Best Defense For Week 3 Fantasy (2023 Updated)

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Week 3 of the NFL season is upon us, and fantasy owners are scrambling to find the best defense to add to their roster. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. However, there are several key points to keep in mind when looking for the best defense for week 3 fantasy.

Firstly, it's essential to consider the matchups. Look for defenses that are playing against teams with weak offensive lines or inexperienced quarterbacks. The best defenses are often those that can generate pressure and force turnovers.

Secondly, look for defenses that have been performing well in the first two weeks of the season. Stats like sacks, interceptions, and fumble recoveries can be good indicators of a defense's strength.

Thirdly, consider the injury report. If a defense is missing key players, it can significantly impact their performance. Make sure to check the injury report before making any decisions.

Fourthly, look at the weather conditions. Rain, wind, and extreme temperatures can all impact a defense's performance. If the weather is expected to be bad, it may be wise to avoid starting a defense that relies heavily on its pass rush.

Lastly, consider the Vegas odds. If a defense is expected to win by a large margin, they are more likely to generate turnovers and sacks. However, if the game is expected to be close, it may be best to avoid that defense altogether.

In summary, when looking for the best defense for week 3 fantasy, consider the matchups, performance, injury report, weather conditions, and Vegas odds. By keeping these key points in mind, you can make an informed decision and hopefully lead your team to victory.

10 Best Defense For Week 3 Fantasy

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Best Defense For Week 3 Fantasy FAQs

What are the best streaming options for defenses in Week 3?

In Week 3, some of the best streaming options for defenses include the Indianapolis Colts, the Cleveland Browns, and the Arizona Cardinals. The Colts are facing the New York Jets, who have a struggling offense and have allowed the second-most fantasy points to opposing defenses so far this season. The Browns are playing the Chicago Bears, who have a rookie quarterback and have struggled to protect him from sacks and turnovers. The Cardinals are taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have allowed the most sacks in the league and have a rookie quarterback as well. Other potential streaming options include the Kansas City Chiefs, who are facing the Los Angeles Chargers with a backup quarterback, and the New Orleans Saints, who are playing the struggling New England Patriots. Overall, it is important to consider matchups and recent defensive performance when selecting a streaming defense for Week 3.

What are the top defenses to pick up off the waiver wire for Week 3?

The Arizona Cardinals have a favorable matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have struggled offensively in the first two weeks. The Miami Dolphins also have a good matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, who have allowed 30 points in each of their first two games. The Dallas Cowboys have a tougher matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles, but they have shown promise in their first two games and could capitalize on the Eagles' offensive struggles.

Ultimately, the best defense to pick up off the waiver wire will depend on your league's scoring system and the specific matchups in Week 3. It's always important to do your research and make informed decisions when making roster moves.

Which defenses have the best track record against the opposing team's offense for Week 3?

Analyzing the statistics of the past two weeks, the defenses that have the best track record against their opposing team's offense for Week 3 are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, and Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers have allowed the second-fewest yards per game (290.5) and have an excellent pass rush, which can put pressure on the Houston Texans' struggling offensive line. The Bears have forced five turnovers in two games and have only allowed 11 points per game, making them a solid choice against the Atlanta Falcons. The Ravens have allowed the fewest points per game (11.5) and have an outstanding secondary that can challenge the Kansas City Chiefs' high-powered passing attack. However, it is important to note that every game is unpredictable, and past performance does not always indicate future success.

Which defenses have the highest projected fantasy points for Week 3?

As per the projections by various fantasy football platforms, the Denver Broncos defense is expected to earn the highest fantasy points in Week 3. They are set to face the New York Jets, who have struggled offensively and given up the most sacks in the league so far. The Broncos defense has also recorded five sacks and two interceptions in their first two games.

Following the Broncos, the Pittsburgh Steelers defense is also projected to have a strong performance in Week 3 against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers have recorded five sacks and two interceptions in their first two games and have a favorable matchup against a struggling Bengals offense.

Other defenses projected to have a good fantasy week include the San Francisco 49ers, who face the New York Giants, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who take on the Los Angeles Rams.

Which NFL defenses have the best matchups for Week 3 of fantasy football?

Week 3 of the NFL season offers several favorable matchups for fantasy football defenses. The Indianapolis Colts, who have recorded three interceptions and three sacks in two games, face the New York Jets, who have allowed five sacks and three turnovers. The Pittsburgh Steelers, who have forced five turnovers and eight sacks, play the Houston Texans, who have allowed six sacks and three turnovers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have recorded four sacks and two interceptions, face the struggling Denver Broncos, who have allowed seven sacks and five turnovers. Additionally, the Los Angeles Chargers, who have six sacks and two turnovers, play the Carolina Panthers, who have allowed four sacks and two turnovers. These defenses have the potential to produce big fantasy points in Week 3.

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