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This year has seen impressive demand for tea and online tea stores. Even though online tea stores exist actively for the last decade, or even longer, they have come to be more notable in the past year or so. The reasons for that might lie in the fact that the young adults and millennials have finally discovered what real tea is; the tea bags are becoming boring, while loose leaf order from the Far East represents much more. Plus, taking pictures of exquisite teas probably does better on Instagram and other social media than the store-bought tea bags.

However, all jokes aside, online tea stores are an amazing concept. Now we all have access to high-quality tea for China, India, Japan, and other countries and continents, something that was extremely hard to get your hands on only a few decades ago. It would take months for tea to arrive, and the local stores that claimed to sell the ‘real deal’, were usually scamming people, for a really high price. Well, thanks to the world wide web, now we can all enjoy a nice cup of tea, with a whiff of the Far East, Africa or South America; depending on where the tea comes from. Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’re going to take a look at the best online tea store we could find. The competition was close and tight, so we’re also looking into the honorary seconds and third place.

The Best Online Tea Store

1. Adagio

After a long and close inspection, we’ve decided that this New Jersey family company deserves the first place. Adagio is a specialized online tea store that offers an extensive variety of classic loose-leaf teas, tea blends, teaware, and other tea-related tools. Adagio is known to have their tea sourced directly for artisan tea growers, which guarantee super fresh and outstanding quality tea and teaware. Their selection of teas is seemingly never-ending, and each tea has a score of almost 100% quality. Adagio is targeting expensive tea lovers, so make sure to bear in mind the price-quality relation before you click away from their site.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that Adagio is internationally recognized as the best online tea store, tea provided and creator of some of the best teaware. Being trusted worldwide, Adagio is guaranteed to provide the best purchasing services, best teas and the best overall experience for all tea lovers out there.

Chinese Japanese tea leaves spilled on a rustic wooden table top
Image Source: Tuula Vintage

Adagio is also excellent for the beginners in the tea world; each product, type of tea or tea-related tool is thoroughly explained, described and backed by the reviews of highly satisfied customers. Each tea is also accompanied by detailed brewing and preparation instructions, and each part of teaware is accompanied by special offers (for example, a teapot and cups separately can cost you more than the set, so the site offers a great discount if you buy the set instead of individual items.). Not to mention, the Adagio website itself is wonderfully created; the user interface and user experience are all focused on providing the best possible experience for the regular customers, as well as the new ones.

2. Palais des Thés

Palais des Thés is a well-known high-quality tea retailer that is specialized in tea blends, scented and flavored tea, as well as herbal and single estate teas. Based in France, this online tea store is able to obtain fresh, high-quality tea from global tea estates right at your door. The high-quality tea sold at the site can be traced to some of the best tea makers in the world, from China, Japan, to Europe and South America and Africa. The founder and owner of the company François-Xavier Delmas, takes pride in his 20 year-long searches for the best teas across the world, only to put them all together at this exceptional site. The owner also takes great pride in his partnership with exceptional harvesters who make sure to produce and process the best flavored and aromatic teas in the world.

top view organic herbal tea in tins
Image Source: Tuula Vintage

On their website, Palais des Thés provides an outstanding experience made to enhances your search for tea but also tea accessories/ teaware as well as tea boxes. The website itself is outstandingly done, with a focus on intuitive purchasing and ordering, as well as learning about each of the product. The website also offers worldwide shipment as well as order of 4 free samples; you can choose from a wide selection of single-estate teas, tea blends or infusions to try out, or you can let the experts do the job for you and surprise you with their selection of samples. When it comes to the price range, you can expect teas that are generally affordable, if you take into consideration the quality of the product.

3. Harney and Sons

This US-based company offers a full tea experience, no wonder it is in the top three of the best online tea stores. The tea store offers a variety of classic, loose leaf teas, loose tea blends, and sachets. The site is created in such a way so that every customer can choose a tea according to their taste preferences. The main concept of the tea store is not just to sell tea, but also to educate the site visitors and customers about the tea, through various blogs, Tea 101 sections, and podcasts. When it comes to the actual tea selection, Harney and Sons take pride in the fact that they offer hundreds of different teas, for drastically lower prices when compared to their competitors.

rooibos in tea tin box and wooden spoon closeup
Image Source: Tuula Vintage

Harney and Sons are definitely known and valued for their amazing tea blends, herbal infusions and the possibility to order decaffeinated tea. They are also exceptional in the field of tea accessories, teaware and well as tea books and apparel; just in case you want the world know how much you really love a good cup of tea. If you also decided to subscribe to their site, you will get access to discounts and other online services, other tea stores cannot really brag about having. Harney and Sons also offer high-quality tea worldwide with the possibility of saving money in shipping charges. Regardless of how much tea your order, if you order from their store directly, you will get free ground shipping.

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