Best Electric Gas Trimmer (2024 Update)

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If you're looking for a trimmer that can handle even the toughest weeds and grass, an electric gas trimmer might just be the right choice for you. These types of trimmers combine the convenience of an electric motor with the power of gas, making them an excellent choice for homeowners and professional landscapers alike.

When considering which electric gas trimmer to purchase, there are a few factors to consider. One of the most important is the size of your yard or garden. A smaller yard may only require a lightweight and compact trimmer, while a larger property will need something more heavy-duty. It's also important to think about the type of terrain and vegetation you'll be working with, as some trimmers are better suited for uneven or rough terrain.

Some questions to consider before making your purchase include: What is the size of the trimmer's cutting path? What is the weight of the trimmer? Will it be comfortable to hold and maneuver for extended periods of time? Does the trimmer come with a warranty or guarantee? Answering these questions will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you choose the best electric gas trimmer for your needs.

10 Best Electric Gas Trimmer

# Product Image Product Name Product Notes Check Price
The product is ideal for trimming hedges and bushes with its cordless feature and included battery and charger.
Ideal for trimming and edging grass in residential gardens, with cordless electric technology for ease of use.
Ideal for trimming grass, cutting weeds and edging lawns in gardens and yards with its various interchangeable blades.
Ideal for trimming and edging lawns, yards, gardens, and bushes with 2 Li-Ion batteries and 17 cutting blades.
Ideal for trimming lawn edges, small yards, and hard to reach areas with an eco-friendly and affordable electric option.
The product is ideal for trimming, edging, and cutting grass in gardens and yards using battery-powered technology.
The product is ideal for trimming grass and weeds in small to medium-sized lawns using electric power.
Ideal for anyone in need of a cordless, rechargeable, and versatile tool for cutting grass, edging, and trimming weeds.
Ideal for trimming and edging small to medium-sized lawns and gardens, powered by electricity.
Ideal for precision trimming and edging in small to medium-sized yards with accessibility to an outdoor electrical outlet.
The product is ideal for trimming hedges and bushes with its cordless feature and included battery and charger.
Ideal for trimming and edging grass in residential gardens, with cordless electric technology for ease of use.
Ideal for trimming grass, cutting weeds and edging lawns in gardens and yards with its various interchangeable blades.
Ideal for trimming and edging lawns, yards, gardens, and bushes with 2 Li-Ion batteries and 17 cutting blades.
Ideal for trimming lawn edges, small yards, and hard to reach areas with an eco-friendly and affordable electric option.
The product is ideal for trimming, edging, and cutting grass in gardens and yards using battery-powered technology.
The product is ideal for trimming grass and weeds in small to medium-sized lawns using electric power.
Ideal for anyone in need of a cordless, rechargeable, and versatile tool for cutting grass, edging, and trimming weeds.
Ideal for trimming and edging small to medium-sized lawns and gardens, powered by electricity.
Ideal for precision trimming and edging in small to medium-sized yards with accessibility to an outdoor electrical outlet.

1. Worx Wg261 20v Power Share 22" Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Battery & Charger Included)

Introducing the perfect hedge trimming tool for your garden, the Lightweight and Powerful Hedge Trimmer. Designed to provide a comfortable grip and ergonomic perfection, this tool will make short work of all your hedge trimming duties. The trimmer boasts a 22-inch cutting reach, which is long enough for flat tops and even sides, yet nimble enough to round the corners. The 22-inch length was not arbitrarily picked, but rather carefully chosen as the ideal length for hedge trimming.

This hedge trimmer is powered by the PowerShare family of batteries, which also powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools. The battery is easily replaceable and can be used interchangeably with other PowerShare tools.

The hedge trimmer's D-grip handle allows for comfortable holding from any angle and cutting from any position, making it easy to hoist up high for the tops of tall hedges or hold it down low for undergrowth. The dual-action blades cut once and then catch that branch again on the way back, ensuring a trim that's twice as clean, twice as powerful, and twice as fast.

The hedge trimmer is designed to absorb vibration, with a ¾-inch blade gap that gets around those branches and rips right through them, while the over-mold construction on the grips dissipates all that power so you hardly feel a thing.

Say goodbye to cords and enjoy the freedom of cordless, rechargeable, power gardening tools equipped with PowerShare batteries. You don't have to worry about doubling back and catching the cord, making trimming your hedges a breeze.

2. Apollosmart Lawn Mower Edger: Your Lawn's Best Mate!

Looking for a reliable and efficient trimmer and edger tool for your lawn care needs? Look no further than this 2-in-1 Brush Motor system that easily converts from a trimmer to an edger in seconds. With a cutting width of 9.8-10.2 inches and a no-load run time of 55 minutes, this tool is perfect for all your trimming and edging needs.

Designed with durability in mind, this lightweight and ergonomic tool is built to last. Its balanced design allows for maximum control and comfort, making it easy to move around your lawn with professional quality results. The telescopic adjustable tube of 12.6 inches and automatic feed spool that auto feeds trimmer line as needed, make it even more convenient to use.

This eco-friendly tool is also a great choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike gasoline-powered devices, this electric-powered unit produces no smog, fumes or emissions, making it both gas and exhaust-free. Additionally, it operates quietly compared to gas-powered units, making it a great choice for those who want to minimize noise pollution.

Powered by a 20V 2Ah battery, this brush cutter/edger tool offers excellent power and performance. Each battery is lighter, more powerful, and lasts longer, ensuring that you can get your work done efficiently. With only 1 hour of charge time, this tool is ready to meet your working requirements.

Safety is always a top priority when operating any power tool, and this electric-powered trimmer/edger is no exception. Always operate the product with eye and hand protection to ensure that you stay safe while using it.

Ideal for outdoor use, this tool is perfect for gardening, lawn care/mowing, edging, forestry, and landscaping. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a DIY lawn enthusiast, this 2-in-1 Brush Motor system will help you achieve the best results with ease. So why wait? Get yours today and start enjoying a beautifully manicured lawn!

3. Dragro Cordless Lawn Trimmer: 3-In-1 Power Tool

Introducing the Dragro Cordless Lawn Trimmer, a powerful and lightweight tool perfect for maintaining your lawn. Equipped with a high-power pure copper brushless motor and an engine speed of 18000 rpm, this trimmer can run for up to 40 minutes with its 2000mAh high-capacity 21V battery. With a weight of only 5 pounds, it is easy for women and the elderly to handle. The double control switch adds an extra layer of safety when in use.

The electric lawn mower comes with 3 different types of cutting blades, making it suitable for all kinds of complex jobs. The plastic blades are perfect for mowing soft grass, while the stainless steel S-blades are ideal for weeds and small shrubs. The circular saw blades are great for cutting thicker shrubs, branches, and saplings. To prevent damage to the blades, it is important to choose the correct blade when weeding.

The push grass cutter with wheels is ergonomically designed for comfortable and balanced control when working in the yard. It comes with an adjustable rod that can be freely adjusted from 90cm to 120cm, and an armrest that can also be adjusted to provide optimal control. The angle of the grass cutter machine head can be adjusted from 0-90°, making it easy to cut inclined lawn or hard-to-clean crevices.

The cordless grass trimmer is not restricted by wires, allowing you to mow grass anywhere. Its folding design enables it to be stored in the trunk, making it easy to transport. The detachable wheels allow for easy conversion from lawn trimmer to a wheeled lawn mower, improving work efficiency and saving time and effort.

The package includes 1x Cordless Brush Cutter, 2 x Battery Pack, 1 x Power Adapter, 2 x Saw Blades, 2 x Stainless Steel Cutter Head, 5 x Plastic Blades, 1x Safety Glasses, and 1x Pair Gloves. Dragro offers 24-hour friendly customer service to keep you away from any after-sales worries.

4. Yardmaster: Battery-Powered Lawn Trimmer & Edger

Introducing the Electric Telescopic Lawn Mower, a perfect tool for beautifying your garden effortlessly. This cordless lawn mower is designed to provide you with a noise-free mowing experience, enabling you to trim your lawn anytime, anywhere, without disturbing your neighbors. Safety is a top priority, and this mower comes equipped with a safety cover, front guard, and a double lock on both the safety switch and operating switch.

The Edger lawn tool is powered by 2pcs 24V Li-ion batteries, providing you with longer-lasting performance. You can replace the backup battery to use it for an extended period. The grass trimmer also boasts a powerful 650W pure copper motor with a low noise level and a maximum speed of 18000rpm, allowing you to cut through grass and prune branches quickly and efficiently.

The Portable and Safe Grass Trimmer comes with a comfortable auxiliary handle and protective cover to prevent weeds from splashing everywhere. Its portable design makes it easy to store in the trunk and convenient for outdoor operation. Additionally, to prevent accidental opening of the machine, the start switch must first press the anti-touch switch and then the start switch for double control switch work, making it safer for the user.

The Cordless Grass Trimmer's height is adjustable, and the telescopic rod can be adjusted freely as required (90-120cm). Therefore, regardless of body size, it can provide maximum safety and work in a comfortable position to reduce pressure on the lower back.

The package comes with a Cordless String Trimmer, two 24V batteries, a fast charger, two long stainless steel blades, two S type blades, two straw ropes, three round stainless steel blades, ten plastic blades, goggles, and gloves. If you have any queries or problems, the professional support team is always ready to assist you. You can contact them, and they will help you solve the problem within 24 hours.

5. Greenworks 4 Amp 13" Corded Electric String Trimmer

The product being reviewed features an adjustable telescoping shaft that can be easily customized to fit the user's height, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience. The shaft also comes equipped with a cord lock mechanism that prevents accidental unplugging, ensuring that the user can focus on the task at hand without any interruptions.

In addition to its functional design, this product boasts a lightweight construction, making it easy to maneuver and handle for prolonged periods of time. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who require a tool that is both efficient and effortless to use.

One of the standout features of this product is its impressive warranty. The manufacturer offers a comprehensive 3 year warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase. This warranty is a testament to the quality and durability of the product, ensuring that it will serve its intended purpose for years to come.

6. Cordless 3-In-1 Lawn Tool With 4 Blades

Introducing the newest addition to the gardening tools lineup, the 2023 4th Generation Saw Blade Mower, a 3-in-1 grass trimmer/edger lawn tool/mini-mower that provides more power and functionality. This package includes a cordless lawn trimmer, 1x safety protection, 2 x 21V 2.0A lithium-ion batteries and charger, 90° rotary head and telescopic handle, side wheels and assisted sliding, a power digital display, 15 nylon blades, and 4x blades.

Equipped with 2 special 21V battery operation and high-performance motors, the maximum speed of the mower can reach up to 18,000 rpm. The battery has limited power protection that automatically stops the motor when cutting through thick objects like stones. This feature helps protect the motor and extend its lifespan.

The cutting head of the mower can be adjusted to 5 different angles (0°/22.5°/45°/67.5°/90°), and it can also be rotated 90 degrees clockwise to turn into a side trimmer instantly. The second bottom handle can be adjusted to work with the top handle to balance the weight, ensuring easy maneuverability regardless of the user's size and cutting needs.

As a true lightweight, the grass trimmer is ergonomically designed, weighing only 2.1 kg, and comes with a telescopic handle that guarantees maximum safety and comfortable working regardless of the user's body size. The new grass trimmer is also equipped with a sliding support wheel that allows operation with a single hand, making it more convenient to use.

This package includes 1 x Weed Wacker Battery Powered, 2 x 2.0A battery packs, 1 x power adapter, 2 x saw blades, 2 x metal blades, 5 x nylon blades, 10 x double nylon blades and 1 safety glasses. The company provides 24-hour friendly customer service to keep you away from after-sales worries.

7. Greenworks 5.5 Amp 15" Corded Electric String Trimmer

The product being reviewed is a versatile and user-friendly tool that is perfect for maintaining small to medium-sized lawns with ease. With a lightweight design of just 7.05 pounds, it is effortless to handle and operate for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort.

The product boasts a 15-inch cutting path that provides an efficient and precise trimming and edging experience, making lawn maintenance a breeze. The pivoting head feature enables the user to switch between edging and trimming modes easily, while the edging wheel provides enhanced stability and control during use.

The product comes equipped with a 0.065 dual-line auto-feed system, which eliminates the need for manual winding of the line, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The electric start feature allows for quick and easy operation, eliminating the need for gas, oil, or any other fuel source.

This tool is specially designed to cater to the needs of homeowners with small to medium-sized lawns, providing them with a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining their lawns with minimal effort. Additionally, the product is compatible with GreenWorks replacement spools, model 29082, ensuring that users can easily find replacement parts when needed.

8. Cordless Trim & Edge: Power On Your Patio

The PATIOX cordless weed eater with blades is a powerful and efficient tool for maintaining your lawn. This electric weed wacker is equipped with a 20V lithium ion battery that provides an extended running time of up to 1.5 hours, which is significantly longer than other grass trimmers on the market. Additionally, the device comes with a triple quick charger that can charge the battery within 1.2 hours, making it suitable for larger work requirements.

The PATIOX cordless weed wacker for lawn utilizes a blade-type design with ultra-sharp blades that allow for easy cutting of grass. The device also features intelligent anti-burn machine technology that provides automatic power protection, ensuring that the machine lasts longer and saves you money in the long run.

This innovative lightweight brush cutter trimmer is ergonomically designed to rotate the motor head for Edger mode. Though it may not be ideal for lawn edging, it can be used to do some lawn edging work when necessary. The yellow slide rail slides on the ground to prevent back and knee pain from mowing the lawn for a long time. It is suitable for men and women, young and old, allowing families to share household chores.

The PATIOX weed whacker is a 3-tools-in-1 device that comes with three different blades for different cutting scenarios. With this tool, you can do all the tree trimming, lawn mowing, and edging in your yard. The metal front guard rings provide space protection to keep the cordless edger away from hard objects, which prevents damage to plants, landscape features, and lawn trim as you trim.

This electric cordless weed whacker battery-powered device has multiple safety controls, including dual switches that are held down simultaneously for dual safety control to prevent accidental activation of furniture. It also comes with a splash-proof grass cover to prevent debris from flying and soiling clothes.

The PATIOX electric weed wacker cordless with battery and charger has a 6-inch cutting diameter and a full 90° rotating head, allowing you to trim in tight, awkward spaces, or edge trim in uneven terrain. With a 36' – 48' adjustable handle and a 180-degree angle weeder, you can adjust the shaft according to your preference and comfort.

PATIOX provides excellent after-sales experience with their product. Their service begins with your order, and they will do everything they can to reduce your trouble. If there is any non-human damage to the product, please contact them, and they will provide you with a satisfactory solution. Order your electric cordless stringless weed wacker today and experience the convenience of maintaining your lawn with ease.

9. Worx Wg119 5.5 Amp 15" Electric String Trimmer & Edger

The 2-in-1 Grass Trimmer and Edger from WORX is a versatile tool that can easily switch between trimming and edging tasks. Its rotating shaft allows for a seamless transition from one task to the other, eliminating the need for separate tools. With its dual-line feed system, you can be sure that you always have fresh trimmer string at the perfect length for the job.

The trimmer also features a 90° pivoting head that can be adjusted to accommodate sloped and inclined areas of the lawn, as well as hard-to-reach places. This feature makes it an excellent tool for trimming around flower beds, walkways, and other landscaping features.

The WORX Grass Trimmer and Edger is designed to be used by people of all heights with its telescopic shaft, which can be adjusted to suit tall or short users. The multi-position handle provides additional comfort and leverage while trimming under bushes or decks.

In addition to its functional features, the WORX Grass Trimmer and Edger also comes with a flower guard that protects plants and lawn ornaments from accidental damage.

WORX tools are crafted with cutting-edge technology and exceed modern efficiency standards, ensuring that you are getting a high-quality product that is built to last. The Grass Trimmer and Edger is an excellent addition to any DIY enthusiast's toolkit. With its ease of use and multiple features, you can be sure that you will get the job done right the first time.

10. Black+decker String Trimmer, Electric, 14-Inch (Beste620ff)

The Easy Feed trimmer is an innovative tool that simplifies lawn maintenance. With its advanced features, this trimmer allows the user to effortlessly advance the line with a simple push of a button, making it easy to achieve a clean and neat lawn.

Equipped with a powerful 6.5 amp motor and Power Drive transmission, this trimmer is designed to provide maximum performance when dealing with even the toughest weeds, grass, and overgrowth. With its 2in1 feature, this trimmer can easily convert from a trimmer to a wheeled edger with a simple rotation, making it a versatile tool for any lawn.

The Easy Feed trimmer is designed with the user's comfort and control in mind. Its lightweight design and adjustable handle make it easy to maneuver, while the height positions can be adjusted to suit the user's needs. This ensures maximum comfort and control while using the trimmer.

In addition to its advanced features, the Easy Feed trimmer also comes equipped with a cord retention system that prevents accidental cord disconnection. This ensures that the user can work without any interruptions and complete their lawn maintenance tasks efficiently.

Best Electric Gas Trimmer FAQs

Are electric gas trimmers environmentally-friendly?

Electric gas trimmers are generally considered to be more environmentally-friendly than their gas-powered counterparts. This is because electric trimmers do not emit harmful pollutants into the air, which can be harmful to both the environment and human health. Additionally, electric trimmers are often more energy-efficient, which means they use less energy and can help reduce overall energy consumption.

However, it is important to note that the environmental impact of electric gas trimmers also depends on how they are manufactured and disposed of. If the manufacturing process involves the use of toxic chemicals or energy-intensive processes, then their environmental impact may be higher. Similarly, if the trimmers are not disposed of properly, they can contribute to electronic waste and other environmental issues.

Overall, electric gas trimmers are a better choice for those looking for a more environmentally-friendly option, but it is important to consider the entire lifecycle of the product when assessing its environmental impact.

Can electric gas trimmers handle heavy-duty trimming tasks?

Electric gas trimmers are designed to handle a variety of trimming tasks, but their ability to handle heavy-duty trimming tasks depends on their power and cutting capacity. Generally, electric gas trimmers are less powerful than gas-powered trimmers, making them less suitable for heavy-duty trimming tasks such as clearing thick brush or cutting large branches. However, some electric gas trimmers are equipped with high-powered motors and strong cutting blades that can handle heavy-duty trimming tasks with ease.

When selecting an electric gas trimmer for heavy-duty trimming tasks, it is important to consider the power of the motor, the cutting capacity of the blade, and the durability of the trimmer. Additionally, it is important to use appropriate safety gear such as gloves, protective eyewear, and long-sleeved clothing when operating an electric gas trimmer for heavy-duty trimming tasks. Ultimately, the best electric gas trimmer for heavy-duty trimming tasks will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the user.

How do electric gas trimmers compare to gas-powered models?

Electric gas trimmers and gas-powered models both have their advantages and disadvantages. Electric gas trimmers are generally lighter, quieter, and more environmentally friendly since they do not produce emissions. They are also easier to start and require less maintenance compared to gas-powered models.

However, electric gas trimmers are limited by their cord length and need to be plugged into an outlet, which can restrict their mobility. They also have less power than gas-powered models, making them less effective at cutting through thick or tough vegetation.

On the other hand, gas-powered trimmers offer more power and mobility since they are not restricted by cords or outlets. They can also handle tougher jobs and are suitable for large properties with lots of vegetation to trim.

Overall, the choice between electric gas trimmers and gas-powered models depends on the user's needs and preferences. For small to medium-sized lawns or gardens, electric gas trimmers may be sufficient. However, for larger properties or more demanding jobs, gas-powered models may be more suitable.

How do I maintain my electric gas trimmer to ensure it lasts longer?

To maintain your electric gas trimmer and make it last longer, you should follow these tips:

1. Clean it regularly: After every use, remove dirt, grass, and debris from the trimmer head and the motor housing. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean it.

2. Check the air filter: The air filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the engine. Check it frequently and clean or replace it as needed.

3. Keep the blades sharp: Dull blades can damage the motor and reduce the trimmer's effectiveness. Sharpen the blades regularly or replace them if they are too worn.

4. Store it properly: Keep the trimmer in a dry and cool place to prevent rust and damage. Do not store it in direct sunlight or damp areas.

5. Check the fuel and oil: If your trimmer is a gas-powered one, make sure you use the recommended fuel and oil. Check the oil level frequently and change it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your electric gas trimmer lasts longer and performs at its best.

How much should I expect to spend on a high-quality electric gas trimmer?

The price of a high-quality electric gas trimmer can vary depending on the brand, features, and power output. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $300 for a top-of-the-line electric gas trimmer. However, there are some cheaper options available on the market, usually priced around $50 to $75, but they may not have the same durability or power as more expensive models.

When purchasing an electric gas trimmer, it's important to consider your specific needs. For example, if you have a large yard or frequently need to trim tough weeds and grass, you may want to invest in a more powerful and durable model. Additionally, you may want to consider features such as adjustable handles, a pivoting head, and a variety of cutting attachments to customize your trimming experience.

Ultimately, the price you pay for a high-quality electric gas trimmer should be based on the features and performance you require. It's important to do your research and read reviews to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

What are the key features to look for in an electric gas trimmer?

When looking for an electric gas trimmer, there are several key features you should consider to ensure you get the best tool for your needs. Firstly, consider the cutting capacity of the trimmer – you want to ensure it can handle the thickness of the grass and weeds you'll be trimming. Secondly, look for a trimmer with an adjustable shaft, so you can easily adjust the height of the tool to suit your needs. Thirdly, consider the weight and balance of the trimmer – a tool that is too heavy or unbalanced can be difficult to maneuver and cause unnecessary strain on your arms and back. Fourthly, look for a trimmer with a comfortable grip that allows for easy control. Finally, consider the power source – electric gas trimmers can be corded or cordless, so choose the one that suits your needs best. By considering these key features, you can find an electric gas trimmer that is efficient, comfortable, and easy to use.

What are the top-rated electric gas trimmers on the market?

There are several electric gas trimmers that are highly rated in the market. One of the most popular is the Husqvarna 128LDX. This trimmer is known for its powerful engine, easy-to-use design, and versatile capabilities. Another highly rated trimmer is the Echo SRM-225. This trimmer is known for its lightweight design, ease of use, and excellent cutting performance. Additionally, the Greenworks PRO ST80L210 is also a popular choice among homeowners. This trimmer is known for its powerful battery, long run time, and quiet operation. Other highly rated electric gas trimmers include the Black+Decker LST136, the Ryobi RY253SS, and the Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA. When selecting a trimmer, it is important to consider factors such as power, efficiency, and ease of use to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

What is the average lifespan of an electric gas trimmer?

The average lifespan of an electric gas trimmer depends on various factors such as the brand, frequency of use, and maintenance. Generally, electric gas trimmers can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years if they are well-maintained and used properly. However, some models may last longer or shorter depending on the quality of their construction and the conditions they are exposed to.

To ensure that your electric gas trimmer lasts as long as possible, it's important to follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions. This may include keeping the trimmer blades clean, changing the oil and air filter regularly, and storing the trimmer in a dry and secure location.

If you are experiencing problems with your electric gas trimmer, it may be worth contacting the manufacturer or a professional repair service to determine if the issue can be fixed or if it's time to replace the trimmer.

What is the best brand of electric gas trimmer?

There are several top brands of electric gas trimmers available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Choosing the best brand depends on your specific needs and preferences, as well as your budget. Some of the most popular and highly rated brands of electric gas trimmers include Black+Decker, Greenworks, Worx, and Ryobi. These brands offer high-quality, durable trimmers that are easy to use, efficient, and effective in trimming grass and weeds. They also come with a variety of features, such as adjustable cutting heights, ergonomic designs, and powerful motors. Ultimately, the best brand of electric gas trimmer for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so it's important to research and compare different models and brands before making a purchase.

Which electric gas trimmers are the easiest to use?

When it comes to electric gas trimmers, there are various models and brands available in the market. However, some electric gas trimmers are easier to use than others, and it depends on the user's preference and needs. One of the easiest to use electric gas trimmers is the EGO Power+ ST1502LB trimmer. It is a cordless trimmer that is lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to maneuver. It has a 15-inch cutting swath, a dual-feed spiral twist line, and a bump head to advance the line. Additionally, it offers variable speed control and a weather-resistant construction. Another easy-to-use electric gas trimmer is the Black+Decker LST136 trimmer. This cordless trimmer has a 13-inch cutting swath and an automatic feed spool that eliminates the need for bumping. It is also lightweight, has an adjustable handle, and has a powerful battery that can last up to an hour. Ultimately, the best electric gas trimmer for you will depend on your needs and preferences, so it's essential to research thoroughly before buying.

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