10 Best Heroes For Sky Temple (2023 Update)

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Hey there! Are you looking for some key points to consider when choosing heroes for the Sky Temple map in Heroes of the Storm? Well, you've come to the right place! Here are five things you should keep in mind:

1. Sky Temple is a large map with three temples that periodically activate. Make sure to choose heroes with strong wave clear abilities to clear out minion waves quickly and efficiently.

2. Objectives are crucial on Sky Temple. You want to choose heroes that can contest objectives effectively and have the mobility to move around the map quickly.

3. The temples are located on opposite sides of the map, so heroes with global abilities like Falstad or Brightwing can be very useful.

4. Sky Temple has a lot of open areas, so heroes with long-range poke abilities like Li-Ming or Chromie can be very effective.

5. Finally, be sure to choose heroes that work well with your team composition. Communication and coordination are key to victory on any map, and Sky Temple is no exception.

That's a quick summary of some key points to consider when choosing heroes for Sky Temple. Good luck out there on the battlefield!

10 Best Heroes For Sky Temple

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Best Heroes For Sky Temple FAQs

How can players effectively use heroes like Falstad or Brightwing on Sky Temple's map?

Falstad and Brightwing are both great heroes to use on Sky Temple's map. Falstad's mobility and global presence can be used to quickly rotate between temples and help secure objectives. His Hinterland Blast ultimate can also be used to deal significant damage to enemy teams trying to contest temples.

Brightwing's versatility and crowd control make her a valuable asset on this map. Her Polymorph ability can be used to disable key enemy heroes during team fights, and her global teleport can be used to quickly join battles at temples. Additionally, her Emerald Wind ultimate can be used to push enemies away from temples or defend against enemy pushes.

Overall, players should focus on using Falstad's mobility and damage output, and Brightwing's crowd control and healing abilities to effectively control temples and secure victory on Sky Temple's map.

What hero compositions work well for both offense and defense on Sky Temple?

There are several hero compositions that work well for both offense and defense on Sky Temple. One effective composition is a double support setup consisting of a main healer and a secondary support, such as Uther and Tassadar. This allows for sustained healing and shielding to keep allies alive during team fights and skirmishes around temple points.

Another strong composition is a dive comp, featuring heroes with high mobility and burst damage, such as Genji, Tracer, and Anub'arak. This composition can quickly eliminate enemy heroes and control temple points during team fights.

A traditional frontline setup with a tank, such as Johanna, and bruiser or assassin, such as Sonya, can also work well on both offense and defense. They can soak up damage and peel for allies, while also dealing significant damage to enemy heroes.

Ultimately, the key to success on Sky Temple is to have a well-rounded composition that can adapt to different situations and coordinate effectively as a team.

What strategies should players use when drafting heroes for Sky Temple?

When drafting heroes for Sky Temple, players should prioritize heroes with strong wave clear abilities and mobility. This is because the objective of Sky Temple revolves around controlling temples that spawn periodically, and heroes with wave clear can quickly clear out minion waves to gain control of the temples. Additionally, mobility is crucial for rotating between lanes and temples efficiently.

Players should also consider heroes with strong sustain and crowd control abilities, as these can help secure kills and defend temples. Heroes such as Johanna, Sonya, and Muradin are great choices for tanking and crowd control, while Malthael, Kael'thas, and Valla are strong choices for damage dealers.

Lastly, players should consider drafting a hero with global presence, such as Falstad or Dehaka, as they can quickly move between lanes and temples to gain a strategic advantage. Overall, the key strategy for drafting heroes in Sky Temple is to prioritize wave clear, mobility, sustain, crowd control, and global presence.

Which heroes have the most impact on Sky Temple's objectives and lane control?

In Sky Temple, heroes with strong wave clear and mobility have a significant impact on the objective and lane control. Heroes like Sonya, Zagara, and Johanna excel at clearing waves quickly, allowing them to rotate between lanes and contest objectives.

Heroes with global presence such as Falstad and Brightwing can quickly arrive at objectives and lane fights, giving their team an advantage. Additionally, heroes with strong siege damage like Sylvanas and Azmodan can push lanes and structures, making it easier for their team to secure objectives.

Finally, heroes with strong zoning abilities like ETC and Garrosh can control space and prevent enemies from contesting objectives. Overall, heroes with strong wave clear, mobility, global presence, siege damage, and zoning abilities have the most impact on Sky Temple's objectives and lane control.

Who are the heroes best suited for Sky Temple in Heroes of the Storm?

The best heroes suited for Sky Temple in Heroes of the Storm are those who excel in map control and objective-based gameplay. These heroes include specialists such as Azmodan, who can push lanes and capture mercenary camps, and Zagara, who can place creep tumors to gain vision and control areas.

Assassins such as Falstad and Greymane are also strong picks, as they have strong waveclear and can quickly rotate between lanes to soak experience and participate in team fights.

Support heroes like Brightwing and Lt. Morales are effective due to their ability to sustain allies during prolonged fights and provide global presence through their abilities.

Lastly, warriors such as ETC and Johanna are valuable for their ability to initiate and control team fights while providing a strong frontline.

Overall, the best heroes for Sky Temple are those who can control the map, soak experience, and contribute to objective-based gameplay.

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