Adagio Teas Review and Alternatives

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Coffee has always been the world’s number one most favorite beverage, but it seems that something is about to make things more interesting. Tea, as of lately, has seen a massive upsurge in demand and is surely becoming one of the most consumed beverages to this date. So, if you are one of the people who are joining the tea adventure, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. In the following paragraphs, we will have you covered. But, with what exactly?

Well, let’s start by explaining how tedious it can be to actually find a trusted and reliable tea supplier. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is capable of producing and selling the highest quality tea, and we simply don’t think that is the case. Therefore, for the reason of helping all the tea beginners, we’ve decided to provide a little insight into the tea company known as Adagio Teas. Now, Adagio is a rather famous name on the tea market, and most of you have probably heard of the company or even tried their tea. Nevertheless, for the veterans as well for the newbies, we will take a look at this company, their products, quality, prices, possible downsides and of course, few alternatives. So, let’s get going!

About the Adagio Company

Now, let’s start by saying that some of the most trustworthy tea companies are the ones that are small, family-owned companies; and Adagio is exactly one such tea company. The reason these companies are the most reliable lies in the fact that they simply focus on quality over quantity, and you can be sure that you’ll be getting some high-quality products. Adagio is a small, family-owned company that has been carried and established by Sophie Kreymerman in 1999. Sophie started her business inspired by the wonderful tea she bought from the local Chinese markets. Both her sons have also joined the company, and after a few years, Adagio Teas became one of the most prominent names in the tea industry.

Nowadays, Adagio is still on the rise. They are still a small business, however, instead of three people, Adagio now employs 12 people, and instead from working in a basement, they now work in warehouses. They have continued on providing exceptional tea gathering their own tea makers and producers all over the world, etc. However, as of lately, Adagio Teas is also embarking on a journey of creating a glassware line, that encompasses all kinds of tea paraphernalia, from pots, tea bowls (mostly for Matcha green tea), kettles, accessories and much more. It is important to mention that Adagio is only taking advantage of the Internet, as they only provide online purchase; luckily for us, this means that people all over the world can enjoy the much-loved Adagio Teas. However, as of lately, Adagio also started selling their tea through certain retail stores, so make sure to check those out as well.

Why Choose Adagio Teas?

There are several reasons you should buy Adagio Teas; and here are some of the most important;

Commitment to quality

Adagio has always been about the quality, from the very beginning of the company to this day. They pay great attention to the quality of their tea, as well as the consistency of tea quality. Not many tea companies can brag about being truly committed to the policy of quality over quantity, and that is clearly visible in the offers Adagio provides, as well as tea origin, prices and overall approach to tea. To ensure and keep the quality of their tea as high as possible, the company works closely and directly with tea makers and farmers who are responsible for the cultivation of the tea. These workers are ensured with the best working conditions and in the best tea growing areas and regions. Adagio pays close attention to the environment where the tea is grown, so you can be sure that the tea you’re drinking has been grown and cultivated in pollution-free, completely natural and protected tea fields in China and other parts of Asia and the world.

Commitment to quality

Ethical practices

It is always good to hear that a certain company resorts to ethical practices in their production, rather than shortcuts. Adagio is especially known for their ethical production and partnership with tea makers and tea producers across Asia. Adagio has made sure that by buying their teas, the customers, as well as the company are directly supporting a fair wage and a safe working environment. Moreover, this ensures that the quality of their products stays consistent and always high.

Unlike other tea companies, Adagio imports their tea directly from the countries where it is grown, which enables them to have direct control and insight into the growing and production process. This simply shows how serious and professional Adagio is when it comes to not only satisfying their loyal customers but also their workers and the overall business. It is important to mention that Adagio encourages other ethical practices through their involvement in environmental projects that have the purpose of reducing waste of fossil fuels, restoring and managing natural habitats and reducing water waste. Adagio is truly an environment-friendly company, which is rather important in modern business conducting.

Fair Trade

Adagio Teas are organic, which means that they are members of the socially responsible partnership also known as Fair Trade. This means that Adagio ensures a fair price for the tea so that the tea farmers and producers can support themselves. Fair Trade is based on the assumption that the market price paid to the tea growers is not fair; therefore, this partnership ensures that the local economy is supported so that Adagio customers can in return get the best quality, organic tea. Fair Trade tea is sold according to the present, determined price that depends on the country. Nevertheless, the partnership, as well as Adagio, ensure that farmers and producers are able to invest in their own lives, family, children, and community, which further supports the local economy and quality of life. Adagio also takes care of their farmers through certain campaigns and programs, like Roots Campaign for example.

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Excellent offer and pricing

Adagio is a company that always makes sure your tea experience is exceptional and memorable. That is why they have a huge offer of high-quality tea that is either loose-leaf or packed in wonderful silken pyramid tea bags. Because Adagio is all about quality and experience, it is important to mention that there are no tags or strings attached to the teabags. Let’s take a look at some of the teas you can purchase at Adagio;

  • Green tea – of course, Adagio offers all the staple teas in the industry, and green tea varieties are some of their best sellers. Their green tea varieties are certified for their organic origin and are usually first flush and of course, highest in quality. You can buy basic green tea, which is a must for true tea lovers and connoisseurs, but you can also buy wonderful green tea blends and mixes. Adagio recommends you try out their Jasmine Phoenix Pearls, Citrus Green Tea and Gyokuro, as well as their amazing Matcha green tea. Adagio shows their prices per cup, which usually starts at 12 cents per cup of tea. However, by looking at each tea individually, you’ll be introduced to actual grammage and prices, which can start at $24 per 113g or 4oz.
  • Black tea – just like green tea, Adagio offers an excellent range of basic black teas as well as wonderful black tea blends and mixes. Every tea is certified for its organic as well as quality and Roots Campaign membership. When it comes to the offer, you can choose between best Chinese, Indian and Sri Lanka black tea, but Adagio recommends you try out their Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey Bella Luna, for starters. Then you can move on to some exceptional blends, just to spice things up. The prices for black tea usually start at 10 cents per one cup; individually, the prices start at $8 for 85g or 3oz and $24 for 454g or 16 oz.
  • Flavored tea – apart from the basic, staple teas, like black, green and white, we wanted to include Adagio flavored teas on the list as they are phenomenal. Their flavored teas contain some of the best herbs and spices, and overall ingredients, which include: dried fruits like mango, orange, peach, raspberry, dried flower petals like rose, nuts like chestnut, almond and walnut, etc. The variety of the flavored tea collection is incredible, and we are sure you’ll find the tea that fits your flavor preferences just right. Adagio recommends you try Chocolate Truffle and Fiery Cinnamon Spice as their best sellers. The price for the flavored teas starts at 12 cents per on cup; individually, the prices start at $8 for 85g or 3oz and $24 for 454g or 16 oz.
  • Other tea offers – so far, we’ve mentioned only a few of the tea varieties Adagio offers. Of course, there is much more you can choose from; Adagio provides White, Oolong, Pu-erh and Rooibos tea, as well as Herbal and Decaf teas. You can also buy Chai tea, the special selection of Masters teas, as well as Wellness and Detox teas. As we’ve mentioned before, Adagio also sells all kinds of wonderful teaware, so make sure to check their teaware offers as well.

Note: Adagio provides tea samples for each of the tea variety, so before you order bigger packs of tea, make sure to check how it tastes; samples start at the price of $8.

Black, green, herbal tea cups tea assortment in boxes

Possible Downsides to Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas is currently one of the best tea companies on the market, are there is little we could list as possible downsides to their products, customer service, etc. However, here’s are two major complaints when it comes to this company;

  • You might not like every tea, of course – now, Adagio Teas offers a really wide range of different teas, especially blends and flavored tea. It seems that there have been few customers in the past that simply did not like some of the flavors and blends. And this might be actually the biggest downside when it comes to ordering tea online in general; since you cannot smell nor taste the tea before buying, there is always the possibility of not liking what you’ve ordered. So, this downside does not apply solely to Adagio Teas, but basically any tea company that sells its products online.
  • Adagio does not accept debit and prepaid cards – now this seems like an issue to some customers. Adagio does not currently support the debit and prepaid card billing option. However, they do support, for example, PayPal and Apple Pay, as well as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.

Adagio Teas Alternative Options

  • Harney & Sons– just like Adagio Teas, Harney & Sons is a small family business that focuses on quality over quantity. They offer amazing tea collections and rarely see any negative reviews or complaints from their customers. Their products are high-quality, organic and the company is, of course, part of the Fair Trade and Ethical Tea partnership. The reason we are recommending Harney & Sons as the Adagio alternative is that Harney & Sons might meet your flavor and taste preferences a bit better than Adagio. Other than this, we can only say that both companies are doing an exceptional job and that only subjective opinions can make a distinction between these two companies.
  • Teavivre– this might not be the small, family business like Adagio or Harney & Sons, but it is definitely a rightful competition for these companies. Teavivre pays close attention to the quality of their products, and they always strive to increase the quality levels for their tea. They are very consistent in what they offer, and most importantly, the company gets the tea directly from tea farmers in Japan, China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. That is how you know you’re drinking high-quality tea. It is important to mention that Teavivre is a bit pricier than Adagio, but is surely worth the money to try out some of their teas.


Adagio is definitely one of the best tea companies in the industry, and you won’t be wrong to start your tea journey with them. You will be able to choose from a huge tea collection, and of course, order samples if you want to be completely sure of your choices. Regardless of which tea you choose, we are sure you will enjoy it. So, if you want to do something good for yourself, and your loved ones, try out Adagio Teas. It will be a truly unique tea experience.

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