10 Best Newborn Toys (0-6 Months) (2023 Update)

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As a new parent, one of the most exciting things is watching your newborn grow and develop. One way to support their development is by providing them with age-appropriate toys. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. Here are 5 key points to consider when looking for newborn toys (0-6 months).

1. Safety: Safety should always be the top priority. Make sure the toys are age-appropriate and free from small parts that can be a choking hazard.

2. Sensory stimulation: Newborns are developing their senses, so look for toys that provide different textures, colors, and sounds to stimulate their senses.

3. Easy to grasp: Newborns are still developing their fine motor skills, so toys that are easy to grasp and hold onto will be more enjoyable for them.

4. Durability: As newborns explore and interact with toys, they may put them in their mouths or drop them. Choose toys that are durable and easy to clean.

5. Developmental benefits: Look for toys that provide developmental benefits, such as toys that promote tummy time, encourage hand-eye coordination, or introduce cause and effect.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can choose toys that are not only enjoyable for your newborn but also support their development. Remember to always supervise your baby during playtime and rotate toys regularly to keep them engaged and stimulated.

10 Best Newborn Toys (0-6 Months)

1. Baby Toys For Ages 0-12 Months Including Teething And Developmental Toys, Perfect For Gifting To Baby Boys And Girls.

The hahaland Baby Toys 0-6 Months is a 10-piece set of infant toys that offers a safe and engaging playtime experience for babies aged 0-12 months. Made from non-toxic materials with smooth edges and burr-free surfaces, these toys are safe for babies to touch, chew, and gnaw on. They are also durable enough to withstand chewing and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and sterilization using steaming, boiling, or ultraviolet light.

The set includes rattles in various shapes and sizes, designed with multiple easy-grip handles, lovely shapes, and a perfect size for little hands to grab and shake. These rattles are so captivating that babies hold on tightly, promoting their grasp reflex and fine motor skill development. As babies grow, they learn to shake the rattles intentionally, further enhancing their cognitive and sensory development.

The 10-piece rattle set provides a diverse range of sounds that help babies develop auditory awareness. As babies learn to associate the sound of a rattle with movement, they'll begin to turn their heads toward the noise. The set also allows babies to produce fun sounds as they shake the toys, encouraging their hand-eye coordination and visual tracking skills.

Each rattle in the set features bright colors with high contrast that promote vision development. Infants typically start teething at around 6 months of age, and having teethers on hand is a lifesaver. Our baby toys feature a variety of intriguing patterns, such as animal shapes, keys, flowers, and musical instruments, all with textured surfaces. By exploring these toys with their hands, tongue, and mouth, babies can safely soothe their gums and engage their senses, providing relief during the teething process.

If you're looking for a baby shower gift or newborn gift idea, the hahaland Baby Toys 0-6 Months makes an adorable gift set that will bring joy to any new parent. The set comes in a large storage container, with each toy individually wrapped in clear bags for added convenience. Our worry-free customer care team is always ready to help in case of any issues, ensuring that you have a satisfying shopping experience.

2. 3pcs High Contrast Baby Toys For 0-9 Months, Montessori Sensory Soft Book For Early Education, Tummy Time Toys & Gifts.

The KUANGO 3 Pcs Black and White High Contrast Baby Toys are specially designed for newborns and babies up to 9 months old. The black and white high contrast colors are perfect for their visual development and the addition of bright colors make it suitable for use even after they turn one year old.

These Montessori sensory interactive newborn toys are perfect for entertaining and educating babies. The double-sided pattern design helps babies develop their visual skills and cognitive abilities. The set includes three different toys, each with a different sound. One toy has a BB device that produces a sound when pressed, another has a crisp bell sound when shaken, and the last one makes a paper-like sound to attract the baby's attention. It also has a teether attached to it, which helps exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination and grasping ability.

The material used in these toys is safe for babies. They are made of fabric material that is non-toxic, firmly stitched, and hand washable. Even if the baby scratches or bites the toys, they are durable and won't easily get damaged. They are the perfect gift for baby showers and birthdays to help babies grow up healthy.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for KUANGO. If customers have any questions or suggestions, they can contact their customer service team for assistance. KUANGO will continue to provide early development toys to help parents and babies bond and learn together.

In conclusion, the KUANGO 3 Pcs Black and White High Contrast Baby Toys are perfect for newborns and babies up to 9 months old. They are designed to help babies develop their visual skills, cognitive abilities, and hand-eye coordination. They are made of safe materials and are durable enough to withstand baby's playful tendencies. Parents can rest assured that these toys will provide a fun and educational experience for their little ones.

3. Baby Mirror Toy For Tummy Time And Sensory Development, Suitable For Newborns And Infants Up To 12 Months Old. Can Be Used On The Floor, Crib, Or In The Car. Comes With A Black And White Crinkle Book. A Safe And Essential Activity For Babies.

The Baby Mirror Toys for Tummy Time is an essential activity for newborns and infants aged 0-3-4-6-12 months old. It is a combination of a cloth book and a baby mirror that brings more fun and interaction, effectively developing the infant's touch, and promoting a quick start. The tummy time toys have strong contrast colors, making it easier to attract the baby's attention, and match cute animal and plant patterns to develop the baby's sense of color and shape.

The toy is designed to exercise the baby's arms and body muscles control ability, and it is made of safety and high-quality materials that undergo strict product safety inspections. The baby mirror is washable, touchable, and non-toxic. The tummy time toys have a large baby safe mirror that allows the baby to see itself clearly and enhances the baby's ability to discover itself. The flat mirror has the best imaging effect, making it easier for the baby to focus and enjoy the experience.

The Baby Mirror Toys for Tummy Time is an ideal gift for both boys and girls, and it is an excellent tool for brain developmental Montessori sensory crinkle black and white books. It provides a safe and stimulating environment for the baby to explore their senses, learn new things, and develop their cognitive and motor skills.

The company offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and they believe that customers will be satisfied with their products. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied, they can contact the company or return the product for a full refund. It is important to note that there is a protective film on the mirror that needs to be removed before use to make the reflection clear.

In conclusion, Baby Mirror Toys for Tummy Time is an essential tool for parents who want to promote their baby's development, provide a safe environment for them to explore their senses, and learn new things. The toy is made of high-quality materials, is easy to clean, and has a large baby safe mirror that enhances the baby's ability to discover itself. It is an excellent gift for both boys and girls, and it comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

4. Disney Baby Boys' Socks – 12 Pack Featuring Popular Characters (Newborn/infant), Size 0-6 Months, Mickey Mouse Navy/grey.

The Disney Baby Boys’ Socks – 12 Pack Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, Lion King, Toy Story (Newborn/Infant), Size 0-6 Months, Mickey Mouse Navy/Grey is a perfect addition to your little one's wardrobe. The socks are officially licensed by Disney and feature iconic characters that have been entertaining and inspiring people around the globe for decades.

The pack includes socks with Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Simba and Pumba from The Lion King, and Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Hamm, and the Alien from Toy Story. With such a variety, your baby boy will have a sock for every occasion.

These socks have been designed with your baby's comfort in mind. They are soft and cozy, perfect for tiny feet with delicate skin. The socks are made from high-quality materials that are gentle on your baby's skin, ensuring that they remain comfortable all day long.

This pack of 12 pairs of cute socks for baby boys is a great value. You can buy more and save, ensuring that your little one always has a clean pair of socks to wear. These socks also make great gifts for first baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and more.

The socks are easy to care for, making them perfect for busy parents. They are machine washable and can be tumble dried. Please see the product description for additional details.

In summary, the Disney Baby Boys’ Socks – 12 Pack Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, Lion King, Toy Story (Newborn/Infant), Size 0-6 Months, Mickey Mouse Navy/Grey is a must-have for any little Disney fan. The socks are soft, comfortable, and feature iconic Disney characters that your baby boy will love. With 12 pairs in a pack, you can buy more and save, making it a great value for your money.

5. 20pcs Baby Rattles & Toys Set For 0-12 Months With Teethers And Wrist Socks, Ideal For Infants, Newborns And Toddlers.

The AZEN 20Pcs Baby Rattles Toys are a complete set of toys designed to aid in the early development of infants. The set includes rattles, plush rings, and teethers, all made of environmentally and pollution-free materials that have passed the US Baby CPC Toy Test. These toys are also free from sharp parts and easily falling parts, making them safe for babies to play with.

The set has been selected by parenting experts and is suitable for babies aged 0-12 months. The toys help to train color recognition, hearing, object recognition, and grasping ability, aiding in the discovery and treatment of early color blindness, hearing problems, visual problems, and mobility problems.

For babies aged 0-3 months, the toys can be seen and listened to but not touched. For babies aged 3-6 months, the toys should be used under the supervision of parents. For babies aged 6-9 months and 9-12 months, the toys can be used when parents are present. For babies over 12 months, the toys can be used independently.

The set also includes teethers that need to be disinfected by boiling before use. Plastic products can be washed with water and vinegar, and plush toys should not be washed with adult clothes. If there is any damage to the toys, they should not be used.

In summary, the AZEN 20Pcs Baby Rattles Toys are an essential set of toys for infants aged 0-12 months. They aid in early development and discovery of inborn disabilities. The set is safe and made of environmentally friendly materials, and the toys are suitable for different age groups of babies. The set's teethers require disinfection before use, and the toys should be washed according to their specific instructions.

6. Newborn Developmental Gift Set With 12 Toys And Accessories For Infants 0-6 Months

The Taf Toys Newborn Developmental Gift Set is designed for infants aged 0-6 months to aid in their cognitive and physical development. The kit includes 12 essential toys, including a baby-safe mirror, lion blankie, tummy-time pillow, rattle ring, crinkle lion cub, five double-sided flash cards, two card holders, and a developmental guide with tips on how each toy can aid in your baby's development. This gift set is perfect for new parents or as a self-purchase.

Visual stimulation is essential for newborns, and the flashcards in this kit are perfect for providing it. At first, a baby's vision is limited to high-contrast colors and recognizing their parents' faces. The cards in this kit can help your baby focus and develop their eye muscles. Hold the images 20-30 cm away from your baby and change them from time to time. The baby-safe mirror is also a great way to help your baby develop their ability to concentrate.

Tummy-time is crucial for newborns as it helps to strengthen their muscles and prepare them for rolling over, crawling, sitting, and walking. The tummy-time pillow in this kit provides support while your baby's muscles start to strengthen. It is essential to make sure there are interesting images for your baby to look up at to keep them engaged. Combining the pillow with the tummy-time cards in this kit can provide added visual stimulation.

Around two months old, babies will start reaching out for interesting objects and grabbing them. The rattle ring included in this kit is perfect for this stage of development. Place it within your baby's reach, and they will be delighted to grab it. The sound will motivate them to keep repeating their actions. Attaching the toys to the tummy-time pillow can also trigger their curiosity and sense of discovery.

As babies reach six months old, they can begin to develop a sense of separation from their caregivers. A transitional object, like the cuddly lion blankie included in this kit, can help with this. The blankie carries the parents' smell, which can help the baby self-soothe. Involve the blankie in play and interactions and use it to encourage your baby to grab it. The mane teether is also great for mouthing and helps little ones develop hand-eye coordination.

Finally, it is essential to note that this gift set is made of safe and eco-friendly materials with ASTM/CPSIA certification. It is BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free, ensuring that your baby's safety is always a top priority. The size of the kit is 89x66x15", making it easy to store and transport. With the Taf Toys Newborn Developmental Gift Set, you can give your baby the best start in life by aiding in their cognitive and physical development.

7. Richgv Soft Baby Books With 3d Touch And Feel For 0-12 Months, Perfect Easter Gifts For Newborns And Infants, Ideal Tummy Time And Stroller Sensory Toys.

The Richgv Soft Baby Books Toys are an excellent choice for parents looking for interactive and fun sensory toys for their newborns, infants, and toddlers. These books are designed with a lot of textures, imaginative content, and bright colors to keep babies absorbed in sounds and touch sensations. They are perfect for babies ranging from newborns to toddlers and will bring endless hours of fun to your child or grandchild.

Each page of the Richgv Soft Baby Books Toys has something new for the baby to explore, including various dinosaurs, 3D tails, a dino doll, squeaky bubble, crinkle pages, a mirror, and colorful and eye-catching images. The easy-to-turn pages help develop motor skills, and each tail is made of different fabrics and textures, making it great for grabbing and learning. These books are perfect as newborn toys, infant toys, tummy time toys, baby boy stuff, baby girl toys, baby shower gifts, baby Christmas gifts, and baby stocking stuffers.

The Richgv Soft Baby Books Toys are designed to grow with the baby. For instance, bright colors and contrasting patterns are perfect for newborns to look at, and as the baby grows, they can reach out and grasp the books. The different material tails and crinkle pages are brilliant for developing the baby's sensory skills, and parents can describe what's in the books to their babies to foster a love of reading.

The Richgv Soft Baby Books Toys are made of BPA-free polyester fabric with extra durability and strong stitching. The fabric ring on the side makes it easy to attach to the cot sides, car seat, or stroller, and it is the perfect size for easy on-the-go entertainment for babies. The fabric book is easy to clean, and the color will not fade or tear by washing, ensuring that the baby sensory book always stays clean. The soft baby book will stay together long enough until the baby doesn't need it anymore.

These soft baby books are interactive and fun to play with, making them perfect gifts for baby boys, girls, and newborn parents. They create a reading habit for the baby and apply both fine motor skills and visual learning. In summary, the Richgv Soft Baby Books Toys are excellent choices for parents looking for safe, durable, and fun sensory toys to stimulate their baby's senses and help them develop crucial motor and cognitive skills.

8. High Contrast Infant Sensory Toy Set With Tummy Time Mirror, Cloth Books, And Teethers For Babies Aged 0-6 Months; Perfect Gift For Boys And Girls.

The Aboosam Baby Toys 0-6 Months is a new design Montessori sensory toy that is perfect for infants from 0 to 6 months. The toy set includes a soft cloth book with high-contrast color pages, cartoon patterns, and 3D animal tails with different textures. It also has a safe baby mirror for imitation, a baby teether, and a baby squeaker for attention. This tummy time floor mirror set contains all the vital elements needed in the early brain development of newborns.

The Aboosam Baby Toys 0-6 Months is designed to stimulate sensory explorations and improve the baby's audio recognition and motor skills. The squeaky and crinkled paper inside the page stimulates toddler's curiosity, providing plenty of touch-and-feel fun. The toy set also helps strengthen the baby's leg and arm muscles to prepare them to crawl.

This infant toy is made of 100% safe skin-friendly fabrics and high-quality cotton, making it safe for babies. The play mat is easy to fold and put into the bag, making it convenient to use anywhere, like in a car seat, bed, or crib. The high contrast black and white patterns in this developmental newborn toy can improve babies' cognition of the unknown. These early learning education toys for 0-6 months infants will stimulate language ability, communication skills, and sensory skills, helping babies engage for endless hours of fun.

The Aboosam Baby Toys 0-6 Months is an excellent tool for early learning education and enlightenment. It is a perfect gift for babies from 0 months up. The manufacturer provides a fully satisfying service for customers at any time. If there is an issue with the tummy time toys, customers can contact the manufacturer, and they will try their best to make it right for them.

In conclusion, the Aboosam Baby Toys 0-6 Months is a must-have for parents who want to help their babies develop essential skills at an early age. The toy set is designed with the baby's safety and development in mind, making it an excellent investment for parents who want to give their babies a head start in life.

9. Plush Elephant Music Baby Toy For 0-36 Months

The Aitbay Plush Elephant Music Baby Toys are a safe and entertaining choice for infants aged 0 to 36 months. Made from non-toxic plush and ABS materials, these toys are soft and comfortable for babies to play with. Parents can enjoy quality time with their little ones by playing the toy's 12 classic songs, sound of nature, and funny sounds. This sensory toy promotes brain development, creativity, and imagination, helping your baby become the next little Einstein.

The cute elephant design of this stuffed animal baby toy is sure to attract your little one's attention, and the perfect 7-inch size makes it easy for babies to hold and carry around. It also serves as a good partner for parents to soothe their baby to sleep with lullaby music.

The Aitbay Plush Elephant Music Baby Toys make for a perfect gift for any newborn baby, and will surely become a cherished item for years to come. If anything goes wrong with the baby musical toys, the manufacturer offers 100% satisfaction and will do their best to make it right for you.

Overall, the Aitbay Plush Elephant Music Baby Toys are a great choice for parents looking for a safe, entertaining, and educational toy for their little ones. It offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with their babies while promoting their developmental growth.

10. Toy Story Newborn Baby Boys 5 Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuits, Size 3-6 Months.

The Disney Pixar Toy Story Woody Buzz Lightyear Rex Newborn Baby Boys 5 Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuits are perfect for parents who want to dress their little ones in stylish and playful attire. Made from 100% cotton, these officially licensed bodysuits are designed to be soft and safe for infants' delicate skin.

With lap shoulders and a 3-snap closure, these bodysuits are easy to dress, making diaper changes quick and hassle-free. The creepers are available in sizes for babies aged 0-24 months, ensuring every little one can enjoy the comfort and convenience of these adorable outfits.

These durable and long-lasting bodysuits feature iconic characters from the beloved Toy Story franchise, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Rex. This makes them an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, or any occasion where parents want to treat their little ones to something special.

Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is comfortable and stylish all day long, whether they're crawling around, playing indoors, or simply lounging at home. The Disney Pixar Toy Story Woody Buzz Lightyear Rex Newborn Baby Boys 5 Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuits are a must-have for any parent who wants to dress their baby in cute and comfortable outfits that capture the magic of childhood.

Best Newborn Toys (0-6 Months) FAQs

Can newborns play with soft toys?

No, newborns should not play with soft toys. Soft toys can pose a choking hazard and are not developmentally appropriate for infants. Infants at this age are still exploring the world through their senses and are not yet able to grasp or manipulate toys. Instead, they benefit from simple toys that stimulate their senses such as mobiles, rattles, and soft books. As they grow and develop, they will become more interested in toys and will be able to interact with them in more complex ways. It is important to always follow age-appropriate toy recommendations and supervise infants during play to ensure their safety.

How do I choose safe and appropriate toys for my newborn?

As a parent, it is important to choose safe and appropriate toys for your newborn to ensure their safety and development. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Look for toys that are age-appropriate and meet safety standards. Check the label for recommended age, and make sure the toy does not have any small parts that could be a choking hazard.

2. Choose toys that are easy to clean and disinfect. Babies tend to put everything in their mouth, so it is important to keep their toys clean and germ-free.

3. Avoid toys with sharp edges, loose parts, or toxic materials. Choose toys made from natural and non-toxic materials such as wood, cotton, or silicone.

4. Select toys that promote sensory and motor development. Toys that encourage exploration, creativity, and problem-solving can help your newborn develop essential skills.

5. Finally, follow your baby's lead and interests. Choose toys that your baby enjoys playing with and that keep them engaged and happy.

How often should I rotate my newborn's toys?

As a newborn, your baby's playtime will mainly consist of observing and exploring their surroundings. However, it is still essential to offer them a variety of toys to stimulate their senses and promote their development.

It is recommended to rotate your newborn's toys every two to four weeks to maintain their interest and prevent overstimulation. Introducing new toys periodically will also help your baby develop their cognitive, motor, and sensory skills.

When selecting toys, choose items that are safe, age-appropriate, and encourage exploration and discovery. You can also consider toys with different textures, colors, and sounds to stimulate your baby's senses.

Remember, your baby's safety always comes first. Ensure that all toys are clean, free of choking hazards, and never leave your baby unsupervised during playtime.

What are some developmental benefits of newborn toys?

Newborn toys play a crucial role in the development of infants. These toys help in enhancing the cognitive, sensory, and motor skills of the baby. They improve hand-eye coordination and the ability to grasp and manipulate objects. Toys that produce different sounds or textures help in developing the baby's sensory perception. They also help in enhancing the baby's visual and auditory senses. Interacting with toys helps in developing social and emotional skills like communication, empathy, and problem-solving.

Moreover, playing with toys helps babies to explore and understand their surroundings, which helps in their brain development. It also improves their attention span and memory. Newborn toys like rattles, teething toys, and soft plush toys provide comfort to the baby and can also help in soothing them. Overall, newborn toys are essential for a baby's growth and development, and parents should choose toys that are age-appropriate and safe for their child.

What are the best types of toys for newborns (0-6 months)?

Newborns require toys that stimulate their senses and aid in their development. The best types of toys for newborns are those that are soft, easy to grasp, and visually engaging. Black and white toys, such as books and mobiles, are great for stimulating their vision. Soft toys that make noise, such as rattles and crinkle toys, help develop their auditory and tactile senses. Toys that encourage tummy time, such as play mats with dangling toys, are excellent for developing their motor skills. Lastly, plush toys that can be hugged and cuddled provide a sense of comfort and security for newborns. It is important to ensure that all toys are safe for newborns, with no small parts that can be swallowed or sharp edges that can harm them. Overall, the best toys for newborns are those that provide sensory stimulation, promote development, and are safe for use.

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