nintendo Switch (no electronics part included), full set buttons, PH00, Y00 screwdrivers set, and spare screws.

The installation process requires the customer to have moderate electronic installation experience. It is important to note that the installation of this shell will void the warranty of your Switch. To help with the installation process, customers can watch an installation video guide on YouTube by searching "JoyCon Dpad Guide Extremerate" or "cTajxu8ZpzI" and watching the video at half speed. The recommended method is to watch, pause, do, and repeat.

Overall, the eXtremeRate Classics SNES Style Soft Touch Joycon Handheld Controller Housing is a great replacement shell case for Nintendo Switch and Switch Oled Joy-Con. It is a unique and stylish way to add personality to your Switch, while also improving its functionality with the ergonomic d-pad button. However, it is important to note that the installation process requires some technical skill and will void the warranty of your Switch.

8. Nintendo Joy-Con (L)/(R) – The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Hd Edition – Switch

The Nintendo Joy-Con (L)/(R) – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Edition – Switch is a special edition set of Joy-Con controllers that have been designed to enhance the gaming experience of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. This product allows players to immerse themselves in the world of the game and feel like they are a part of it.

The right Joy-Con controller in the set is themed after the master Sword. It features a deep blue color with gold accents and intricate designs that are reminiscent of the iconic weapon used by Link in the game. This gives players the feeling of wielding the master Sword themselves and adds to the overall immersion of the game.

The left Joy-Con controller in the set features a Hylian Shield motif. It has a similar deep blue color with gold accents and a design that is inspired by the shield that Link uses in the game to defend himself from enemy attacks. This Joy-Con controller completes the set and provides players with a complete Zelda-themed gaming experience.

The Nintendo Joy-Con (L)/(R) – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Edition – Switch is perfect for fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise who want to take their gaming experience to the next level. The set is designed to be used with the Nintendo Switch console and can be easily attached and detached from the console as needed.

In addition to their unique design, the Joy-Con controllers in this set also come with all the standard features that players have come to expect from Joy-Con controllers. They have motion controls, HD rumble, and can be used as standalone controllers or as part of a larger system.

Overall, the Nintendo Joy-Con (L)/(R) – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Edition – Switch is a must-have for any fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise. It is a beautiful and functional set of Joy-Con controllers that can take your gaming experience to the next level. So, grab a set today and immerse yourself in the world of the Legend of Zelda!

Best Third Party Joy Cons FAQs

Are third party Joy Cons compatible with all Nintendo Switch games?

Third party Joy-Cons may not be compatible with all Nintendo Switch games. While many third-party Joy-Cons offer similar functionality to official Nintendo Joy-Cons, compatibility can vary from game to game. Some games may require specific features or button configurations that third-party Joy-Cons do not provide. Additionally, some third-party Joy-Cons may have connectivity issues or may not work as well as official Nintendo Joy-Cons. It is important to research and read reviews before purchasing third-party Joy-Cons to ensure compatibility with your favorite games. Ultimately, the safest bet for compatibility is to use official Nintendo Joy-Cons, as they are designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch and are guaranteed to work with all games.

How do third party Joy Cons compare to the original Nintendo Joy Cons?

Third-party Joy Cons vary in quality and performance compared to the original Nintendo Joy Cons. While some third-party Joy Cons may have a similar design and functionality, they may not have the same build quality and durability as the original Joy Cons. The buttons and joysticks may feel different, and the connectivity with the Nintendo Switch may not be as stable. Moreover, third-party Joy Cons may not be compatible with some games that require certain features found only in the original Joy Cons.

On the other hand, some third-party Joy Cons may be superior to the original Joy Cons in certain aspects, such as having a longer battery life or more responsive buttons. It is essential to research and read reviews before purchasing a third-party Joy Con to ensure it meets the necessary requirements and expectations. Ultimately, the choice between original and third-party Joy Cons comes down to personal preference and priorities.

What features should I look for when considering third party Joy Cons?

When considering third-party Joy Cons, it's essential to look for certain features to ensure that they're worth the investment. First and foremost, they should be compatible with your Nintendo Switch. Additionally, they should offer the same functionality as official Joy Cons, including motion controls, HD rumble, and Amiibo support. The build quality is also important, as they should be durable and comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions. Wireless connectivity and battery life should also be considered, as well as any additional features such as turbo buttons or customizable settings. Finally, it's essential to read reviews and do research on the brand and product to ensure that they're reliable and won't damage your Switch console.

What is the average price range for third party Joy Cons?

The average price range for third party Joy Cons varies depending on the brand and quality. Some third-party brands offer cheaper options that can range from $20 to $40, while others offer more premium options that can go up to $80 or more. It's important to note that while these third-party Joy Cons may be cheaper than the official Nintendo ones, they may not offer the same level of quality and durability. It's essential to read reviews and do your research before purchasing a third-party Joy Con to ensure that it's compatible with your Nintendo Switch and meets your needs. Additionally, it's important to purchase from reputable retailers to ensure that you're getting a legitimate product and not a knockoff that could potentially damage your Switch.

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