Best Mods For Phoenix Squad (2023 Updated)

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As a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes player, you're probably aware of the importance of mods in the game. Mods play a crucial role in enhancing your squad's abilities, and that includes the Phoenix Squad. But with a sea of mods available, how do you know which ones are the best for your Phoenix Squad?

Here are five key points you should consider when looking for the best mods for your Phoenix Squad:

1. Speed is crucial – Speed is the most crucial stat in Galaxy of Heroes, and it's no different for the Phoenix Squad. You want to ensure that your squad is fast enough to take turns before your opponents.

2. Focus on survivability – Phoenix Squad is known for its durability, and you want to maintain that. Look for mods that increase health, protection, and defense.

3. Enhance damage output – While survivability is essential, you don't want to neglect your squad's damage output. Look for mods that increase physical and special damage.

4. Synergy – Phoenix Squad is a team that works best when all its members are working together. Look for mods that enhance the squad's synergy.

5. Role-specific mods – Each member of the Phoenix Squad has a specific role, and you want to enhance that. Look for mods that enhance each member's unique abilities.

By keeping these points in mind, you can find the best mods for your Phoenix Squad and increase your chances of success in Galaxy of Heroes.

10 Best Mods For Phoenix Squad

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Best Mods For Phoenix Squad FAQs

Are there any specific mods or set bonuses that work particularly well for Phoenix Squad?

There are several mods and set bonuses that can greatly benefit Phoenix Squad in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. For mods, it's recommended to prioritize speed and survivability, as Ezra Bridger and Hera Syndulla are the main damage dealers and Kanan Jarrus and Zeb Orrelios are the tanks. Additionally, potency mods can be useful for Chopper, who has several debuff abilities.

As for set bonuses, the most effective ones for Phoenix Squad are the Health and Defense sets. These bonuses will increase the squad's survivability and make them more durable in battles. Another useful set bonus is the Tenacity set, which can help the squad resist negative debuffs and status effects.

Overall, the best approach is to focus on mods and set bonuses that complement each character's strengths and weaknesses, creating a well-rounded and balanced Phoenix Squad that can take on any challenge in the game.

How can I optimize my Phoenix Squad's mods for different game modes such as raids, arena, and Galactic War?

To optimize your Phoenix Squad's mods for different game modes, you need to understand the specific requirements of each mode. For raids, you should focus on increasing your squad's survivability and damage output by equipping mods that boost health, defense, and critical hit chance. For arena battles, speed is crucial, so prioritize mods that increase your squad's speed and turn meter gain. Galactic War battles require a balance between offense and defense, so you should equip mods that offer a mix of critical hit chance, offense, and health or defense.

Additionally, it's essential to consider the synergy between your Phoenix Squad members and adjust their mods accordingly. For example, Ezra Bridger benefits from critical hit chance and offense mods, while Kanan Jarrus benefits from health and defense mods. As you progress in the game, you may need to adjust your mods to keep up with the changing meta and new challenges. Always keep an eye on your squad's performance and adjust your mods accordingly to optimize your gameplay.

What are the top recommended mods for Phoenix Squad in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes?

For Phoenix Squad in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the top recommended mods are:

1. Speed: As with most teams in the game, speed is crucial for Phoenix Squad. Aim for at least +100 speed on each member of the team.

2. Potency: Phoenix Squad relies heavily on their debuffs, so increasing their potency will help ensure that those debuffs land.

3. Health: Phoenix Squad has a lot of survivability built into their kit, so adding health mods can make them even more durable.

4. Defense: Phoenix Squad also benefits from defense mods, as they have a number of abilities that grant them extra defense.

5. Tenacity: Finally, adding tenacity mods can help Phoenix Squad resist enemy debuffs and maintain their momentum in battle.

Overall, focusing on speed and potency, with some additional health, defense, and tenacity, is the best way to mod Phoenix Squad for success in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

Which characters in Phoenix Squad benefit most from speed mods?

In the Phoenix Squad, characters that benefit the most from speed mods are Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren. Ezra's unique ability, "Watch and Learn," allows him to gain turn meter when an ally uses a special ability, making him incredibly fast and efficient with speed mods. Sabine, on the other hand, has a kit that heavily relies on her speed. Her "Mandalorian Graffiti" ability can inflict debuffs on enemies, and her "Demolish" ability deals massive damage, but both require her to have high speed to be effective. Other members of the Phoenix Squad, such as Hera, Kanan, and Zeb, also benefit from speed mods, but not to the same extent as Ezra and Sabine. Overall, speed mods are essential for maximizing the potential of the Phoenix Squad, as their abilities and synergies heavily rely on each member being able to take turns quickly and efficiently.

Which stats should I prioritize when choosing mods for my Phoenix Squad?

When choosing mods for your Phoenix Squad, there are a few key stats you should prioritize. Firstly, speed should be a top priority as it allows your squad to act faster and potentially take out enemies before they have a chance to attack. Additionally, health and protection are important to ensure your squad can withstand enemy attacks. Crit chance and crit damage can also be beneficial to increase the damage output of your squad. Finally, potency can be useful for characters like Hera and Sabine who have debuff abilities. It's important to consider each character's unique abilities and role within the squad when choosing mods. For example, Ezra is a damage dealer, so mods that enhance his offense would be ideal. Meanwhile, Kanan is a tank, so mods that increase his health and protection would be more beneficial.

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