Best Commercial Pole Saw (2023 Update)

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If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to maintain your trees, a commercial pole saw is an essential tool. When considering which one to purchase, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, you should consider the length of the pole saw; a longer pole saw will allow you to reach higher branches. Second, you should consider the weight of the saw, as a heavy saw can be difficult to maneuver over an extended period. Finally, you should look at the power source; some pole saws are gas-powered, while others are electric.

Before buying a commercial pole saw, it’s essential to determine which features are most important for your needs. If you’re planning on using the saw for extended periods, a lighter weight and easy-to-use handle may be crucial. Additionally, if you’re working in an urban environment, a quieter electric saw may be more appropriate. Ultimately, the best commercial pole saw will depend on your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

Are you tired of hiring professionals to trim your trees? Do you want to take control of your property's maintenance? If so, a commercial pole saw may be the solution you’re looking for! Whether you're a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, a reliable pole saw can make tree care a breeze. Keep reading to learn more about which features to look for when selecting the best commercial pole saw for your needs.

10 Best Commercial Pole Saw

# Product Image Product Name Product Notes Check Price

Ideal for trimming tree branches and performing other outdoor cutting tasks with compatible gas-powered equipment.


Ideal for trimming and pruning tree limbs and branches with a reach of up to 16 feet.


Ideal for trimming and pruning trees with high branches.


The product is ideal for tree trimming and pruning branches, with a telescopic pole that can extend up to 25 feet.


Ideal for pruning trees at high heights with a powerful 2-cycle gas chainsaw and extendable pole, includes portable bag.


Ideal for trimming and cutting branches of trees and shrubs in gardens, with a long extension up to 16ft.


Ideal for trimming and cutting hard-to-reach branches and limbs with its extendable pole and adjustable head.


Ideal for cutting and trimming wood at various angles, lightweight and cordless with a long battery life.


The product is ideal for cutting limbs and brush with automatic lubrication.


Ideal for pruning tree branches that are out of reach with a chainsaw, providing efficient and precise cuts.

Ideal for trimming tree branches and performing other outdoor cutting tasks with compatible gas-powered equipment.

Ideal for trimming and pruning tree limbs and branches with a reach of up to 16 feet.

Ideal for trimming and pruning trees with high branches.

The product is ideal for tree trimming and pruning branches, with a telescopic pole that can extend up to 25 feet.

Ideal for pruning trees at high heights with a powerful 2-cycle gas chainsaw and extendable pole, includes portable bag.

Ideal for trimming and cutting branches of trees and shrubs in gardens, with a long extension up to 16ft.

Ideal for trimming and cutting hard-to-reach branches and limbs with its extendable pole and adjustable head.

Ideal for cutting and trimming wood at various angles, lightweight and cordless with a long battery life.

The product is ideal for cutting limbs and brush with automatic lubrication.

Ideal for pruning tree branches that are out of reach with a chainsaw, providing efficient and precise cuts.

1. 8-Inch Pole Saw Attachment For Multi-Use Equipment

The 8-Inch Bar and Chain is a must-have for anyone looking to trim high branches that are out of reach without the pole saw attachment. Featuring a bar and chain that can cut logs up to 4” in diameter, it is perfect for both personal and professional use.

With an adjustable extension that allows for 2 height options up to 11 feet, this product provides an expansive height and reach depending on the operator's height. This feature ensures that you can find the height that works best for you, making it perfect for individuals of different heights.

The automatic oiler is a great addition to the bar and chain as it provides consistent lubrication to the bar and chain, allowing them to work most efficiently and effectively. This feature ensures that the bar and chain work smoothly and that the product lasts longer.

The 8-Inch Bar and Chain comes with a 2-year limited warranty, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship during the warranty period.

This product is compatible with attachment capable units from Troy-Bilt, Remington, Craftsman, Yard Machines, Yardman, Snapper, Bolens, Murray, Ryobi, Greenworks, Kobalt, and most other major brands. The powerhead coupler accepts a 1-inch diameter tube, and the drive shaft connector is a square shape .205” female. The attachment drive shaft is a square shape .200” across flats. Be sure to check the product description below for all compatible models.

2. Maxtra Rotatable Gas-Powered Tree Trimmer

Introducing the MAXTRA Pole Saw, a versatile and efficient gardening tool designed to make pruning and lopping tasks easier than ever before. With its 90-180° rotatable cutting head, this NEW MODEL allows for precise and safe cutting at different angles, ensuring that users can see the exact location and extent of their cuts without any risk of accidental injury.

Thanks to its impressive reach of 15ft, the MAXTRA Pole Saw can easily access tall trees without the need for ladders, which can be both time-consuming and dangerous. With an adjustable length of 8.2-11.4ft, plus a 3.6ft extension pole, this tool is perfect for trimming branches at any height, and can be used with ease by individuals of any height.

The MAXTRA Pole Saw is equipped with a powerful 42.7cc 2-stroke engine and a 10-inch bar, allowing users to tackle even the toughest pruning tasks with ease. Whether you're trimming oaks or palms, this tool is up to the challenge, making your work more efficient and effective.

Designed with the user in mind, the MAXTRA Pole Saw features a range of humanized design elements and accessories that make it easy and convenient to use. The special connector is quick and easy to install, and can be released with just one push. The shoulder strap is comfortable and effortless, while the carry bag is perfect for storage and transportation.

In addition to its impressive features and accessories, the MAXTRA Pole Saw comes with a 1-year warranty and 24-hour online service. If you experience any problems with your tool, simply contact the manufacturer and they will arrange for spare or replacement parts as needed. With its combination of power, precision, and convenience, the MAXTRA Pole Saw is the perfect choice for any gardener looking to take their pruning and lopping tasks to the next level.

3. Notch 21' Sentei 4 Section Telescoping Aluminum Polesaw (4177-39)

Introducing the 4 section telescoping pole saw model that extends up to 21 feet, perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach branches. This innovative saw is equipped with Silky's aggressive yet smooth cutting 15.4" (390mm) Hayauchi blade, complete with a protective scabbard for added safety.

The upgraded design features an abrasion-resistant low-profile grip, which enhances control and ergonomics during pruning. The improved cam collar locks ensure a secure and tight fit, with rib lock protection to keep the saw head in place. Plus, the quick connect saw head requires no tools, making it easy to interchange with other tools.

Constructed with an ovular profile and large diameter poles, this pole saw boasts rigid aluminum construction that resists bending. Not only does this make it durable and long-lasting, but it also ensures precise cuts every time.

Important safety note: Polesaws are not to be used around energized lines and should be considered "Conductive of Electricity." Please exercise caution when using this tool and always read the safety instructions before use.

Whether you're a professional arborist or a homeowner looking to maintain your trees, this pole saw is an essential tool for any pruning job. With its impressive parameters, specifications, and facts, you can trust that this pole saw will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

4. Extend-A-Trim: 25 Foot Tree Pruner

Introducing the Scalebelly telescopic pole saw – the perfect tool for tree trimming and pruning. With a reach of up to 25 feet, this pole saw eliminates the need for ladders and allows for safe and convenient tree pruning. This versatile saw can be used as a hand-held tool for pruning and grooming lower branches, brush, and logs, or extended for pruning high limbs or branches.

The 5 section telescoping pole saw model can be adjusted to any custom length from 7.2 to 25 feet with the flip-tab lock, making it easy to trim high branches or vines without climbing a ladder. The foam grip on the base pole increases friction, improving trimming efficiency and providing shock absorption for increased comfort. Whether you need to make low cuts without bending or kneeling or reach into dense or prickly shrubs, this pole saw has you covered.

The upgraded double hook saw blade is designed for pruning branches and ensures fast, clean, and smooth cutting. The two-way blade design allows for efficient cutting in both directions, and the hooks at the end of the saw can be used to break off brittle branches without sawing or dislodge cut branches that get hung up in the tree. With two hooks, the user can focus on back and forth cutting motions without worrying about saw deviation.

Made from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, this tree pruner pole is anti-corrosion and easy to handle, ensuring it will last for years of use. It is suitable for cutting a variety of trees such as palm fronds, pines, firs, and oak, making it perfect for forestry, lawns, gardens, patios, yards, and other areas where trimming branches and leaves is necessary.

Investing in this tree trimmer is a safe investment as it eliminates the need for pruning work at height, reducing the risk of accidents. Based on the quotation of the local landscape crew, the cost of this pruning saw can be recovered within 30 minutes of use, and its personalized pruning style allows users to achieve their desired results. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and online support, ensuring customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the manufacturer.

5. Maxtra 16ft Gas Pole Chainsaw With Bag

Introducing a powerful and versatile gas powered pole saw that is perfect for all your trimming needs. With a 42.7cc, 1100w, 2-stroke engine, this pole saw provides an exceptional amount of power that can easily cut through branches up to 10 inches thick like butter. Unlike corded or battery-powered pole saws, this gas-powered model is not bound by cords or limited by battery life.

This gas powered pole saw has an adjustable length that can be extended from 8.2 to 11.4 feet with an extension pole. With this feature, you can easily reach up to 16 feet while keeping your feet firmly on the ground, eliminating the need for a ladder. It's perfect for pruning tall trees and shrubs without compromising on safety.

The manufacturer stands behind their product and offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you have any issues with the product, you can return it without any additional charges. The manufacturer is committed to delivering excellent customer service and will respond to any queries within 24 hours.

This gas powered pole saw is perfect for multiple uses, including trimming trees, cutting wood, logging, pruning gardens or orchards, and more. You no longer have to worry about the cord length or battery drainage as this cordless gas pole saw provides the convenience of no cords and no battery drainage.

The 10-inch cutting blade makes it easier to cut logs up to 10 inches thick. Additionally, the air filter provides engine protection that increases the lifespan of the product. The 2-position-choke feature allows for easy hot or cold starts, while the centrifugal clutch ensures ease of starting. The shoulder strap is an added accessory that helps to reduce vibration and fatigue.

6. Powerful Gas Pole Saw For Tree Trimming

Introducing the powerful GDAE10 gas chainsaw with a 42.7cc, 2-stroke engine that effortlessly cuts through wood and branches. This gas chainsaw is designed to save you time and energy, allowing you to get straight to work with minimal fuss. Simply fuel up and away you go, thanks to its steady and reliable engine.

The GDAE10 gas hedge trimmer features the latest split shaft system design, making it easy to quickly change attachments depending on the task at hand. This new model comes with a split shaft, which enables you to swap attachments with ease, ensuring you can tackle any job with precision and accuracy.

We also provide a portable bag with this product, making it easy to carry and store your saw when not in use. The shoulder strap included in the bag helps reduce vibration and fatigue, making the chainsaw easy and comfortable to use.

This cordless gas pole saw is suitable for a wide range of applications, including cutting branches on large trees, logging, pruning gardens, and orchards. You can move around without worrying about cord length or battery life, giving you the freedom to work without any restrictions.

The GDAE10 engine has passed the EPA certification, making it safer and more stable. You can buy this powerful tree pruner without any risk, and we offer 24-hour email customer support. If you have any concerns about the product, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you.

7. Sun Joe Swj802e 9 Ft 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw With Adjustable Head

Introducing the versatile cutting tool that is perfect for trimming overhanging limbs and thin logs – the Telescoping Pole Chainsaw. With its impressive 9.4 ft extension, this tool can reach up to 15 ft overhead, making it ideal for tall trees and hard-to-reach branches.

Featuring a rotatable head, the Telescoping Pole Chainsaw can cut at 0, 15, and 30-degree angles, providing you with maximum flexibility when trimming. Its 8-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain, equipped with automatic lubrication, ensures smooth and efficient cutting.

The Telescoping Pole Chainsaw is powered by a robust 6.5-amp motor, which can handle branches up to 7.5 inches thick with ease. Its oil tank has a capacity of 2 fluid ounces, ensuring that the chainsaw remains lubricated and in optimal condition for extended periods of use.

This chainsaw is CSA approved and comes with a full 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. Its blade measures 8 inches in length and has a no-load speed of 6000 rpm. Additionally, it comes with a 10-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain, complete with automatic lubrication.

8. Imoumlive 2-In-1 Cordless Pole Saw & Chainsaw

The IMOUMLIVE 2-in-1 pole saw is a powerful and versatile tool that combines a cordless pole saw and an 8-inch chainsaw. With its automatic telescopic pole, users can easily install and use the tool according to their needs, making it perfect for various working scenarios. Whether trimming low branches or working on tall trees, the IMOUMLIVE pole saw eliminates the need for climbing or ladders, ensuring a safer and more reliable operation.

This pole saw features an adjustable extension pole with a length that can be adjusted from 4.8 ft to 9.2 ft, providing a reachable distance of 15.2 ft. With this extension pole, you can easily trim branches that are out of reach without the need for a ladder. The extension rod allows you to adjust the trimming distance as needed for more efficient and precise trimming.

The IMOUMLIVE pole saw is powered by a powerful brushless motor that offers 85% more power output, 230% more efficiency, and 360% longer lifespan compared to chainsaws with brushed motors. The tool's double safety protections ensure your safety while using it, as you need to press down the safety lock and pull the trigger to start the tool.

The upgraded lubrication system of the IMOUMLIVE pole saw ensures a smoother and more effective cutting operation every time. The system lubricates the chain by rotating around it while keeping the chain running at the speed of 25 ft/s, ensuring that the chain is perfectly lubricated. All you need to do is add lubricants in the reservoir and freely control the amount of oil filled when needed.

The ergonomic design and rubber handle of the IMOUMLIVE pole saw ensure a comfortable grip while reducing stress on your hands. The tool is safe and reliable, having passed CE/FCC/ETC certificates. The product comes with a 12-month warranty with free repair and replacement, and the IMOUMLIVE team is always ready to help you solve any issues you might have.

9. Auto Lube Pole Saw Attachment By Sunseeker

Looking for a high-quality pole saw attachment that can work with most square head end attachment-capable trimmers? Look no further than this Universal Attachment, which is designed to make your trimming tasks easier and more efficient than ever before.

One of the standout features of this attachment is its ease of operation. With a 10-inch fixed pole saw and a 6-inch cutting capacity, it's perfect for tackling small to medium-sized brush and branches with ease. You'll be able to quickly and cleanly cut through limbs and brush in just a few seconds, without worrying about any troublesome snags or jams.

Another great feature of this attachment is its lightweight design. With a net weight of only 4.2lbs, you won't feel tired or fatigued even after extended periods of use. This ultra-lightweight design helps to reduce user fatigue, so you can work for longer without any problems.

In addition to its ease of use and lightweight design, this attachment also boasts an automatic lubrication system. The power pole saw's automatic chain-lubrication system can carry out automatic oiling, which can save you time and reduce friction. This helps to increase the life expectancy of the saw and ensures that you can use it for years to come.

Finally, if you encounter any quality problems over the life cycle of this product, you can rest assured that you're covered by reliable customer service. Badger warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years for home use and three (3) years for commercial use. If you need assistance, simply contact their customer service team and they will help you resolve any issues you may have.

10. Echo 12 In. 25.4cc Gas Engine Telescoping In-Line Handle Pole Pruner

The product being reviewed is a powerful and efficient chainsaw that is perfect for professional use. It features a 25.4 cc two-stroke engine that is manufactured from military-grade magnesium, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. The engine is also incredibly powerful, allowing for efficient and precise cutting.

To ensure that the engine remains in excellent condition for a long time, the chainsaw is equipped with a 2-stage commercial-grade air filtration system. This system effectively removes any dirt or debris from the air, which helps to prevent damage to the engine and prolong its life.

Another key feature of this chainsaw is its aluminum inner drive shaft. This provides excellent torsion strength, which is essential for heavy-duty cutting tasks. The chainsaw is also equipped with an automatic, adjustable oiler that matches the cutting conditions. This ensures that the chain is properly lubricated at all times, which helps to prevent damage and ensure a smooth and efficient cutting experience.

In terms of cutting capacity, this chainsaw has a 12-inch cutting bar and chain. This is perfect for cutting through large branches and trees, making it ideal for professional use.

Best Commercial Pole Saw FAQs

How heavy should a commercial pole saw be for efficient use?

The weight of a commercial pole saw is an important factor to consider when purchasing one. The ideal weight of a commercial pole saw should be between 10 to 15 pounds. This weight range is comfortable for most users to handle and use efficiently without causing fatigue or strain on the arms, shoulders, and back.

A heavier pole saw may be challenging to maneuver, especially when working at heights. It can also cause fatigue and discomfort, leading to a decline in efficiency. On the other hand, a lighter pole saw may not have enough power to cut through thick branches.

When selecting a commercial pole saw, it is essential to consider the weight, power, and length of the pole saw. It is also crucial to select a pole saw with a comfortable grip, adjustable length, and one that is easy to maintain.

Overall, the ideal weight of a commercial pole saw should be comfortable, efficient, and safe to use for an extended period.

How long should the pole length be for a commercial pole saw?

The pole length for a commercial pole saw depends on the height of the branches you want to trim. Generally, commercial pole saws have an adjustable pole length, which means you can extend or retract the pole according to your need. However, the ideal pole length for a commercial pole saw is around 8 to 12 feet. This length allows you to reach branches up to 14 feet high. If you need to trim branches higher than this, you may require a longer pole length. It is essential to choose the right pole length to ensure your safety and efficiency while working with a pole saw. Additionally, the weight of the pole saw increases with the increase in pole length, so it is important to consider the weight of the saw and your ability to handle it when working at different heights.

What are the pros and cons of a telescoping pole saw versus a fixed-length pole saw?

A telescoping pole saw has the advantage of being adjustable in length, allowing for greater reach and flexibility in trimming or pruning trees. It also tends to be more compact and easier to store when not in use. However, the telescoping mechanism can add weight and complexity to the tool, making it more difficult to handle and potentially less durable over time.

A fixed-length pole saw, on the other hand, is generally lighter and simpler in design, making it easier to maneuver and less prone to mechanical issues. It may also be less expensive than a telescoping pole saw. However, the fixed length may limit its usefulness in certain situations where a longer or shorter reach is needed.

Ultimately, the choice between a telescoping pole saw and a fixed-length pole saw will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Consider factors such as the types of trees being trimmed, the frequency of use, and the amount of storage space available when making a decision.

What are the top commercial pole saw brands available in the market?

There are several top commercial pole saw brands available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. One of the most popular brands is Stihl, known for its high-quality and durable pole saws that are ideal for professional use. Another popular brand is Husqvarna, which produces powerful and reliable pole saws that are perfect for heavy-duty jobs. Echo is another brand that offers a range of commercial-grade pole saws that are designed to deliver exceptional performance and precision.

Other top commercial pole saw brands include Makita, which is known for its innovative and high-performance tools, and Greenworks, which produces eco-friendly pole saws that are perfect for environmentally-conscious professionals. Additionally, Black+Decker, DeWalt, and Ryobi are also popular brands that offer a range of commercial-grade pole saws with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries.

Overall, the top commercial pole saw brand will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is important to consider factors such as power, durability, and ease of use when selecting a pole saw for commercial use.

What features should I look for when choosing the best commercial pole saw?

When choosing the best commercial pole saw, there are several features to keep in mind. Firstly, consider the length and weight of the pole saw. It should be long enough to reach tall branches but not too heavy to handle. Secondly, check the power and performance of the saw. The motor should be powerful enough to cut through thick branches easily. Thirdly, consider the blade size and type. The blade should be sharp and durable and the size should be appropriate for the job you need to do. Fourthly, look for a pole saw with adjustable height and angle options to make it easier to reach different branches. Finally, check for safety features such as a safety switch, anti-vibration technology, and a secure grip handle. By considering these features, you can choose the best commercial pole saw to meet your needs and make your work easier and more efficient.

What is the average lifespan of a commercial pole saw?

The lifespan of a commercial pole saw can vary depending on a few factors. First, the quality of the pole saw will play a significant role in how long it lasts. Higher quality pole saws may last longer than lower quality ones. Second, how often the pole saw is used and how it is maintained can also impact its lifespan. As a general rule, a commercial pole saw can last anywhere from 2-5 years with proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the saw’s components, as well as proper storage, can help extend its lifespan. Additionally, replacing worn or damaged parts as needed can also help to prolong the life of the saw. It’s important to note that these are general estimates and the lifespan of a commercial pole saw can vary based on individual usage and maintenance.

What is the difference between gas-powered and electric-powered commercial pole saws?

Gas-powered and electric-powered commercial pole saws are two different types of tools used for pruning and trimming trees. The main difference between them is the power source they use to operate.

Gas-powered pole saws are typically more powerful than electric-powered ones, making them a better choice for heavy-duty tasks. They are also more portable, as they don't require an electrical outlet to run. However, they tend to be heavier and louder than electric-powered pole saws, and they require more maintenance.

Electric-powered pole saws, on the other hand, are usually lighter and quieter than gas-powered ones. They are also easier to start and require less maintenance. However, they are not as powerful as gas-powered pole saws, and they are limited by the length of the power cord.

When choosing between a gas-powered and electric-powered commercial pole saw, it's important to consider the task at hand, as well as the user's personal preferences and needs. If you need a more powerful tool for heavy-duty tasks, a gas-powered pole saw may be the better choice. However, if you prefer a lighter, quieter, and more user-friendly tool, an electric-powered pole saw may be the way to go.

What is the maximum cutting capacity of a commercial pole saw?

The maximum cutting capacity of a commercial pole saw varies depending on the brand and model. However, most commercial pole saws can cut branches with a diameter of up to 12 inches. It is important to note that the cutting capacity may also be affected by the length of the pole saw. Generally, the longer the pole saw, the higher the cutting capacity. It's always important to read the product specifications carefully to ensure that the pole saw you choose has the cutting capacity you need for your specific job. Additionally, it's essential to follow safety guidelines when using a pole saw, especially when cutting branches with a larger diameter, to prevent accidents and injuries.

What is the price range for the best commercial pole saws?

The price range for the best commercial pole saws can vary depending on the brand, model, and features. Generally, you can expect to pay between $200 to $800 for a high-quality commercial pole saw. Some of the factors that can affect the price include the length of the pole, the type of motor, the blade size, and the cutting capacity. The more powerful and durable the pole saw, the higher the price will typically be. It's important to invest in a high-quality commercial pole saw if you plan to use it frequently and for heavy-duty tasks. While it may cost more upfront, it can save you money in the long run by lasting longer and requiring less maintenance. Additionally, investing in a good-quality pole saw can help you work more efficiently and safely, making it a worthwhile investment for any professional landscaper or arborist.

What safety features should a commercial pole saw have?

Commercial pole saws are powerful tools that require proper safety measures to avoid accidents. Here are a few safety features that a commercial pole saw must-have.

1. Anti-vibration system: A commercial pole saw should have an anti-vibration system that reduces the vibration produced by the saw. This feature reduces the fatigue caused by the saw's vibration and helps the operator to work comfortably and safely.

2. Automatic oiler: An automatic oiler is an essential safety feature that ensures the chain is always lubricated. A well-lubricated chain reduces the chances of kickback, which can cause severe accidents.

3. Safety switch: A safety switch is a must-have feature that prevents accidental start-ups. The operator must press the safety switch and the trigger simultaneously to start the saw.

4. Blade guard: A blade guard is a safety feature that covers the blade when the saw is not in use. This prevents any accidental contact with the blade and reduces the chances of injuries.

5. Slip-resistant grip: A slip-resistant grip is crucial in ensuring a firm grip on the saw, even when working in wet conditions. This feature reduces the risk of losing control of the saw and causing accidents.

In summary, a commercial pole saw should have anti-vibration system, automatic oiler, safety switch, blade guard, and slip-resistant grip to ensure safety while using the tool.

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