10 Best Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews (2023 Update)

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If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator and looking for a sleek, space-saving option, a counter depth refrigerator may be the perfect fit for your kitchen. But with so many different models and brands available, it can be tough to know where to start your search. That’s where counter depth refrigerator reviews come in handy.

When looking for these reviews, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First and foremost, consider the size and dimensions of the refrigerator, as well as its capacity and features. You’ll also want to take into account factors like energy efficiency, noise levels, and overall design.

Other important factors to consider include the brand reputation, customer service, and warranty options. With so many different options available, it’s important to take the time to research and compare different models to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Overall, counter depth refrigerator reviews can be a valuable resource when shopping for a new appliance. By keeping these key points in mind, you can find the perfect refrigerator for your kitchen and enjoy all the benefits of a sleek, space-saving design.

10 Best Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews

1. Fisher & Paykel 36" Quad Door Fridge/freezer With Water Dispenser And Variable Temperature Zone.

The Fisher & Paykel Series 7 RF203QDUVX1 is a 36-inch freestanding counter depth quad door refrigerator freezer with a total capacity of 18.9 cubic feet. It comes equipped with an ice maker, water dispenser, variable temperature zone, and touch control features.

One of the standout features of this refrigerator is the variable temperature zone in the lower right compartment. With just a touch of a button, users can easily convert this compartment to suit different food types, providing storage flexibility for everyday needs as well as special occasions. The available modes include Freezer, Soft Freeze, Chill, and Fridge.

The Fisher & Paykel Series 7 RF203QDUVX1 also offers flexible storage options with three large, independent compartments that provide ample storage space. The fridge features easily adjustable cantilevered shelving, while the freezer has full extension bins that provide maximum storage flexibility. The Variable Temperature Zone in the lower right compartment provides a true freezer temperature of -0.4°F.

ActiveSmart Foodcare is another innovative feature of this refrigerator, as it learns how users live and adjusts the temperature, airflow, and humidity inside to help keep food fresher for longer. This technology understands how users use their fridge, making it an intelligent appliance that can adapt to different lifestyles and needs.

The ultra-slim water dispenser is easy to use and provides angled water delivery, which means that almost any size or shape of vessel can be filled. The slimline design of the water dispenser maximizes storage space inside the door, making this refrigerator an ideal choice for those who need to maximize every inch of their kitchen.

The internal ice maker is another convenient feature of the Fisher & Paykel Series 7 RF203QDUVX1, as it delivers fresh ice to a dedicated freezer bin. Users can simply turn it off to free up freezer space or boost ice production by up to 30% during busy times.

Overall, the Fisher & Paykel Series 7 RF203QDUVX1 is a highly versatile and intelligent refrigerator that offers flexible storage options, innovative technology, and convenient features that make it an ideal choice for modern kitchens.

2. Hamilton Beach French Door Refrigerator, 17.7 Cu Ft, Stainless Steel, Full Size.

The Hamilton Beach HBF1770 French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator provides ample storage space for both fresh and frozen foods. With its 3-door design, users can easily organize and store their food to find what they need quickly. The adjustable freezer storage maximizes freezer space, making it easy to organize and find frozen foods with 4 freezer bins in 2 pull-out drawers.

The refrigerator offers three adjustable, full-width, slide-out glass shelves, a transparent vegetable crisper, and clear door shelves, ensuring that users can store a variety of foods. Gallon-size bins are also designed to store more beverages. The LED lighting throughout the refrigerator provides better visibility and ensures that users can easily find what they need.

The fridge comes in under 30 inches in depth, making it an ideal choice for those who don't want a refrigerator that protrudes significantly from their countertops. Additionally, the refrigerator features two front mount adjustable leveling legs and two castors mounted at the back, making it easy to move around.

The digital display control panel is conveniently mounted on the inside of the refrigerator door, allowing users to adjust the refrigerator and freezer settings easily. The refrigerator also includes an oversized door bin that can store more items, making it an ideal choice for those who want to maximize storage space.

For those who don't want to deal with the heavy lifting, there are delivery and haul-away options available in select locations. Customers can choose from options such as room-of-choice delivery, item unboxing, item hook-up/installation, and haul-away at checkout.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach HBF1770 French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator is a versatile and convenient appliance that provides ample storage space, making it an ideal choice for those who want to organize and store their food efficiently. Its digital display control panel, LED lighting, and adjustable shelves make it a great option for those who want a high-quality refrigerator that is easy to use and maintain.

3. Ge® Energy Star® 22.1 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Fingerprint Resistant French-Door Refrigerator

The GE® ENERGY STAR® 22.1 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Fingerprint Resistant French-Door Refrigerator is a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. Its counter-depth design creates a seamless built-in look that blends seamlessly with any cabinetry. This refrigerator is designed with LED lighting that makes it easy to spot and retrieve items, even in low-light conditions.

One of the most notable features of this refrigerator is its fingerprint-resistant surface that remains clean and sleek-looking even with frequent use. This feature is especially useful for families with children who tend to leave smudges and fingerprints on appliances.

This refrigerator is ENERGY STAR® certified, which means it is designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses less energy than traditional refrigerators, which translates to lower electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

The French door design of this refrigerator provides ample storage space and easy access to all your food items. The upper compartment features two adjustable glass shelves that can be customized to fit your needs. The bottom freezer compartment has a pull-out drawer that makes it easy to organize and access frozen items.

The refrigerator also features a built-in water dispenser that provides chilled and filtered water on demand. The dispenser is conveniently located on the front of the refrigerator, making it easy to refill water bottles and glasses.

Overall, the GE® ENERGY STAR® 22.1 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Fingerprint Resistant French-Door Refrigerator is a high-quality appliance that offers both style and functionality. Its sleek design and energy-efficient features make it a great choice for families who want a modern and eco-friendly refrigerator that can keep up with their busy lifestyles.

4. 36'' Smeta French Door Refrigerator With Ice Maker, 23 Cu Ft Full Size, Stainless Steel, Counter Depth Bottom Freezer.

The SMETA French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker Auto is a top-of-the-line appliance designed to meet the needs of modern households. This product boasts a total capacity of 22.5 cubic feet, with 6.61 cubic feet dedicated to the freezer and 15.89 cubic feet to the refrigerator. The dimensions of this refrigerator are 35.9*29*69.9 inches, making it a full-size appliance that is perfect for families.

One of the most outstanding features of this refrigerator is its counter-depth design, which allows it to fit seamlessly into any kitchen without taking up too much space. This makes it ideal for smaller kitchens or those that are designed with an open concept.

Another feature that sets this refrigerator apart from others on the market is its automatic ice maker. This feature allows users to have fresh ice at their disposal at all times, without having to manually fill up ice trays. The freezing and super cooling functions of this appliance ensure that food stays fresh for longer periods of time, while also saving energy through its inverter compressor.

The SMETA French Door Refrigerator also comes equipped with double crispers that are designed to maintain better humidity control. This helps to keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer periods of time, reducing waste and saving money in the long run. The adjustable shelves provide flexible space for users to store a variety of foods, while the all-gallon bins offer ample storage space for larger items.

The flat finishing modern design of this refrigerator is sleek and stylish, making it a perfect addition to any home. The stainless steel exterior is not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that it remains looking brand new for years to come.

In conclusion, the SMETA French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker Auto is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a high-quality appliance that is both functional and stylish. Its innovative features and modern design make it a top contender in the world of refrigerators, and its energy-saving capabilities make it an environmentally-friendly choice as well.

Best Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews FAQs

Are there any common issues or complaints mentioned in counter depth refrigerator reviews?

I can provide a brief answer to the above question.

Common issues or complaints mentioned in counter depth refrigerator reviews include inadequate space and storage, difficulty in organizing items, noise, and temperature issues. Some customers have reported that the size and layout of shelves and drawers are not practical for their needs, resulting in limited space and difficulty in storing items. Others have complained about the noise level of the refrigerator, which can be distracting in an open-plan kitchen. Temperature inconsistencies and difficulty in maintaining the desired temperature have also been reported by some customers. However, it is important to note that these issues may vary depending on the brand and model of the refrigerator.

How do counter depth refrigerators compare in terms of energy efficiency?

Counter depth refrigerators are generally more energy efficient than traditional refrigerators due to their smaller size and design. They have a shallower depth, which means they are typically wider and shorter, but their smaller size means they require less energy to cool. Additionally, counter depth refrigerators are often designed with energy-saving features such as LED lighting and digital temperature controls, which help to reduce energy consumption.

When it comes to comparing energy efficiency between different models of counter depth refrigerators, the Energy Star rating is a useful tool. Energy Star certified models are designed to be more energy efficient than standard models, and they can help to reduce energy bills and lower environmental impact. Additionally, some brands offer advanced energy-saving features such as dual compressors, which allow different compartments of the refrigerator to be cooled at different temperatures, helping to conserve energy. Overall, choosing an energy-efficient counter depth refrigerator can help to reduce energy bills and minimize environmental impact.

What are the most important factors to consider when reading counter depth refrigerator reviews?

When reading counter depth refrigerator reviews, there are several important factors to consider. Firstly, you should consider the size and dimensions of the fridge to ensure it will fit comfortably in your kitchen. Secondly, you should look at the storage capacity and layout to ensure it meets your needs. Thirdly, you should consider the energy efficiency rating of the fridge to ensure it is cost-effective to run.

Other important factors to consider include the features and functionality of the fridge, such as the type of cooling system, temperature control options, and additional features such as ice makers and water dispensers. You should also look at the build quality and durability of the fridge, as well as any warranty or after-sales support provided by the manufacturer.

Ultimately, the most important factor is to read reviews from a variety of sources to get a well-rounded understanding of the fridge's strengths and weaknesses.

What are the top-rated counter depth refrigerators according to reviews?

As per the reviews, the top-rated counter-depth refrigerators are:

1. LG LFXC22526S: This French door refrigerator has a sleek design and features like an external water dispenser, smart cooling system, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

2. Samsung RF23M8090SG: This four-door refrigerator features a FlexZone drawer, triple cooling system, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and monitoring.

3. Bosch B36CL80ENS: This counter-depth refrigerator has a customizable interior, dual evaporators, and a quiet operation.

4. KitchenAid KRFC300ESS: This French door refrigerator has a spacious interior, adjustable shelves, and a FreshChill drawer for storing meats and cheeses.

5. GE Profile PWE23KSKSS: This side-by-side refrigerator features a built-in water dispenser, adjustable door bins, and a temperature-controlled drawer.

These refrigerators have received high ratings for their features, performance, and design. However, the choice ultimately depends on personal preferences and needs.

Which brands of counter depth refrigerators have the best overall reviews and customer satisfaction ratings?

As per our research, some of the top brands of counter depth refrigerators with excellent customer satisfaction ratings and reviews are Bosch, Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, and Frigidaire. These brands offer a wide range of models with various features, styles, and sizes that cater to different needs and preferences.

Bosch is known for its sleek and innovative designs, high-quality materials, and advanced features such as its VitaFresh technology that keeps food fresh for longer. Samsung is popular for its stylish and modern designs, smart technology, and energy-efficient performance. LG is known for its innovative features such as its InstaView Door-in-Door that allows you to see inside without opening the refrigerator.

KitchenAid is a reliable and durable brand with advanced features such as its Preserva Food Care System that helps maintain the freshness of food. Frigidaire offers affordable and high-quality counter depth refrigerators with innovative features such as customizable shelving and adjustable storage options. Overall, these brands offer excellent options for those looking for a high-quality and reliable counter depth refrigerator.

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